Registry Key For Driver Detective

MemCheck Pro 3.0 Camtech 2000 

MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Features include Optimization of lost Resources for System, User and GDI as well as Memory Load, memory types available and free such as Physical (installed memory), Virtual (swap file) and the Page File, unobtrusive display in both graphical and text, Marks the current usage and. Free download of MemCheck Pro 3.0, size 926.72 Kb.


PE Structure Viewer 1.3 SibNature 

PE Structure Viewer is intended for displaying the structure of 32 and 64 bit executable files in the Windows® family of operating systems. These files are known as Portable Executable (PE). Some of the structural elements, especially resources, can be seen in a human readable form. Other elements are available only in a hexadecimal viewer,. Free download of PE Structure Viewer 1.3, size 954.56 Kb.

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012 7.0.1 Wondershare Software 

Rescue crashed PC or hard drive Boot up computer with bootable CD/USB System recovery from crashes as bluescreen, blackscreen.
Fix booting problem, random crash and missing files crash such as \'ntldr is missing\', \'bootmgr is missing\', etc.
Repair partition table, corrupt registry, registry key value, crashed MBR, boot sector, etc.

Spyware Vaccine 4 1 

Spyware Vaccine is a program that can detect and remove spyware, as well as prevent attacks.

Once installed, this program starts on every startup, and scans every file that is loaded in your system. This way, it secures your PC against 50000 known spywares. If it finds any threat in your files, it automatically deletes the suspicious. Freeware download of Spyware Vaccine 4 1, size 4.93 Mb.

SendToA3X 1 7 Michael Heath 

SendToA3X is a very handy SendTo extension. Adds shortcut links to your SendTo menu for any included extensions and executables. It is so handy, that you will save alot of time for those tedious tasks, that SendToA3X can do so easy.

Main features:

- 7-Zip2Sfx for easily converting 7z archives to self extracting. Freeware download of SendToA3X 1 7, size 3.05 Mb.

Easy Uninstaller Trial Version 6 1 TopDownloadsNet 

Easy Uninstaller will assist you to manage installed Applications on your computer more efficiently. Easy Analyzer has a very friendly user interface which will make it easy to analyze and keep track of installed Applications.

From Easy Uninstaller you can not only uninstall the applications but also get more information about the. Free download of Easy Uninstaller Trial Version 6 1, size 4.69 Mb.

PCEditor 1. 2. 1960 JonDoe 

When PCEditor is used under Wine, you need to set the automatic wine detection, otherwise PCEditor will behave as usual. Furthermore you need to set the option "No Ping when accessing Receiver" in PCEditor Settings/General.

If you want to use the webif under Wine, you will have to set the automatic login for webif, otherwise. Freeware download of PCEditor 1. 2. 1960, size 2.25 Mb.

InstEd Plus instedit 

InstEd Plus provides the fastest, most flexible way to do exactly what you need to do.

The philosophy behind InstEd Plus is to allow you to achieve complicated tasks as fast as possible, while providing excellent control of all the changes that happen.

It can be filtered by Component, Feature, Feature with Parents.
. Free download of InstEd Plus, size 0 b.

RunOnBoot 1.0 JCMatt software 

Run On Boot is a free and useful application that runs as many programs as you like automatically when Windows boots.
RunOnBoot - unzip anywhere and double-click to load.
If you decide that you want to use the registry you must select the registry key in which you will write the startup information.. Freeware download of RunOnBoot 1.0, size 27.63 Mb.

Numerimal 1. 2. 2002 Xyntec Automation Inc. 

Converber is a unit converter. It is a powerful software utility that will help make easy conversions between 1173 various units of measure in 32 categories. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature. Features include: .:. Converts as you type, so no convert button is required .:. Convert using the rarely used one. Freeware download of Numerimal 1. 2. 2002, size 142.34 Kb.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1. 3. 2004 Julien Manici 

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a free open source software that let you change the wallpaper of the Windows 7 logon screen (also known as "welcome screen" or "login screen"). It has been tested successfully with the final version of Windows 7 (RTM) and Windows 7 RC 7100.
On a side note, this small program is WPF. Freeware download of Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1. 3. 2004, size 734.21 Kb.

Physxloader dll Fix 2.0 Physxloader dll Fix 

If you encounter Physxloader.dll error message in your system then it means that your system is at great risk. Therefore it is essential for you to fix Physxloader.dll error problem from your system. The three most vital reasons that are responsible for causing this error are virus infection to the file, problem with Windows registry, and Windows. Free download of Physxloader dll Fix 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home 3.0 Lazesoft 

Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition is free Windows system recovery bootable disk. Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition offers home users complete solutions to fix boot problem, retrieve valuable files, Undelete Partition, etc. With easy to use interfaces, you can using Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition to correct boot problems by. Freeware download of Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home 3.0, size 65.21 Mb.

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 7.0.1 Wondershare Software 

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 is your "LifeSaver" with a complete PC emergency solution! Boot up any PC Boot up any desktop or laptop. Boot up computer by inserting bootable CD or pluginning USB drive. Latest WinPE technology - 100% hardware compatibility. Rescue crashed computer or hard drive Boot up computer infected by virus. Fast recovery. Free download of Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 7.0.1, size 329.25 Mb.

iInventory iInventory Ltd 

iInventory is downloadable software which lets you quickly audit Windows, Mac and Linux computers for their hardware and software configuration. Take iInventory for a test drive to fully asess its capabilities! Information collected: A· On Windows, Mac and Linux - Software, license & general equipment records - User questionnaire - Registry. Free download of iInventory, size 39.85 Mb.

Zeus Trojan Remover Software 

Zeus Trojan Remover detects and remove all known variants of the very dangerous Zeus Trojan, also known as ZBot or Wsnpoem, used by cybercriminals to steal banking information, credit card details and other sensitive data by keystroke logging. When ZBot infection is detected the infected file that resides on hard disk is removed immediately and. Freeware download of Zeus Trojan Remover, size 534.53 Kb.

Ganda Removal Tool 1.0 BitDefender 

Ganda Removal Tool is a small but effective application that targets the Win32.Ganda.A@mm malware. Once run, it creates two copies of itself in Windows folder: SCANDISK.EXE and another randomly named file (ex: "xjvhtbxt.EXE"). Creates a mutex "SWEDENSUX" in order to allow only one copy of itself in memory. It attempts to shut. Freeware download of Ganda Removal Tool 1.0, size 31.74 Kb.

Dumaru Removal Tool 1.0 BitDefender 

Dumaru Removal Tool is a lightweight application that can completely erase the Win32.Dumaru worm in all its variants. Win32.Dumaru.A@mm arrives as a fake email from Microsoft: From: "Microsoft" email Subject: Use this patch immediately ! Body: Dear friend , use this Internet Explorer patch now! There are dangerous virus in the. Freeware download of Dumaru Removal Tool 1.0, size 62.46 Kb.

SGHLib C++ Library b.0.3.1 Sghlib 

SGHLib Aims to be the Faster Library to Easily and Safely Access the Windows API and Other Non-Windows Extras. It Includes Items like File Classes, Window Classes, File Enumeration Functions, Easy User-Prompts, Sound Management, Console Management, Easier Bit Handling, Custom Control Classes, Drives Informations, Parameters Grouping, Registry. Freeware download of SGHLib C++ Library b.0.3.1, size 181.72 Kb.

PurgeSync 1.0.0 purplepomegranite 

PurgeSync is an Outlook add-in designed to clear the Sync Issues folders. Can be configured to clear items older than a given number of days (default is two).

To adjust the time period before which items will be deleted, set this registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PurgeSync\PurgePeriod (this should be a DWORD value and is the time in. Free download of PurgeSync 1.0.0, size 0 b.