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Microsoft Office 2013 Discovery and Risk Assessment Preview 1.0 Microsoft 

Microsoft Office 2013 Discovery and Risk Assessment Preview is a handy utility that was designed to make an audit for network shares and SharePoint document libraries.

The process can be carried out on demand or scheduled to run regularly, according to your organization's needs. Al the results are included in a general inventory and can. Free download of Microsoft Office 2013 Discovery and Risk Assessment Preview 1.0, size 0 b.


Asset, Inventory and Risk Assessment 1.0 chisinevski 

Asset management (asset identification, valuation and risk assessment based on ISO27005) Party management (clients, providers) Contract and license management. The app is database-independent and functions on Windows and Linux. Please provide feedback.. Free download of Asset, Inventory and Risk Assessment 1.0, size 880.80 Kb.

WHAM 6 1 Automated Workplace Safety 

This job hazard analysis software was developed to assist workplace safety professionals in providing solutions for Lockout/Tagout, Job Hazard Analysis, Workplace Safety, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Hazard Assessment, and Ergonomics Assessment. Current WHAM software products include WHAM-JSA for Job Safety Analysis, WHAM-Ergo for Job. Free download of WHAM 6 1, size 18.07 Mb.

Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet 1.10 rlca.sourceforge.net 

The Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet allows you to calculate carbon footprints and other environmental impacts for given product systems. Use requires basic skills in LCA and matrix algebra, but rewards effort with professional analytical tools.. Freeware download of Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet 1.10, size 148.27 Kb.

Risk Assessment Analysis 1.00 Methoda Computers 

Risk analysis is a major part of any successful project. It is often said that from the time a project manager completes the project plan, the rest of the project is managing the risks. Risks that are planned for ahead of time can be handled as normal events without going into crisis mode. Unfortunately, all too often, busy project managers miss. Free download of Risk Assessment Analysis 1.00, size 245.76 Kb.

TIRA - Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management 4.1 On Safe Lines Consultancy Ltd. 

TIRA stands for Task Inventory and Risk Assessments and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities.

TIRA will help you manage your business by analyzing and managing potential risks.

TIRA as a risk assessment. Free download of TIRA - Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management 4.1, size 0 b.

TIRA - Task Inventory and Risk Assessments 2.00.07 On Safe Lines Consultancy 

TIRA covers the following elements of Risk Management

* Task Inventory Risk Breakdown - (Master Risk Assessment indexing)
* Tased Based (General) Risk Assessments
* Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments
* Manual Handling Risk Assessments
* Work Equipment Risk Assessments (PUWER)
* Workplace Risk. Free download of TIRA - Task Inventory and Risk Assessments 2.00.07, size 7.13 Mb.

BRAQaR 2 1 BRAQaR Software 

BRAQaR - Backup Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Report software. Designed for use by managers or owners of small to medium sized enterprises, to assess the impact on their business of encountering a computer problem that requires the recovery and restore of disk data in order to get the computer system going again fully up-to-date. NO SOFTWARE TO. Free download of BRAQaR 2 1, size 10.24 Kb.

ISOXpress ISO 14971 AQA Company Inc. 

ISOXpress ISO 14971 is a useful application for the users that deal with risk assessment of medical devices. The application intends to help you create reports about certain hospitals or companies with minimum effort.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to create a list of hazards, events and factors that can have an effect on. Free download of ISOXpress ISO 14971, size 0 b.

FARE Microbial 1.0 Exponent 

At the request of and in conjunction with FDA, Exponent developed FARE™ Microbial, a modular software for conducting probabilistic microbial risk assessment. This development is an extension of the Novigen (now Exponent) Foods Analysis and Residue Evaluation (FARE™) program.. Freeware download of FARE Microbial 1.0, size 39.71 Mb.

InUtero 03 inutero.sourceforge.net 

InUtero is a fetal genetic risk assessment calculator being developed for UCSD.. Freeware download of InUtero 03, size 33.69 Kb.

OpenPSA 1.0 openpsa.sourceforge.net 

OpenPSA is open source software for Probabilistic Risk Assessment . The project is under development. If you are interested to support this project, please contact the team. Freeware download of OpenPSA 1.0, size 15.96 Kb.

The INFORM Project 1.0 informproject.sourceforge.net 

INFORM is an open source tool designed to assist in performing risk assessment of digital file formats. INFORM is supported by a grant from the Library of Congress's NDIIPP Program.. Freeware download of The INFORM Project 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

Task Analysis and Risk Assessments 1.0.0001 On Safe Lines Consultancy Ltd 

TIRA stands for Task Inventory and Risk Assessments and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities.

Each type of risk assessment has its own input screen, and it’s like having six programs wrapped up neatly into. Freeware download of Task Analysis and Risk Assessments 1.0.0001, size 44.28 Mb.

Risk Managenable Professional Edition 1.3 Managenable Inc. 

Risk Managenable is an objective-centered risk management program that focuses on qualitative risk and control assessments, and is aligned with ISO31000. It contains all required registers: risk, control, reliability, key risk indicators (KRIs), incidents, objectives, opportunities, assurance needs & plans, top priorities, maturity model,. Free download of Risk Managenable Professional Edition 1.3, size 7.55 Mb.

SADA 4. 1. 1950 University Of Tennessee 

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment.

These tools include integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, ecological risk assessment,. Freeware download of SADA 4. 1. 1950, size 39.51 Mb.

Plant Safety for Windows 2.0 StuRob Software 

The Plant Safety recording, reporting management system has been developed inorder to assist all types of industry, both public and private, to meet therequirements of Plant Safety legislation.Whilst it is the intent that this software will cater for national legislationrequirements, the system is designed to be as flexible as possible, so thateach. Free download of Plant Safety for Windows 2.0, size 852.99 Kb.

My Identity Protector 3.0.3 Proventsure 

Proventsure is a leader in automated Risk Assessment and Policy Audit software with special focus on corporate governance and regulatory compliance challenges for healthcare, financial, retail, federal, and educational markets. Proventsure's revolutionary patent-pending software discovers regulated information and automatically assesses the level. Free download of My Identity Protector 3.0.3, size 5.25 Mb.

Microsoft Security Assessment Tool Microsoft Coporation 

The Microsoft Security Assessment Tool 4.0 is the revised version of the original Microsoft Security Risk Self-Assessment Tool (MSRSAT), released in 2004 and the Microsoft Security Assessment Tool 2.0 released in 2006. Security issues have evolved since 2004 so additional questions and answers were needed to ensure you had a comprehensive toolset. Freeware download of Microsoft Security Assessment Tool, size 8.78 Mb.

Project Risk Management Handbook 2.0 Mantaba 

Managing project risks professionally can be a very profitable activity. The Project Risk Management Handbook learns you how to accomplish this in your project and organization. You learn 12 smart methods to detect risks, the 3 basic responses to deal with risks and opportunities, the best methods to analyze risks and how to involve your entire. Free download of Project Risk Management Handbook 2.0, size 1.63 Mb.

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