Puk Code Generator For Sim Card Blocked

LifeGen - A code generator for liferay 1.0 lifegen.sourceforge.net 

A eclipse plugin code generator for liferay with spring MVC in web layer and using spring as business layer. This is a simple tool which would reduce the redundant effort of liferay portlet XML updation, controller and preference JSP page generation.. Freeware download of LifeGen - A code generator for liferay 1.0, size 74.15 Kb.


CNC Code Shooter 3 5 Vicky Ellison 

CNC Machine G-code generator for lathes & mills, added automatic code generation for dimensional patterns, New send and recieve, Now with limited engraving, set radius and feed rate, tool nose radius, corner or fillet radius, set clockwise or counterclockwise, set drill depth and feed rate, add G-codes and M-codes, set threads per inch, set up. Free download of CNC Code Shooter 3 5, size 7.19 Mb.

QR Code Generator for Safari 1.6 Midwinter Duncan Grant 

QR Code Generator allows you to convert the current URL to Quick Response Codes in various sizes & encodings.

This effective Safari extension offers users the possibility of sharing these codes and interacting with clients, partners, etc.

. Free download of QR Code Generator for Safari 1.6, size 0 b.

PHP XMLMaker 1.0 e.World Technology Ltd. 

PHP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use code generator for creating PHP 5 scripts that output XML from a MySQL database. You can instantly serves dynamic XML for Ajax, RSS, Flash or any other applications that consumes XML. PHP XMLMaker is designed for high flexibility, many options enable you to generate the XML in a format that best suits the client. Free download of PHP XMLMaker 1.0, size 6.41 Mb.

ASP XMLMaker 3.1 e.World Technology Ltd. 

ASP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use code generator for creating ASP (Active Server Pages) that output XML from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC Data Source. You can instantly serves XML for Ajax, RSS, Flash or any other applications that consumes XML. ASP XMLMaker is designed for high flexibility, many options enable you to generate the XML in a. Free download of ASP XMLMaker 3.1, size 7.70 Mb.

WinSIM Pro 1.0 Classicalsoft 

Classicalsoft WinSIM Pro is a professional smartcard tool created for SIM card engineer to view and modify the contents of a GSM SIM, 3G USIM or CDMA R-UIM card. The effective and sophisticated design will simplify the APDU command editing before sending to card using the history command then auto filling the fixed parameters.So all you need do is. Free download of WinSIM Pro 1.0, size 1.02 Kb.

DTDtoCPP 0.5 coder4hire 

DTDtoCPP is a C code generator for XML files processing.

It automatically generates parser C classes basing on DTD specification.

- Generated classes parses XML string and put XML values to the appropriate class members.

- Multiple and optional elements support

- Source-code only output (no need. Freeware download of DTDtoCPP 0.5, size 32.76 Mb.

Jeek - stub and mock generator for .NET 0.1.alpha jeek.sourceforge.net 

Jeek is a concrete class / stub / mock code generator for .NET, used in unit testing.. Freeware download of Jeek - stub and mock generator for .NET 0.1.alpha, size 357.57 Kb.

Luna Data Layer Code Generator 1.0 diegolunadei.it 

A data layer code generator for vb.net. Freeware download of Luna Data Layer Code Generator 1.0, size 608.28 Kb.

Struts XSLT Code Generator 0.85 xsltgenerator.sourceforge.net 

Struts XSLT Code Generator, is an XSLT based code generator for Struts. It uses an extended version of struts-config.xml file to specify information needed to generate codes for most types struts files, such as ActionForm, Action, JSP and etc.. Freeware download of Struts XSLT Code Generator 0.85, size 1.61 Mb.

AVR code generator 1.0 Avrcox 

AvrCox is an easy startup code generator for AVR microcontroller.

AVR code generator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of AVR code generator 1.0, size 0 b.

QDura Code Generator 1.0 Qduracodegen 

QDura Code Generator is a template based code generator for VB.NET 2.0. The template requires Code Smith to run, and will output all the requred data access layer and most of the business layer, as derived from the schema of the MS SQL database.

QDura Code Generator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of QDura Code Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Skenp Code Generator 1.0 Skenp 

A source code generator for persistence and apresentation layers

Skenp Code Generator 1.0 License - Adaptive Public License. Freeware download of Skenp Code Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Sim Card Undelete Tool File Recovery Utility 

Data recovery software for sim card retrieves all contact numbers, short messages which are lost due to corruption or virus attacked on sim card memory. Utility efficiently recover accidently lost information such as SMS, contact phone number form GSM /3g mobile sim card memory. Tool required sim card reader to read or display lost information form. Free download of Sim Card Undelete Tool, size 492.83 Kb.

code-creation-kit cck.sourceforge.net 

The code-creation-kit can be used as code generator for any language, e.g. C++, C#, Java etc. The input of the kit's text compiler is modeled in table and template files. The kit is recommended to be used together with a spreadsheet application.. Freeware download of code-creation-kit, size 557.05 Kb.

CyberForm for Java3D 120 cybergarage.org 

CyberForm for Java3D is a source code generator for Java3D programmers. CyberForm generates a compressed binary file that has a specified geometry information with the source code. To specify the output precision, you can reduce the file size more. Using. Freeware download of CyberForm for Java3D 120, size 675.82 Kb.

Empusa for iBatis 1.0 empusa.sourceforge.net 

Code generator for iBatis use. Takes structure of an existing database (using JDBC) an generates sqlMappingConfig file, sqlMapping files and domain objects. Generated files can be regenerated later (changes in DB) with no loss of "hand-made" code.. Freeware download of Empusa for iBatis 1.0, size 78.10 Kb.

lfsr-generator 1.0.2 lfsr-generator.sourceforge.net 

lfsr-generator is a source code generator for LFSRs: Linear Feedback Shift Registers.. Freeware download of lfsr-generator 1.0.2, size 128.02 Kb.

Live Sequence Chart Editor and Code-Gen 1.0 lec.sourceforge.net 

This is a graphical editor and code generator for Live Sequence Charts (LSCs). The code generated follows a simple execution mechanism. It shows a possible execution path.We have added a new local action construct, i.e. a self method call.. Freeware download of Live Sequence Chart Editor and Code-Gen 1.0, size 47.44 Kb.

GFX Code Gen 1.0 Gfxcodegen 

GFX Codegen is Java, EJB code generator for developing large-scale Desktop-based applications

GFX Code Gen 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of GFX Code Gen 1.0, size 0 b.

Puk Code Generator For Sim Card Blocked Web Results

Sim Card Data Recovery Software

Company provides cost effective sim card deleted sms recovery tool for restoration of inaccessible contact numbers from virus infected sim card. Users do not require any technical skills/knowledge...

The Sanger Centre : Informatics Software: Dynamite

Code generator for writing dynamic programming programs.

FireStorm/DAO Code Generator for JDBC

FireStorm/DAO imports database schema definitions from SQL scripts or from live databases via JDBC and then generates a complete data-access tier based on JDBC.


A template-based C#, VB.NET, and SQL code generator for multi-tier development. [Shareware]

Iron Speed Designer

A application/code generator for .NET developers. Generate web-based databound application - from simple online forms applications to a sophisticated CRM application.

Code Generator for Setting CSS1 Properties from JavaScript

Detailed article with online tool on using CSS1 from JavaScript in a way compatible with Navgator 4, Netscape 6, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer 4. From mozilla.org.

iGenXSoft ProgCG

A code generator for data, database and entity/component layers source code generation. Generates code for Java-JDBC, Java-BMP, Java-CMP, C++-ADO.