Php Viewer

GeneoTree 1.0 

Genealogy Software. Geneotree is a gedcom files PHP viewer, full dynamic on the Web. Main features : dynamic trees, cartography & stats. Many PDF reports, statistics. Special consanguinity and cousins lists. Large files management & optimized ergonom. Freeware download of GeneoTree 1.0, size 7.49 Mb.


PHP Comic Viewer 0.4 Php-cbviewer 

PHP web-based viewer for .cbr and .cbz comic book archives

PHP Comic Viewer 0.4 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHP Comic Viewer 0.4, size 34.92 Kb.

PHP Comic Viewer Hub 1.0 Comichub 

A PHP-based viewer system, or hub, from which users can access many different online comics. Requires each comic to use a systematic URL naming system for the individual comic images, which can be registered with the viewer and delivered to the user.

PHP Comic Viewer Hub 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHP Comic Viewer Hub 1.0, size 0 b.

Apolmb Media Viewer b.0.4 

Apolmb is a simple PHP- and Flash-only media browser/viewer for online directories. In the current version it shows images and plays audio and video content. Apolmb is based on OpenLaszlo.. Freeware download of Apolmb Media Viewer b.0.4, size 6.67 Mb.

DocML Viewer 1.0 

The DocML Viewer lets you browse a DocML file with a PHP/HTML interface similar to Javadoc. This allows development teams to easily access documentation across a network or from a website. Styles can be applied from a single CSS file. Visit for more details.. Freeware download of DocML Viewer 1.0, size 17.22 Kb.

Online Video Viewer 1.0 

Our Video viewer is passed on PHP with a MySQL backend to store usernames, passwords and the like. It stores video files for people to see, with exiration dates of how long a user can have an account. Freeware download of Online Video Viewer 1.0, size 310.75 Kb.

PHP VoiceViewer 1.0.0 

PHP based Viewer for Voice Servers like Mumble.. Freeware download of PHP VoiceViewer 1.0.0, size 201.50 Kb.

PHP-Comics 1.0 

A Comic viewer written in PHP/MySQL for reading .cbr and .cbz files.. Freeware download of PHP-Comics 1.0, size 81.02 Kb.

Iptables Log Web Viewer 1.0 Iptableslogweb 

Iptables Log Web is a simple Iptables log viewer based on a simple and light web interface written in PHP. It is possible to see statistics and make queries. It requires Ulogd and MySQL.

Iptables Log Web Viewer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Iptables Log Web Viewer 1.0, size 0 b.

Voice Mail Viewer for Asterisk 0.1 Voicemailviewer 

Visual voicemail viewer for Asterisk/AsteriskNOW written in PHP. Users log in with their extension and v/m password and can download messages with the web browser.

Voice Mail Viewer for Asterisk 0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Voice Mail Viewer for Asterisk 0.1, size 18.03 Kb.

AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP 5.0 AfterLogic Corporation 

AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP provides webmail front-end and groupware for your existing mail server. The fast, clean and modern-looking AJAX user interface makes it easy to access mail, calendars, contacts and other data. Users can check, preview, search, view, compose, send and otherwise process mail, use Inbox, Sent, Drafts and other folders,. Free download of AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP 5.0, size 6.73 Mb.

connview.php - [ip_conntrack frontend] 0.6 

ConnView is conntrack table viewer. It is php script - frontend for ip_conntrack table. You can choose filtering, sorting for connections. Script recognizes common services in conntrack table .You can see connection list, or detail list per IP, etc.. Freeware download of connview.php - [ip_conntrack frontend] 0.6, size 81.30 Kb.

Conquest Flex Viewer beta1 

ConquestWebView is a web based dicom viewer for the conquest dicom server application available from The project is written in PHP and Flex. Note that the system converts DICOM images to JPG before display.. Freeware download of Conquest Flex Viewer beta1, size 1.61 Mb.

Milva 0.99.1 

ipfw Log Viewer & Analyzer - a utility written in PHP, that can be used to view and analaze ipfw logfiles. Contains a search form, a database backup/restore feature. Can draw graphs from the collected data. Contains a wizard-like logfiles import tool.. Freeware download of Milva 0.99.1, size 54.67 Kb.

RIG Image Gallery 10 

RIG is a web-based JPEG image album viewer, especially useful for digital camera albums; provides automatic image resizing, preview & thumbnail caching, user authentication; composed of a PHP web interface and a C++ thumbnail engine.. Freeware download of RIG Image Gallery 10, size 213.70 Kb.

Sparten Log Viewer 008 

The Sparten Log Viewer is designed to allow users to view log files online through a web browser. It is currently based on php and runs on any platform that support standard unix log format, php, and tail.. Freeware download of Sparten Log Viewer 008, size 10.24 Kb.

Squid Analog Suite 1.0 

Java Squid Log Analizer with PHP Web Viewer.At this stage a tool called log2sql is already available a can load squid access.log files into a normalized DB. Tester are welcome... Freeware download of Squid Analog Suite 1.0, size 23.86 Kb.

Teamspeak Ajax 1.0 

It's a teamspeak viewer based on "Teamspeak Viewer", but made in AJAX the XML is generated with PHP the display is done with javascript. Freeware download of Teamspeak Ajax 1.0, size 52.73 Kb.


Viewer for PHP allows you to view PHP pages without the need for installing web server packages (eg WAMP, XAMPP etc). It makes use of the Uniform Server and an embedded browser to process and display PHP pages just as they would in a normal browser.. Freeware download of VIEWER_FOR_PHP 1.0, size 26.47 Mb.

ShowMan-PHP man page viewer +annotations 1.0 Showman 

ShowMan is a php utility to display man pages as html...Include a annotations system...

ShowMan-PHP man page viewer +annotations 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ShowMan-PHP man page viewer +annotations 1.0, size 0 b.