Research Topics


LunarPilot is a computer flight simulation of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle.
The LLRV was originally developed by NASA and Bell Aerosystems in the 1960’s to prepare Apollo Astronauts for the moon landing.

Unlike many experimental aircraft of this enthralling era, the LLRV was never intended to represent an. Freeware download of THINGS-TO-COME : LunarPilot 1.0, size 62.10 Mb.


Angur XML Visualizer 1.0 Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Shihab, Doreen Sim 

Angur is the fruit of an experimental research by Angur Research Team(1), which brings XML files to tree node graphs. Using Angur, a user can visualize the hirarchy of an XML file into tree graphs and interact, modify and save the data without any XML knowledge. Angur also lets users create XML files from scratch in a completely visual and guided. Freeware download of Angur XML Visualizer 1.0, size 6.77 Mb.

Genota Gather 

Genota is a free form research organiser designed to assist genealogists and family historians alike manage and document the seemingly endless array of information normally collected during research, whether it be in electronic form or transcribed from archive resources, letters, e-mail, etc.. Free download of Genota, size 0 b.

PerTrac CMS Complete 6 2 PerTrac Financial Solutions 

PerTrac CMS is a comprehensive research management software platform that enables investment teams to consolidate all fund research data, manage interactions with investment managers and keep due diligence on track.

Main features:

- Centralize manager research so that everyone in your organization has the information they. Free download of PerTrac CMS Complete 6 2, size 82.55 Mb.

SleepSign for Animal 3.0 KISSEI COMTEC CO.,LTD. 

SleepSign for Animal is an advanced software including a lot of know-how of scientific research field which is available on Windows XP/Window7. Since its establishment in the market, SleepSign for Animal has been supported by an increasing number of researchers all over the world. SleepSign for Animal drastically reduces the time and labor you. Free download of SleepSign for Animal 3.0, size 5.73 Mb.

Web Research 2.80.3714 macropool GmbH 

Web Research Professional is a powerful software to leverage your Internet research. It lets you easily capture relevant material from the Web while doing research. Powerful features help you structure and evaluate the collected material. Web Research Professional is capable to handle comprehensive knowledge bases and is prepared for network. Free download of Web Research 2.80.3714, size 18.68 Mb.

Prevx1 2.0 Prevx 

Prevx uses automated malware research. This allows us to see more malware and see it faster. This means we can provide protection much faster and more comprehensively than other vendors. The majority of our users find out about Prevx from a search engine in response to a strange file they found on their PC or from someone else who said we were the. Freeware download of Prevx1 2.0, size 0 b.

J&L Genealogy Reference 1 3 J and L Software 

The J&L Genealogy Reference is an easy to use tool to save and organize your genealogy research data. Store all the important data in one place. You will have the ability to sort, view and print out the information on any data field. Save time on your research trips with all of the research data at your finger tips. Take it along on you laptop. Freeware download of J&L Genealogy Reference 1 3, size 56.03 Mb.

Stage Research SFX PlugIns 5. 6. 2022 Stage Research, Inc. 

Stage Research SFX PlugIns contains special plugins for Stage Research SFX program.Installing this plugins the user can after that change a lots of settings of his SFX program.The set of plugins contains:Big Clock PlugIn,Command Interface Effect PlugIn,Input Trigger Menu PlugIn,MIDI Mixer Controller PlugIn,Output Trigger Effect PlugIn,etc.. Freeware download of Stage Research SFX PlugIns 5. 6. 2022, size 2.76 Mb.

StockAnalyst 1.001 Traders Direct 

StockAnalyst is one of the leading stock market research, analysis and rating systems on the market. In just seconds, it will provide you with real-time strength ratings, detailed reports, professional charts, and much more. Think of it as your own personal stock advisor.. Free download of StockAnalyst 1.001, size 11.21 Mb.

RPM Power Analysis Software 5.0 Reliable Power Meters 

Traditionally, data collected in a research study is submitted to a significance test to assess the viability of the null hypothesis. The p-value provided by the significance test, and used to reject the null hypothesis, is a function of three factors: The larger the observed effect, the larger the sample size, and/or the more liberal the criterion. Free download of RPM Power Analysis Software 5.0, size 20.70 Mb.

Stock Research Lite Design Software Solutions 

Stock Research Lite is designed to help you track potential stock investments. The software's main focus is to track profit and loss for a particular stock symbol. Stock Research Lite also acts a mini-portfolio and allows you take get a stock quote instantly.

Stock Research lite is freeware with no limitations.. Freeware download of Stock Research Lite, size 26.40 Mb.

AuctionPI Research 3. 1. 2021 AuctionPI 

Auction PI brings you a powerful suite of eBay research software tools, saving you time and money. Analyze the enormous eBay marketplace and pinpoint your advantage with just a few mouse clicks. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, Auction PI eBay research software gives you a competitive edge. Powerful eBay market research software.. Freeware download of AuctionPI Research 3. 1. 2021, size 6.61 Mb.

PsychMate Student 2.0.62047 Psychology Software Tools 

PsychMate® is a library of experiments designed to provide a means for exposing students to classic and current experiments in psychology, as well as to teach students about research methods and data collection. Students participate in real experiments, not simple demonstrations or simulations! PsychMate® enables students to take. Free download of PsychMate Student 2.0.62047, size 177.28 Mb.

eevoke A.N.T. Software B.V 

eevoke is a stimulation package for cognitive research that can present media such as images, sound or movies as stimulus to the patient or subject.eevoke runs on a PC with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Stimulus presentations can be visual, auditory or a combination of these. Besides, eevoke can be interfaced with external devices such. Free download of eevoke, size 19.67 Mb.

Microsoft Research Project Colletta 2. 2. 2001 Microsoft Research Ltd 

The Microsoft Research Project Colletta helps you manage your tasks, activities and related resources. It allows you to tag documents, images, emails, web pages and other items that are useful for performing a given task or activity. You can create tags that refer to activities, people, places, events, or anything that is helpful to you. You can. Freeware download of Microsoft Research Project Colletta 2. 2. 2001, size 2.85 Mb.

NoteExpress2 AegeanSoftware Corp. 

NoteExpress is created to help you organize research notes and bibliographic references, generate bibliographies automatically, search and capture bibliographic data from Internet with efficiency and ease.
This multi-language system is a perfect assistant for researchers to search, download and manage bibliographic data and dissertations with. Free download of NoteExpress2, size 23.70 Mb.

Article Suite The Logic Tech 

Article Research,Spinner,Rewriter & Submitter All In One! Boost web traffic by giving your Website Unique Content using the most powerful Article Suite system on the Internet.Discover How Easy it is to Create Hundreds of Unique Articles and Increase Your Ranking with Article Suite.Article marketing is also a great way to build backlinks to your. Free download of Article Suite, size 18.63 Mb.

Zotero 2.0.7 Center for History and New Media 

Zotero is an easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. Zotero lives right where you do your work a€” in the browser itself. FEATURES: Collect Everything: A· Record your online research with one click. Capture Research Data: A· Collect information on books, journal articles, and other. Freeware download of Zotero 2.0.7, size 2.41 Mb.

Atomic Research 0.6 

Atomic Research is a Battleships variant. The player is a scientist who wants to discover the postion of some atoms on the game board.. Freeware download of Atomic Research 0.6, size 46.33 Kb.