Prevent Dvd From Being Copied

Prevent PDF from Being Printed 1.3 PDF1 

Are you searching for an efficient software that will help you prevent PDF from being printed? Get PDF Locker and successfully protect PDF from printing or password protect PDF from printing without any problems. The software is a professional tool that allows users to disable PDF printing option and prevent PDF from being printed. Use the software. Free download of Prevent PDF from Being Printed 1.3, size 1.29 Mb.


Protect PDF Copying 2.0 Protect PDF Copying 

Are you searching solution to protect pdf copying, protect pdf from copying, protect pdf from being copied? Then Protect PDF Copying is the best solution. Protect PDF copying can comfort users who are looking for a solution to protect PDF copying. Now use Protect PDF copying program to comfort every users who need to protect pdf from copying,. Free download of Protect PDF Copying 2.0, size 2.07 Mb.

Copy Cat 1 Vicky's Cool Softwares 

Wanna copy files from your floppy drives,cd drives,hard drives which are not normally being copied... Just download Copy Cat 1.0 and experience the difference. Copy Cat 1.0 actually skip the bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes therefore it extract maximum data which is normally not done by windows copy operation. . Freeware download of Copy Cat 1, size 513.02 Kb.

StayOn Pro 4.0 Rcs Computer Lab 

Small, and superior program that simulates Internet activity to prevent you from being disconnected from your ISP. If you spend a little too long reading a Web page or grabbing a snack, even unlimited access ISP accounts are often signed off if they are inactive for a period of time. This small utility resides in the system tray and keeps you. Free download of StayOn Pro 4.0, size 494.59 Kb.

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2015.0.4.5437 TrustPort 

TrustPort USB Antivirus is designed specifically for the protection of portable memory media like flash drives or memory cards. It does not require hard drive installation, it is in fact installed right onto the media it should protect. Anytime the memory media gets connected to a computer, the software will be launched. It will then monitor all. Free download of TrustPort USB Antivirus 2015.0.4.5437, size 154.86 Mb.

Disk Redactor 1.0 CEZEO software 

Disk Redactor is a WIPE utility that lets you securely erase any old ( deleted ) files and prevent them from being recovered. All your private sensitive insecurely erased information will be wiped from free unused space on your drives to ensure complete data destruction.. Freeware download of Disk Redactor 1.0, size 370.69 Kb.

AnalogX Script Defender 1.0 AnalogX 

Script Defender is a security tool developed by AnalogX, and designed to intercept hidden scripts and prevent them from being executed without the permission of the user. The application itself is very compact and simple to use - once installed you can configure Script Defender to intercept the execution of malicious scripts, such as VBS (Visual. Freeware download of AnalogX Script Defender 1.0, size 36.06 Mb.

Human Intelligence Identification Script 1 softSWOT 

The Human Intelligence Identification Script is designed to prevent web forms being submitted by automated robot scripts. Automated robot scripts are used maliciously to send Form Spam and Hijack Web Forms. The Human Intelligence Identification Script only allows form processing if a correct answer to a set question is provided when the form is. Freeware download of Human Intelligence Identification Script 1, size 4.10 Kb.

imgProtect 1.0.0 

A PHP class to protect images on the web from being copied.. Freeware download of imgProtect 1.0.0, size 17.50 Kb.

Advanced XIP File System 1.0 Axfs 

The Advanced XIP File System is a Linux kernel filesystem driver that enables files to be executed directly from flash or ROM memory rather than being copied into RAM.

Advanced XIP File System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Advanced XIP File System 1.0, size 0 b.

Proof #8 1.0 iVerse Media 

Full Color | 61 Screens | Ongoing Series

Story by Alex Grecian
Art & Cover by Riley Rossmo

"Company of Men," Part Three

Will Ginger reach Proof in time to prevent him from being dinner?

Of course she will.

But another Lodge agent bows out for good this issue.
. Free download of Proof #8 1.0, size 4.61 Mb.

SmallList 1.0.3 LancetApps 

SmallList is a small and simple to use check list.

- Clean and simple UI
- Swipe to scroll from list to list
- Hold to edit
- Filter entries in list
- Sorting
- Lock list to prevent list from being modified
- List duplication
- List sending
- Uncheck All
- Clear List
. Freeware download of SmallList 1.0.3, size 734.00 Kb.

AmoK DVD Shrinker 1 3 AmoK - The Art of Coding 

AmoK DVD Shrinker shrinks DVDs up to one fifth of the original size without any noticeable quality reduction. The DVD's menus, subtitles, audio tracks etc all stay preserved. Though, if you want only the original film is being copied/ripped. AmoK DVD Shrinker is easy to use but still offers all necessary options to the user. Also the Machinist2.dll. Freeware download of AmoK DVD Shrinker 1 3, size 649.22 Kb.

DVD Cloner build 2502 2.6 Usdigi Co., Ltd. 

DVD Cloner build 2502 --- Genuine clone DVD to DVD software! DVD Cloner build 2502 Make copying DVD's with your DVD burner a reality and the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW copied by DVD Cloner build 2502 is the same as the original DVD movie, in true DVD format. It adopts MPEG2 format. DVD films burned by DVD Cloner build 2502 with the audio and video are as. Free download of DVD Cloner build 2502 2.6, size 1.87 Mb.

1st DVD Cloner 2.5 Coldrg Co., Ltd. 

1st DVD Cloner --- Genuine clone DVD to DVD software! 1st DVD Cloner Make copying DVD's with your DVD burner a reality and the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW copied by 1st DVD Cloner is the same as the original DVD movie, in true DVD format. It adopts MPEG2 format. DVD films burned by 1st DVD CLONER with the audio and video are as perfect as the original DVD.. Free download of 1st DVD Cloner 2.5, size 2.50 Mb.

DVD Cloner build 2006 2.5 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd 

DVD Cloner build 2006 --- Genuine clone DVD to DVD software! DVD Cloner build 2006 Make copying DVD's with your DVD burner a reality and the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW copied by DVD Cloner build 2006 is the same as the original DVD movie, in true DVD format. It adopts MPEG2 format. DVD films burned by DVD Cloner build 2006 with the audio and video are as. Free download of DVD Cloner build 2006 2.5, size 1.87 Mb.

AWinware Acrobat PDF Encryption Tool AWinware Software 

Looking for a way to restrict pdf content from being copied, printed & edited? AWinware Acrobat PDF Encryption tool lets users to prevent edit, print & copy document data by encrypting pdf document with user and owner password security. Tool quickly adds password with selected document(s), password may be of any length of your choice,. Free download of AWinware Acrobat PDF Encryption Tool, size 1.26 Mb.

ElecKey Express 1 Sciensoft Research 

ElecKey is the complete solution for secure electronic software distribution. It includes the software protection capability that allows you to protect your software applications against piracy, illegal use, or being copied.* ElecKey can operate and lock application programs (.COM, .EXE, .DLL, .OCX) based on DOS, Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000/XP. *. Free download of ElecKey Express 1, size 5.58 Mb.

Sofonesia Image Watermark 1.0 Sofonesia Ltd. 

Image Watermark is the software which can put watermark on images.This helps prevention of material from being copied over internet and enhances security.The tool supports conversion of images to various formats like GIF,JPG,PNG,TIFF and etc.Not only this ,it also supports positioning the text throughout the image.The style,transparency,font. Freeware download of Sofonesia Image Watermark 1.0, size 377.86 Kb.

Exclaimer Auto Responder 1.0.41005.0 Exclaimer Ltd. 

This multi-functional tool allows you to automate replies to emails, redirect messages, add and remove senders and recipients from emails, as well as prevent messages from being delivered. Create personalised auto responses by including the senders original message, add company branding, and attach files such as brochures and leaflets. Redirect. Free download of Exclaimer Auto Responder 1.0.41005.0, size 47.29 Mb.