Quickheal Internet Sceruty 11 Update File

UpdateDates 1.1 Newport Software 

Update file modification dates by days, hours, minutes, or seconds. Specify a single file or all files in a folder. Increase or decrease the "Date Modified" field of the specified file(s). Specify number of days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds to add or remove from the existing file modification times. Useful for synchronizing the date. Freeware download of UpdateDates 1.1, size 2.19 Mb.


Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. 


+Revolutionary Threat Protection
+Proven Faster and More Efficient
+Identity and Privacy Protection
+Mobile Internet Security
+System and File Protection
+Confidence that your protection is properly set up.. Free download of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013, size 723.52 Kb.

Simmer's Sky - Japanese Airports vol.7 1 2 Overland 

In this update file, both previously known bugfixes and additional data are included.
-RJGG Centrair, Chubu International Airport's North and South apron have been extended, also related facilities have been refurbished.
-Support for Airport Enhancement Services (AES) software (Only on FS2004).. Freeware download of Simmer's Sky - Japanese Airports vol.7 1 2, size 13.87 Mb.

Valleylab Exchange 1. 3. 2002 Valleylab Exchange Service Agent 

The Valleylab™ Exchange system allows the clinical engineer to use a standard Internet connection to update the software for the ForceTriad™ energy platform.
Valleylab™ Exchange Service Agent.exe is a self-extracting archive/installer containing the Valleylab™ Exchange Service Agent software. This. Freeware download of Valleylab Exchange 1. 3. 2002, size 8.60 Mb.

FSO Projectz 1.0 Projectzjsie 

A task manager written solely with client side scripting run through an Internet Explorer HTML application file. Tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+. Uses the Microsoft FileSystemObject to save XML files containing project information.. Freeware download of FSO Projectz 1.0, size 0 b.

Bros FLV Converter Bros Video 

FLV Converter is a handy application that allows you to convert the Flash movies that you have downloaded from the Internet into popular video file.You can use it to convert FLV to AVI, FLV to MP4, FLV to MPEG-4 in order to play them on portable devices.

This video FLV converter can also convert to FLV files from MPG, MP4, AVI and WMA to. Free download of Bros FLV Converter, size 0 b.

Flappy Bird HD West Rainbow 

HD version of the famous Flappy Bird game!

2014-03-11 Update:
1. Fixed score cheating
2. Fixed crash on exit

What differs from the other Flappy Birds:

1. Compare your high score on-line with other players from all over the world! We have provided our own server to record your high score, you can find. Freeware download of Flappy Bird HD, size 2.10 Mb.

Green Lantern Corps Limart Neri 

This Windows Phone app is all about the guardians of the Universe: The Green Lantern Corps! This app needs internet connection to update data and information.

This is a FAN app and all characters, Green Lanterns, Green Lantern Logo are properties of DC Comics.

Developer: Liliano Martin R. Neri
College of Computer. Freeware download of Green Lantern Corps, size 2.10 Mb.

Inori Aizawa Tan Chun Siong 

Inori Aizawa Fan Application for Windows Phone.

Get the latest video, soundboard and wallpaper from Internet Explorer 11's Mascot, Inori Aizawa on your Windows Phone. Freeware download of Inori Aizawa, size 47.19 Mb.

Jokes For Laughs Doc Team 

With Jokes For Laughs you can have your jokes everywhere with your friends WITHOUT internet connection and also you can read, listen, share, update your jokes using your internet connection WITHOUT update your app.
You can WRITE your own jokes and we may choose some of them for publish!
Also you can CHANGE language, skin and protect your. Free download of Jokes For Laughs, size 3.15 Mb.

MrPickwick Jean Noel Leprat 

Mr Pickwick Pub, the first English pub in Geneva has now its own application for smartphones.
Stay informed on all the events of the MrPickwick's Pub.
This free application requires an internet connection to update the daily menus, live concerts and sporting events.. Freeware download of MrPickwick, size 2.10 Mb.

RTPatch 11 Pocket Soft, Inc. 

The RTPatch family of software products enable you to update software and data with just the byte-level changes. Also called diff, binary diff, software updating or just plain patching, RTPatch was the first commerical product of its kind, released in 1991, and has been the market leader ever since.

RTPatch is responsible for millions of. Free download of RTPatch 11, size 1 b.

Large File Splitter 1.0.2 RENESOFT 

Large File Splitter is a freeware to divide up big file in Microsoft windows. It helps make much easier the internet distribution and the file sharing by dividing big files into small pieces. Large File Splitter works with a built-in MD5 checksum to ensure the correct reconstruction of the original file. Large File Splitter supports intelligent. Freeware download of Large File Splitter 1.0.2, size 760.87 Kb.

NavNU James Lord 

NavNU will select the Norton Sarc Update of Virus Definitions exe file, after you set the date at around the time you installed Norton Antivirus click RUN and this program will set the date back to your settings then Run update file then change the time back to the proper date.
. Freeware download of NavNU, size 10.48 Kb.

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 1.7.2003 Tweaking.com 

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair is an all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows Firewall and more. Malware and installed programs can modify your default settings. With Tweaking.com - Windows Repair you. Freeware download of Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 1.7.2003, size 618.50 Kb.

IncreasePatch 1.0 niapsoft 

Suitable for updating l applications and data with byte-level changes. Reduce update file size 90-99%. Full update log.Free for home and non-commercial use!For example:From Version 1151(184MB)Update to Version 1238(181MB)Add Files: 20Change Files: 237Delete Files: 1Total: 138 MB (Added Files + Changed Files)Patch file sizeRTPatch: 12.6. Free download of IncreasePatch 1.0, size 367.00 Kb.

UltraBooster for LimeWire 3.6.0 UltraBoosters 

UltraBooster for LimeWire is a light app that acts like an enhancer of your download process. It works hand in hand with the most popular BitTorrent client around, Limewire, helping the latter deliver faster search results and downloads.

The program automatically accelerates the download process due to its special features designed to. Freeware download of UltraBooster for LimeWire 3.6.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Bulk News 2006 3 TEC Software 

Bulk Post to over 2000 newsgroups an hour with this Internet marketing tool. Supports file attachments and text / HTML message format. Creates detailed log reports of posting activity so you may view which posts were made successfully. You can stop and restart posting with no problem. This is a must have tool to add to your Internet marketing. Free download of Bulk News 2006 3, size 3.94 Mb.

SoftUpdater 3 3 D1xun 


- Support automatic update and wizard-style upgrade.
- Support protocols: http,ftp,file.
- Highly configurable: File decompression, rename, MD5 checksum...
- Multi-server update file placement.
- Variety of display mode: Normal, silence, no display.
- WYSIWYG user interface design.
- Secure. Free download of SoftUpdater 3 3, size 2.71 Mb.

Zilla Free TuneUp and Optimizer ZillaSoft.ws 

Zilla TuneUp Optimizer Extends your operating system's capabilities: Drive Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Internet Cleaner, DLL Cleaner, Internet Tuneup, StartUp Tuner, File Shredder. Free up valuable space on your hard drive, makeWindows faster, more secure and comfortable. Optimizes the performance of your PC, corrects problems, and helps you. Freeware download of Zilla Free TuneUp and Optimizer, size 3.91 Mb.