Pitch Correction For Protools

TunaFish Pitch Correction 1.0 tunafish.sourceforge.net 

TunaFish is an application that attempts to perform pitch correction on a monophonic wave file.. Freeware download of TunaFish Pitch Correction 1.0, size 95.61 Kb.


MAutoPitch for Mac OS X 5 6 MeldaProduction 

MAutoPitch is a simple automatic pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Besides its main purpose of making the audio more in-tune, MAutoPitch provides also a few creative such as formant shift and stereo-expansion. It is quick, easy to use and free!
M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround. Freeware download of MAutoPitch for Mac OS X 5 6, size 78.96 Mb.

Auto-Tune EFX VST 2.0.1 Antares Audio Technologies 

Auto-Tune EFX 2 is the quickest, easiest-to-use tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect.
Designed to make almost everything automatic, Auto-Tune EFX 2 provides two different flavors of the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect as well as Antares' world-renown real-time pitch correction.. Free download of Auto-Tune EFX VST 2.0.1, size 33.24 Mb.

MAutoPitch x64 5 6 MeldaProduction 

MAutoPitch is a simple automatic pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Besides its main purpose of making the audio more in-tune, MAutoPitch provides also a few creative such as formant shift and stereo-expansion. It is quick, easy to use and free!
M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround. Freeware download of MAutoPitch x64 5 6, size 46.56 Mb.

Voicino 1.0 Voicino 

Voicino is a tool for formant-preserving pitch correction / manipulation of monophonic audio files, primarily vocals.

Voicino 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Voicino 1.0, size 0 b.

Fisheye-Hemi Mac 1.1.1 Image Trends, Inc. 

Fisheye-Hemi is a set of Photoshop plug-in filters which provides correction for hemispheric fisheye lens distortion.Fisheye Hemispheric lenses in the hands of a photographer provide an expanded view of the world across approximately a 180 degree diagonal field. Until now, the primary option available to the photographer was to render these fisheye. Free download of Fisheye-Hemi Mac 1.1.1, size 3.26 Mb.

Harmony Engine Evo VST Team AiR 2007 

From the company that revolutionized professional vocal production with Auto-Tune pitch correction technology, comes Harmony Engine Evo, the second generation of Antares' real-time harmony generating plug-in that puts professional-quality vocal harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer.

. Free download of Harmony Engine Evo VST, size 19.40 Mb.

AnimPlayer 1 61 AnimGraph 

AnimPlayer is a RAM based sequence player with clever memory caching and support for most industry image formats in any color depth, including HDR color correction for OpenEXR and Cineon / DPX formats. It is used by Animation Studios, Post Productions and individual CG Artists around the planet.. Free download of AnimPlayer 1 61, size 10.81 Mb.

The T-Pain Effect 1 1 iZotope, Inc. 

The T-Pain Effect it is compatible with popular music hosts like GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, SONAR, and many more. Use it for subtle pitch correction or wild vocal transformations, including the distinctive sound of T-Pain himself.You can use it for customize the sound and adjust the intensity.. Free download of The T-Pain Effect 1 1, size 232.65 Mb.

PhotoRemedy 2.0 Pollen Software 

PhotoRemedy Phone is digital photo correction software that uses intelligent correction algorithms and smart learning to make balancing your photos easy! It includes features to fix common problems that can occur in photos taken with mobile phones or other devices. The program automatically analyzes your digital photo and presents you with a. Free download of PhotoRemedy 2.0, size 3.14 Mb.

Solar Clock 1.0 Solarclock 

This is an application that computes the date and time in formats appropriate for astronomers - julian date, sidereal time, modified julian date, truncated julian date. Extremely accurate, includes correction for apparent sidereal time.

Solar Clock 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of Solar Clock 1.0, size 0 b.

VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb 1.2.4 Build3619 TC Electronic 

The VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb for ProTools and PowerCore is a genuine and original reverb directly ported from the System 6000. The VSS3 algorithm was researched and fine-tuned by TC engineers for over a year, resulting in an exceptionally precise tool. Similar to the chaotic response of a natural room, the VSS3 reacts differently to identical. Free download of VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb 1.2.4 Build3619, size 5.54 Mb.

Teory notes 01 09 Flash Music teory 

New Jazz eartraining lessons! Two new exercises! On-screen piano, guitar, bass,. Learn PERFECT PITCH: Name exact NOTES and CHORDS - all BY EAR. Sing any desired pitch at will. For all musicians - Proven at 2 leading universities. Learn how to speak the language of music! Recognize and identify all chords -- BY EAR! For ALL musicians. A huge. Freeware download of Teory notes 01 09, size 155.65 Kb.

4Videosoft Registry Optimizer 3. 1. 2010 4Videosoft Studio 

4Videosoft Registry Optimizer is an advanced system cleaner.
Registry Optimizer helps clean computer system and optimize PC registry entries by scanning your system, identify registry errors and select correction for the best results.
You can also use this privacy cleaner to search for history records thoroughly and get the complete. Free download of 4Videosoft Registry Optimizer 3. 1. 2010, size 11.11 Mb.

Active Bandpass Designer 2.0 Tonne Software 

This program uses the multiple-feedback scheme; it offers analysis in addition to design and tuning of the various components. And, most uncommon in such programs, it includes correction for the real-world opamp GBW. Writes ready-to-run LTspice schematics.. Freeware download of Active Bandpass Designer 2.0, size 2.49 Mb.

Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1 3 YAMAHA 

Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1.0 is a software multi-effect processor used for correcting, adjusting and fixing the tuning of any audio service. This plug-in allows the user to adjust pitch tuning in a natural way. It is made sure that the original file format is kept intact. It also features the ability to edit the tone and format of the recording. Free download of Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1 3, size 0 b.

Voice Tweaker Xponaut 

The Voice Tweaker plug-in is a harmonic pitch transposer designed for monophonic signals such as voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments. It can transpose the pitch and formants independently, thus enabling both formant preserving pitch transpose and other more unusual effects. The Voice Tweaker also features an automatic pitch correction. Freeware download of Voice Tweaker, size 2.08 Mb.

NovoSPT 1.6 Novo Tech Software Ltd. 

NovoSPT is a simple software for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/ DCPT) blow counts and correlating N with more than 16 soil engineering properties. The following features are incorporated:- All corrections factors including rod length, sampling method and borehole diameter, depth, etc. Correction for ground water table- Consistency. Free download of NovoSPT 1.6, size 2.90 Mb.

Gerbing BatchHistogramCorrection 13.3.11 Gerbingsoft 

'GERBING Batch Histogram Correction' is a freeware to correct the histograms of images in batch mode. You can improve pale images by a histogram check and subsequent histogram correction. The reason for pale images is a missing part of the brightness spectrum. The correction removes the paleness, the missing part of the brightness spectrum is. Freeware download of Gerbing BatchHistogramCorrection 13.3.11, size 4.69 Mb.

Waves Diamond Bundle 7.0 Waves 

A comprehensive collection of audio processing tools, Diamond brings unparalleled signal processing power to your studio, for tracking, mixing, mastering, creative sound design, and audio restoration.

Diamond now includes all the plugins found in Waves Platinum, Restoration, and Transform bundles as well as MaxxVolume, L3-LL. Free download of Waves Diamond Bundle 7.0, size 0 b.

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