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ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures 1 6 Epangsoft 

ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures is a program to learn new words with the help of images. The student must identify, which of the four images displayed matches to the provided word. The program will ask for animals, appliances, body parts, clothing apparels, colors, garden items, music instruments, numbers, school items, sport items, tools,. Freeware download of ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures 1 6, size 0 b.

MEM Calculator 0.1.41 Pavel Smirnov 

MEM Calculator is a small, easy to use calculator. It's available arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometrical and geometrical formulas and calculations.. Freeware download of MEM Calculator 0.1.41, size 335.87 Kb.

Mem Reduct 2.0 Henry++ 

Mem Reduct is a small application that allows you to monitor and clean your computers' memory. Exempt system cache, modified, and idle memory pages. As a result of the program, the memory usage is reduced by ~ 25%. Features: - Displays information about memory usage - Displays information about memory in the system tray in real time - Comparing. Freeware download of Mem Reduct 2.0, size 0 b.

MEM Net 081204 

MEM Net - Mote EMulator Network.This project will focus on:1) MEM - Wireless Sensor Node (mote) emulator 2) MEM Net - network of emulated motesSo far, the only released package is visual-sim-slides.More comming next !. Freeware download of MEM Net 081204, size 44.24 Mb.

Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX 20060220 

Mem provides an experimental environment for multilingual and multiscript typesetting with LaTeX in the Aleph typesetting system. With Mem you should be able to typeset Unicode documents mixing several languages and several scripts.. Freeware download of Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX 20060220, size 547.60 Kb.

SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0 Simpletabledb 

A in mem DB implemented in java with a main class called "Table" that supports (left,right,full)joins,union,sort,groupby and behaves like a set.

Currently only primarykey contstraint is supported. This will change if there is intrest in the projcet.

SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0, size 0 b.

Mem Reduct Portable 2.3 Henry++ 

Mem Reduct is an intuitive application that can help users cut down the memory usage on their computer without making it unstable. The program for the liberation of memory pages the system. Exempt system cache, modified, and idle memory pages. As a result of the program, the memory usage is reduced by ~ 25%. For the full program requires. Free download of Mem Reduct Portable 2.3, size 0 b.

AP Text Patch Mem 1.0 Homegrown Sounds 

This module briefly changes a text patch mems value to work around the startup text_patch_mem bug. To Use simply connect GUI pin to the SE Text Patch Mem Gui Text Pin, then use the DSP out on this module instead of the Patch mems. This ensures that the correct path will always be output at both startup and patch changes even when it is the same. Free download of AP Text Patch Mem 1.0, size 20.97 Kb.

TripAdvisor Screensaver 2 2 TripAdvisor, LLC 

TripAdvisor Screensaver allows you tu explore the world from your desktop.
It is a free screensaver featuring travelers' photos of amazing World Heritage sites around the world.
Plus, TripAdvisor will make a donation to UNESCO World Heritage Centre for each download. So get it now and start exploring.. Freeware download of TripAdvisor Screensaver 2 2, size 7.65 Mb.

eBooksWriter PRO espanol 2011.20.251 Visual Vision 

?Quieres producir tu propio e-book? La creacion del e-libro (ebook) es facilisimo con EbooksWriter PRO. No solo un mero compiler de elibro sino un medio rapido, poderoso, e integrado para la produccion de e-libros, manuales, folletos que llamaran la atencion a todos. Y es facil de aprender y utilizar. Los principales beneficios: - puedes construir. Free download of eBooksWriter PRO espanol 2011.20.251, size 2.61 Mb.

Avatar Krishna playing divine flute 2.0 

Lord Krishna exhibits His transcendental from as the greatest of dancers as He entered the forest of Vrndavan, beautifying it with the marks of His footprints, He filled the holes of His flute with the nectar of His lips, and His friends sang His glories.. Freeware download of Avatar Krishna playing divine flute 2.0, size 1.32 Mb.

Class based linux Kernel Resource Mgmt 2617.rc3 

A framework for allocation of system resources (such as CPU, mem, I/O and network) based on user defined classification of work within the system.. Freeware download of Class based linux Kernel Resource Mgmt 2617.rc3, size 19.36 Kb.

DNIe tester 1.0.1 

Herramienta para probar el funcionamiento de tu DNI electrAlnico: AutenticaciAln, firma electrAlnica, comprobar el estado de revocaciAln de tu DNIe. Licencia MIT + requerimiento de enviarme cualquier correcciAln que realices al cAldigo.. Freeware download of DNIe tester 1.0.1, size 509.68 Kb.

GMailSite 1.0.5 

GMailSite es un script que permite que uses tu cuenta de correo de GMail para crear una pgina en la cul se publicarn todos los archivos adjuntos de tus mensajes que esten guardados bajo algn label en tu cuenta de correo.. Freeware download of GMailSite 1.0.5, size 59.80 Kb.

MASSim-FlashServer 3 

The FlashServer is a part of the MASSim project of the Computational Intelligence Group at the TU Clausthal, Germany and his main task is the visualization of the games as Flash videos.Currently the FS is not in use during the Multi-Agent Contest.. Freeware download of MASSim-FlashServer 3, size 2.90 Mb.

NOC-TicKer 1.0 

A system to diplay the status of the critical parameters of Network equipment status like CPU load, MEM Utilizatoin,FW Hits and many more using SNMP. Information will be displayed like the stock ticker application. Freeware download of NOC-TicKer 1.0, size 850.93 Kb.

SIME Desktop 1.0 

Haz ejercicios de matematicas de forma repetitiva para mejorar tu nivel de calculo basico en precision y en velocidad. Basado en mA┬ętodo Kumon. Do math exercises repeatedly to improve your level of basic calculus in precision and speed. Kumon based.. Freeware download of SIME Desktop 1.0, size 5.23 Mb.

SmART's tray utilities 2007.02.17 

This is a small C-library to create an maintain the tray icons in your own programs and a set of tiny lightning-fast trayicon utilities to show the cpu-load, mem-load, xkb-layout & mixer-volumes.. Freeware download of SmART's tray utilities 2007.02.17, size 126.75 Kb.

Floggero 1.0 

Floggero es un proyecto creado para subir fotos, hacer comentarios, mandar mensajes, personalizar tu espacio como nunca, los usuarios tambien pueden subir un banner o quedarse con un titulo. Cada usuario tiene su respectivo link.

Nuevo disenos para index y los usuarios!. Freeware download of Floggero 1.0, size 0 b.

PATTI 1.0 Patti 

PATTI - Psycho-Acoustic Toolbox at TU Ilmenau. PATTI is a learning and presentation environment for psychoacoustic effects. It was developed as a project by students of Ilmenau Technical University.

PATTI 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of PATTI 1.0, size 808.28 Kb.