Ptk Sd Ips Freeware

Windaq SD Rescue 1.0 UltimaSerial 

Windaq SD Rescue is the best tool to recover the Windaq (.wdc) files on the SD used by DI-71x stand alone data logger. With the help of Windaq SD Rescue you'll be able to easily restore your lost data files.
· Supports all file formats used by DI-71x stand alone data logger. No, we can't help you to rescue lost photos from. Freeware download of Windaq SD Rescue 1.0, size 1.48 Mb.


SD-Manager New Denis Noname 

SD-Manager is a small, simple, easy to use application designed to offer you a basic download managing tool.

Basically you just enter the download link, select the download location and you're good to go.<img alt="" src="file:///C:/Users/SOFTPE~1/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-11.png" /> for WindowsAll

IPS Peek 0.3.0 

IPS, short for International Patching System, is a binary patch format commonly used for game patching.
With IPS Peek, users are able to see the data within an IPS patch.

* Shows patch records, record sizes, offsets and more!
* Shows Lunar IPS truncate extension (CHS).
* Shows data (in a hex view) written by. Freeware download of IPS Peek 0.3.0, size 267.12 Kb.

SD Virtual World 1 Spriteworks Developments 

SD Virtual World provides an immersive and interactive 3D experience where you can chat with other people in 3D cyberspace, walk around using a variety of realistic avatars, send and receive telegrams, shop, explore many different places (both above ground and underground), play games, participate in activities, host online parties and other events. Freeware download of SD Virtual World 1, size 2.53 Mb.

My IPs 1.0 Camtech 2000 

MY IPs is a little utility that will return your actual Internet IP address even if you're behind a Firewall. It accomplishes this by connecting to remote Web Site and returning the IP address from there. In addition it will return your ISP Customer ID, Host name and Network IPs from all the Computers connected to your Network, if any exist.. Freeware download of My IPs 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

SD-20 Editor 1.0.2 Roland Corporation 

SD-20 Editor is designed to be easy to understand and use, even by those who are operating the SD-20 for the very first time. Most settings can be made graphically and intuitively.

SD-20 Editor lets you:
- Operate the SD-20
- Save/load the values that you've controlled or edited

For details on the. Freeware download of SD-20 Editor 1.0.2, size 7.32 Mb.

IPRental IPRental, Inc. 

IPRental offers a revolutionary IP address rotation service which allows users around the world to connect to an ever-changing pool of fresh IPs for 100% anonymous and secure web surfing. Users of this software will be immune from web censorship from repressive foreign government regimes, nosy employers, their ISP, or any other entity that would. Freeware download of IPRental, size 1.74 Mb.

SD Formatter 3 1 SD Association 

This software formats all SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and SDXC memory cards. SD Formatter provides quick and easy access to the full capabilities of your SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.The SD Formatter was created specifically for memory cards using the SD/SDHC/SDXC standards.. Freeware download of SD Formatter 3 1, size 6.27 Mb.

BBC SD-Pro 1.0.10 American Auto-Matrix 

SD-Pro is designed to set and modify functioning parameters of the BBC-SD device.Through this software users can define key data for BACnetMS/PT units which will then be displayed on the screen.After all configuration parameters have been defined and set, a configuration file will be generated, saved and transferred to the BBC-SD through its local. Freeware download of BBC SD-Pro 1.0.10, size 59.83 Mb.

PythonToolkit (PTK) 11.04.06 

PythonToolkit (PTK) is an interactive environment for python. It was designed to provide a python based environment similiar to Matlab for scientists and engineers however it can also be used as a general purpose interactive python environment.. Freeware download of PythonToolkit (PTK) 11.04.06, size 442.12 Kb.

SD-Card and ATMEL ATmega microcontroller 1.0 

This project is about using a SD-card together with an ATMEL ATmega32 microcontroller as mass storage medium. It implements the interface to the SD-card, a simplified FAT16 filesystem and a sample application: a data logger.. Freeware download of SD-Card and ATMEL ATmega microcontroller 1.0, size 685.23 Kb.

IPS Framework 1.0 Ipsframework 

The IPS framework was developed to support loosely-coupled integrated modeling of fusion plasmas (and was originally the Integrated Plasma Simulator). However, the design is quite general, and is suitable for many scientific and engineering domains. In addition to plasma physics, it is also being used in the engineering of batteries.

One. Freeware download of IPS Framework 1.0, size 0 b.

SD-Buy 0.0.1 Sdbuy 

SD-Buy is a framework made for building an application for buyers. On companies, the service purchase does not take into account the environmental aspect. Today, this point is important (and mandatory in France) but there is no tool for this.

SD-Buy 0.0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SD-Buy 0.0.1, size 12.85 Kb.

Full Video Converter Free 

Full Video Converter Free has the capabilities to convert all popular video formats from HD to HD, HD to SD and SD to SD, transform between audio formats, extract audios or pictures from videos, and create video from photos. New features: 1.Added new interface. 1.Video Converter is now powered with NVIDIA® CUDA? 5X faster in conversion time. Freeware download of Full Video Converter Free, size 27.47 Mb.

MPEG Composer 3. 8. 2010 Optibase Ltd. 

MPEG Composer supports Optibase&rsquo;s line of professional, hardware-based MPEG-2 HD & SD PCI encoders; MovieMaker 230 and MovieMaker HD. The new features are designed to improve the fit of the products into the professional work flow. MovieMaker 230 and MovieMaker HD are ideal for content creation, broadcasting, DVD creation, video on. Freeware download of MPEG Composer 3. 8. 2010, size 12.65 Mb.

Infantry Mod 1 21 Jorrit Schippers, Spleasure 

Infantry Mod Features :
- Spleasure for the website and webspace support (thanks mate)
- Bullet for the logo and website design
- SD (Shooting Dutchman) for his maps (Street and The Yard)
- Paus Paul for his map Crosstown and his support and assistance (thanks a lot fella)
- the dudes from [WCUK] that helped out in. Freeware download of Infantry Mod 1 21, size 1.27 Mb.

No-IP DUC 3.0.4 Vitalwerks Internet Solutions LLC 

No-IP DUC allows you to apply a fixed IP to your domains hosted under servers with dynamic IPs.
No-IP DUC is a very useful program that allows anyone to host websites without having to pay for a hosting service. You will only need to have a computer connected to the Internet, an account with No-IP, and this program installed to have your. Freeware download of No-IP DUC 3.0.4, size 1.12 Mb.

Cisco Configuration Professional 2 5 Cisco Systems 

Cisco Configuration Professional offers smart wizards and advanced configuration support for LAN and WAN interfaces, Network Address Translation (NAT), stateful and application firewall policy, IPS, IPSec and SSL VPN, QoS, and Cisco Network Admission Control policy features.

The firewall wizard allows a single-step deployment of high,. Freeware download of Cisco Configuration Professional 2 5, size 179.31 Mb.

SDFormatter 3 1 SD Association 

Go ahead and try-out the full capabilities of your SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards with SD Formatter. The application is designed to run on both Windows- and Mac-based computers.

This easy-to-use software application was specifically released for the following types of memory cards: SD, SDHC and SDXC. The memory cards that use. Freeware download of SDFormatter 3 1, size 6.27 Mb.

PersonalDirectory 1 8 telisca 

PersonalDirectory - IPS global directory ,personal directory addon.
Personal Directory software is an optional IPS Global Directory module that enables search and display contact details of incoming calls from your Outlook or Lous Notes personal directory.. Freeware download of PersonalDirectory 1 8, size 31.20 Mb.