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serasera 1.0 Serasera 

Serasera is an open source project library created to be modular. It is supposed to convert DSP signals in IEEE 802.16 protocol. The library is intended to be used by Wireless Ethernet HUB/Router providers. Along with the library, the web site project wi

serasera 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of serasera 1.0, size 0 b.


The CANu Subsystem 1.0 Canu 

This is a linux kernel subsystem / char device, which acts as abstraction layer between CAN controller drivers and user applications or other kernel modules. It extends a real or a virtual CAN network and behaves like a virtual CAN hub.

The CANu Subsystem 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of The CANu Subsystem 1.0, size 0 b.

Hub\'erte 1.0 Hub-erte 

Hu\'berte is a software wich generate phone calls from Hobbit / Xymon Alerts. It\'s used for notifications on not worked hours, and off days. Asterisk IPBX is used for phone calls.

Hub\'erte 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Hub\'erte 1.0, size 0 b.

EvilBoss 1.0.0 Evilboss 

EvilBoss is the packet of utilities written on Perl. It's designed for configure/control big FidoNet Node or Hub.

EvilBoss 1.0.0 License - Artistic License; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of EvilBoss 1.0.0, size 19.37 Kb.

GearMerge 1.2b OzPlanet 

Gear Merge is used to merge movies and tv series from one hard drive to another. Uses the XML and Cover created for WD Live TV Hub.

The main application:
Organize Files in to their proper Directory to match the Source.
Merge all files from Source to External.
With XML and Cover Include XML and JPG used by. Free download of GearMerge 1.2b, size 0 b.

CleanDC++ 3.05 Made with coffee 

CleanDC++ is a simple and easy to use DC client that you can use to share files over the Internet.

The application allows multi-hub connections and resuming of downloads. Additionally, it provides you with network statistics and allows you to set download and upload speed limits.

. Freeware download of CleanDC++ 3.05, size 0 b.

STOP P-O-R-N 7.7 PB Software, LLC 

Ban pornography and other content from being displayed on your internet browser. You may use Stop P-O-R-N's internal database for stopping the display of pornography, or you may use your own, or even use yours and Stop P-O-R-N's together.

Stop P-O-R-N can ban ANY site that you wish to ban by creating your own ban list.

. Free download of STOP P-O-R-N 7.7, size 3.46 Mb.

Parental Control Software 1.8 Website Blocker 

Smart and efficient Parental control software can restrict entire online chatting sites, advertisement popup, movie clip downloading etc. Website blocking program easily blocks access to unnecessary sites in office during working hours. Password protected powerful websites blocker software is invisible from control panel, program folder, start menu. Free download of Parental Control Software 1.8, size 1.07 Mb.

Microsoft Zune Software 4.8 RTM Microsoft Co 

Zune software is your one stop for music and entertainment. your digital media jukebox. Your media hub. A virtual nirvana of music, videos, and pictures. Download the Zune software to your PC to play and organize media, discover new tunes, share music throughout your home, and sync to your Zune device.
Rip and burn CDs. Create playlists. Edit. Freeware download of Microsoft Zune Software 4.8 RTM, size 105.67 Mb.

WebSnitch 3.0 ICC Software 

Parents do you want to check and see if your young children are circumventing your parental controls and going to porn sites? WebSnitch saves every keystroke in each individual application. So you know if was a website visited, or whether it was within an e-mail sent out by the youngster. Or you can take full control and load. Free download of WebSnitch 3.0, size 1.39 Mb.

Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel Update Pack 3.6 Filseclab 

Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel is a very powerful and easy to use Anti-Porn software. It does not depend on web browser, Internet Explorer, Netscape and all of the others can be filtered. It can Detect and block porn/force/game/chat websites and has a high anti-rate over 98%, it can also control Internet-usage time. It has LiveUpdate,. Free download of Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel Update Pack 3.6, size 2.20 Mb.

WDFlow for Windows 1.15 Christian Agboton 

WDFlow is an application that retrieves from the net the posters and data about the movies and TV series . Your WD TV Live Hub will display all the information (actors, directors, overview, release date...), the posters and backdrops. This changes the experience of using the device, black squares are gone, and replaced with a truly attractive. Freeware download of WDFlow for Windows 1.15, size 1.38 Mb.

MissingLink Project Center Moore Software Solutions Inc. 

All of the information that you need to do your job comes through a single hub, and that hub is Microsoft Outlook. Your entire day, in fact, is spent receiving and reviewing emails and attachments, all through Outlook. Yet, Outlook was never meant to be much more than an email program. With MissingLink Project Center, though, Outlook evolves into a. Free download of MissingLink Project Center, size 9.15 Mb.

Direct Connect Hublink 1.3.3 koninglat 

DC-hublink is a Direct Connect (DC++) and IRC chat link with anti-flood & autoreconnecting. Very low CPU usage, exclusion of users per hub, large posts, and 'bad words'. For all hubs (NMDC & ADC), all IRC servers, all clients; no scripts needed. Free download of Direct Connect Hublink 1.3.3, size 2.31 Mb.

FakeDetector 0.10 basilevs 

A simple console program to battle fake naming and name flooding in p2p networks. Connects to a DirectConnect hub (adc and nmdc protocols supported) and scans it for known fake patterns. Also can parse hash indexes of StrongDC and FlylinkDC clients.. Free download of FakeDetector 0.10, size 3.74 Mb.

KEYWAY 1.0 Marv Klotz 

Another excellent B. Vaughan contribution to take all the pain out of calculating depths of cut for keyways and keyseats so they're correctly centered on the shaft-hub intersection line.. Freeware download of KEYWAY 1.0, size 94.37 Kb.

LanFlow Net Diagrammer 5.04 Pacestar Software 

LanFlow is a drawing tool for laying out, designing, and documenting a network, LAN, internet,vector or other communications system. Drop in components like computers, workstations, routers, and servers and connect them with lines and cables. Choose components from built in symbols and clip art or add commonly available clip art formats. Use lines. Free download of LanFlow Net Diagrammer 5.04, size 5.25 Mb.

WinContentFilter 2005 WinSoftware 

WinContentFilter 2005 is an innovative solution that monitors your system for inappropriate content. This effective scanning utility monitors you system for any kind of inappropriate content. WinContentFilter 2005 is an amazing application with a user-friendly interface. Its built-in update feature enables you to incorporate all latest innovations. Free download of WinContentFilter 2005, size 3.83 Mb.

MoreMotion Advanced Suite 3.2 MOR YAZILIM 

MoreMotion Advanced Suite offers Web developers a Component Based Development Environment equipped with numerous unique features. Advanced Designer supplies the developers with all the advantages of XML, which is the most innovative software technology of our time and of the future.Try and see for yourself, how professional applications can be. Free download of MoreMotion Advanced Suite 3.2, size 45.74 Mb.

Advanced USB Port Monitor AGG Software 

Advanced USB Port Monitor is a USB Bus, USB Device and Protocol Analyzer. Advanced USB Port Monitor packs the robust functionality to capture, view and process USB traffic. It offers sophisticated viewing and intelligent searching to accurately and efficiently debug and test High (480Mbps), Full (12Mbps) and Low (1.5Mbps) speed USB devices and. Free download of Advanced USB Port Monitor, size 2.94 Mb.

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