Poster Hari Kemerdekaan

POSTER 8.7 Poster Software 

POSTER is the award-winning program for creating big posters, signs, banners, murals, and enlargements, and printing them up to 100x100 feet on any desktop or large-format printer. Or create a PDF file for printing at a commercial printer. Get the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing with features especially tuned for. Free download of POSTER 8.7, size 3.49 Mb.


Message Board Auto Poster 1.1 Xerium Technologies 

Message Board Auto Poster will send your ad information to hundreds of message boards with one click. Software posts your ad copy with pictures and links in under 2 seconds per message board. . Free download of Message Board Auto Poster 1.1, size 200.70 Kb.

PrePoster 1.1 PrePoster 

Throw away that pencil and the dirty, worn-out notebook; run PrePoster and just enter game scores. That's indeed all you're required to do in order to have the complete picture of a long awaited event, drawn out on an eye-capturing poster, accompanied with a photo of your favorite star.With PrePoster, simply download the poster template created by. Free download of PrePoster 1.1, size 1.52 Mb.

THE Historic Circus Poster Screensaver 1.0 

The Historic Circus Poster Screensaver is a collection of 99 spectacular Circus Posters from the time period 1870 to 1920 with the majority of them from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The collection includes posters from both little known and famous circuses. Plus posters from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.They include posters from. Free download of THE Historic Circus Poster Screensaver 1.0, size 13.84 Mb.

MTA News Poster 1.3 MTA Software, Inc. 

MTA News Poster is an excellent newsgroup posting tool. Very useful for advertising purposes. Use it to quickly and easily post your messages to the Usenet. Just select newsgroups to which you want post, type your message and click the Post button - your message will be posted within few seconds!Program has a wizard-style interface and it is very. Free download of MTA News Poster 1.3, size 586.75 Kb.

Life Poster Maker 3.7 Lincoln Beach Software 

Now you can create posters and collages from your digital photos! Show off your vacation pictures in style! Create a freeform or grid style collage poster of your child through the years. Use the program to create custom posters that will be treasured by grandparents, coaches, or teachers. Life Poster Maker can create any size poster and by adding. Free download of Life Poster Maker 3.7, size 8.04 Mb.

Life Poster Maker 3.45 Lincoln Beach Software 

Now you can create posters and collages from your digital photos! Show off your vacation pictures in style! Create a freeform or grid style collage poster of your child through the years. Use the program to create custom posters that will be treasured by grandparents, coaches, or teachers. Life Poster Maker can create any size poster and by adding. Free download of Life Poster Maker 3.45, size 7.25 Mb.

Click2Poster 1.0 Blue Squirrel 

Poster and Banner maker software, Click2Poster, turns anything you print into an enlarged sign of any size. Choose the size of the poster or banner and Click2Poster will figure out how many pieces of paper you need and print your sign. Once you own this program, the possibilities are endless. Free to Try.Print a photograph as a life-size poster, a. Free download of Click2Poster 1.0, size 2.66 Mb.

RonyaSoft Poster Printer (ProPoster) 3.01.06 RonyaSoft 

RonyaSoft Poster Printer is software for large format poster and banner printing, big sign and mural creation. Software is compatible with standard printers and does not require special plotters. Any picture, digital photo, Microsoft Word or Excel document can be used to make the poster. Moreover, it is possible to acquire image from a scanner or a. Free download of RonyaSoft Poster Printer (ProPoster) 3.01.06, size 3.93 Mb.

RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.32 RonyaSoft 

RonyaSoft Poster Printer software is used to make large size posters, banners, signs, wall photo murals and maps. Compatible with standard printers, this photo poster software does not require large format plotters. And you can use any picture, digital photo, data from Microsoft Word or Excel document to make your own big poster. Moreover, it is. Free download of RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.32, size 4.45 Mb.

Craig list Poster 0.0.1 Craig list Poster 

The Best craig list poster you ever met , try it and see for your self !
uses a database of accounts with their registeration cities (made by craiglist account maker )
once u use a proxy ,it wil check its city and check in the database if there is an account that regged with the same city and only then use it .
it has extensive. Freeware download of Craig list Poster 0.0.1, size 6.47 Mb.

Ace Poster 1.23 Intemove 

Ace Poster is a program that can help you to print your own poster of any size right on your printer. Just select a favorite picture saved on your disc, select a poster size, and print a poster you dreamt of. With Ace Poster you can also obtain desired pictures from a scanner or a digital camera. Ace Poster will help you to design posters of the. Free download of Ace Poster 1.23, size 2.45 Mb.

Mr. Poster 1.0.1 2G TechWorks 

Mr. Poster was created to be the quickest, easiest, and cheapest poster maker and poster printer on the
market. Using Mr. Poster, you can create and print huge posters using any Windows printer and just about
any image.
Mr. Poster takes digital artwork (digital pictures, wallpaper files, just about anything you’ve got. Free download of Mr. Poster 1.0.1, size 7.14 Mb.

The Poster Toaster 2.0.13 Foo Dog Software Inc. 

The Poster Toaster is the ultimate bulk listing tool for eBay.

Why should listing your ads be such a chore? It doesn't. Try the Poster Toaster. It's fast and easy!

Save time by creating templates for the different types of items you regularly sell. Manage your pictures with TPT's Picture Manager. Automate. Freeware download of The Poster Toaster 2.0.13, size 0 b.

PLR Poster 1 35 Software Factory, Inc. 

PLR Poster is a tool to automate posting PLR or your own content to your WordPress Blog.

Easy to use - designed for people with little technical skill, this blog automation software will help extract the tags, arrange the dates, and place everything on your WordPress blog with minimal fuss.

Save tons of time updating your. Free download of PLR Poster 1 35, size 2.83 Mb.

Global Trade Poster 5 1 Renya Computer Service Co.,Ltd. 

Global Trade Poster is a good promotion tool for spreading information about your business or products over the Web. It makes use of trade forums and trade newsgroups to present your business to people looking for related information. It takes you directly to your target audience. Your ads can be cross posted to over 3000 trade web sites and trade. Free download of Global Trade Poster 5 1, size 0 b.

InspectionEasy IDF Poster 4.2.335 Precision Group Consulting 

IDF Poster module brings paperless data capture to the production floor. Remarkably easy to use, operators capture inspection data using manual input or more automated CMM and serial input measurement devices. Your customer’s drawings provide the backdrop for each sequenced check point. Only the checks required for a particular operation. Free download of InspectionEasy IDF Poster 4.2.335, size 17.86 Mb.

WordPress Auto Poster 2.00 Paul Barlow 

WordPress Auto Poster has been designed for one purpose, to automatically source and then post relevant articles to your WordPress blog. Utilising a number of free sources of articles WordPress Auto Poster matches content to a specified list of keywords and then automatically schedules post on your WordPress blog. It's a simple way of keeping a. Freeware download of WordPress Auto Poster 2.00, size 72.29 Kb.

Raven Poster 2.0 AdSenseBoy Software 

Raven Poster is fully automated and easy to use Twitter marketing software that can be used to get dozens of retweets in seconds, attract hundreds of new followers and thousands of daily visitors, and dramatically increase your amount of sales.

The software enables you searching for targeted audience, following and unfollowing other. Free download of Raven Poster 2.0, size 15.47 Mb.

FaceBook-groups-Fanpages-commenter 0.01 FaceBook groups Fanpages commenter 

Fully automated FaceBook Fanpages Comment Poster FaceBook Groups Comment Poster. Freeware download of FaceBook-groups-Fanpages-commenter 0.01, size 3.41 Mb.