Power Search Tool 10 For Firefox

Power Search Tool 1.0 Wealth Pioneers 

Radically Improve Your Search Experience!No more wasting time going through pages and pages of search results. Find Exactly what you are searching for fast.Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click.Generating targeted search results directly from your browser with a simple mouse click.(SEO Tools Included). Free download of Power Search Tool 1.0, size 328.70 Kb.


Bing Search for Firefox 1.0 Microsoft 

Bing Search for Firefox is a Firefox extension designed to set Bing as your homepage and search engine.

When you add Bing to Mozilla Firefox, you're bringing the ability to make informed decisions right to your browsing experience. Whatever you're looking for, from where to go to what to do, Bing helps make decisions easier.

. Free download of Bing Search for Firefox 1.0, size 0 b.

LinkedIn Neobar for Firefox 1.0.30 Macte! Labs, Inc. 

LinkedIn Neobar for Firefox is a browser extension designed to enable users to quickly search for information about any company.

LinkedIn Neobar for Firefox saves you the time of hours of research. With its assistance, you can quickly find useful information about various services or partners.

. Free download of LinkedIn Neobar for Firefox 1.0.30, size 0 b.

Inactive Computer Search Tool Cody Craddock 

Inactive Computer Search Tool is a simple and easy to use application that you can use to scan your Active Directory environment for inactive computers.

Users can specify the number of inactivity weeks and the search results can be easily exported to your computer, in TXT format.

. Freeware download of Inactive Computer Search Tool, size 0 b.

Power Budget Tool Intel 

Power Budget Tool is a handy application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of having power requirements for server systems automatically calculated.

You only have to choose the components, add the modules and then press the 'Calculate' button to view the chassis power requirements.

. Free download of Power Budget Tool, size 0 b.

Pencil for Firefox 1.3 Build 4 Evolus 

Pencil for Firefox is an extension designed to enable you to do GUI prototyping and simple sketching.

Pencil for Firefox is a handy tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping directly from your browser.

. Free download of Pencil for Firefox 1.3 Build 4, size 0 b.

Online Callbook for Firefox 1.0 Igor Tolmachev 

Online Callbook for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to lookup for QSL information on HAM radio webpages.

Online Callbook for Firefox relies on HAM services such as CQHAM.RU, QRZ.COM, ARRL.ORG, RAC.CA, BUCK.COM and QRZ.RU for search results.

. Free download of Online Callbook for Firefox 1.0, size 0 b.

Adlesse for Firefox 1.0.0 Adlesse, Ltd. 

Adlesse for Firefox is a browser addon designed to replace animated banners with widgets of your choice. Follow your Twitter and Facebook friends, view weather forecasts and read interesting news instead of watching ads! Adlesse substitutes annoying banners for useful widgets of the same size.

Currently, you can substitute ads for. Free download of Adlesse for Firefox 1.0.0, size 0 b.

CloudMagic for Firefox 3.16 Beta CloudMagic 

CloudMagic for Firefox is a handy and reliable extension designed to enable you to easily handle your cloud data in your Gmail account.

Works with Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar & Contacts. Works offline too!

. Free download of CloudMagic for Firefox 3.16 Beta, size 0 b.

7 Ad Power Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold 

7 Ad Power Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all 7AdPower entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Clean your computer now from the 7AdPower infection using this simple removal tool. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7

. Free download of 7 Ad Power Removal Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

JiJiTechnologies GPO Search Tool JiJiTechnologies 

JiJiTechnologies GPO Search Tool helps individual settings search locate GPO JiJi GPO Search tool enables Group Policy Management easy to search GPO It extends GPO search by Advanced Group Policy Management search Group Policy Management editor Whats the problem with GPMC Search? Builtin Search facility available in Group Policy Management Console. Free download of JiJiTechnologies GPO Search Tool, size 4.48 Mb.

Government Car Auction Search Tool 1.22 Testiment Browsers 

Government Car Auction Search Tool - Every day, thousands of vehicles in North America get repossessed through loan defaults, seizures, tax & surplus laws. A constant influx of these cars cause massive storage issues (and other expenses), and as a result, repossessed cars are auctioned off at steep discounts - even as much as 90% off book. Free download of Government Car Auction Search Tool 1.22, size 377.49 Kb.

Ghadir - Social Sharing Bar for Firefox 5.0 Zeinab Soft 

Ghadir - Social Sharing Bar for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to implement a toolbar for sharing webpages on various social sites.

The addon features support for services such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, BlogThis!, FriendFeed, Delicious, Digg, LinkedIn, Pin It and Reddit.

. Free download of Ghadir - Social Sharing Bar for Firefox 5.0, size 0 b.

MaskMe for Firefox 1.9.148 Abine, Inc. 

MaskMe for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to prevent third-party services from tracking your personal information.

It manages to do so by generating masked email addresses, as well as phone numbers. This way, your real accounts are invisible to the naked eye.

Note: In order to use the extension you. Free download of MaskMe for Firefox 1.9.148, size 0 b.

HD Transform for Firefox initial.rev40 Beta HD Transform 

HD Transform for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to save your favorite videos in high definition quality.

HD Transform for Firefox implements a toolbar just beneath the video playing area, from where you will be redirected to a website that performs the actual download.

. Free download of HD Transform for Firefox initial.rev40 Beta, size 0 b.

CleanPrint for Firefox 4.1.0 Dynamics 

CleanPrint for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to prepare website content for printing operations.

CleanPrint will make your output look just the way you want it. You can remove elements, add text or clear images before printing. You save ink and paper and you also get a great looking outcome.

. Free download of CleanPrint for Firefox 4.1.0, size 0 b.

wasavi for Firefox 0.5.232 akahuku 

wasavi for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser addon that was designed as a clone of the Vi editor. It also extends to the textarea elements.

Usage is simple: focus a textarea element, press the Ctrl+Enter key combination and the selection changes into the Vi editor.

. Free download of wasavi for Firefox 0.5.232, size 0 b.

IM+ Bar for Firefox 2.1.1 FinamShape Ltd 

IM+ Bar for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension that provides users with possibilities to chat inside the browser.

IM+ Bar for Firefox is able to handle multiple accounts at once for various IM services such as MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Facebook, Skype, Yandex, etc.

. Free download of IM+ Bar for Firefox 2.1.1, size 0 b.

Ambient Aurea for Firefox Stefan vd 

Ambient Aurea for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to add a cool ambient effect to images present on the website you're currently browsing.

Ambient Aurea for Firefox also enables you to share the photo on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. The visual effect can be adjusted from the Options window.

. Free download of Ambient Aurea for Firefox, size 0 b.

Finance Toolbar for Firefox 0.2.7 Stefan vd 

Finance Toolbar for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser extension designed to show the latest information for the stock market.

Finance Toolbar for Firefox displays real-time stock ticker statistics with an update interval of 15 minutes. You can add new quotes and you can personalize the appearance of the toolbar.

. Free download of Finance Toolbar for Firefox 0.2.7, size 0 b.

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