Robot Millenium Tutorial

Starcraft 2 Guide 1.1 

Starcraft 2 Guide, Starcraft 2 Strategy Tips, Starcraft 2 Tutorial. Freeware download of Starcraft 2 Guide 1.1, size 215.04 Kb.


Intelyze 2.0.3 DITEC International Corporation 

The world's most complete interactive solution offering the most powerful tutorial and educational tool in Techical Analysis. "InTeLyzeA® is the world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis. No other education in the subject has ever offered the Class and Degree of InTeLyzeA®. InTeLyze. Free download of Intelyze 2.0.3, size 109.05 Mb.

Haxe Flash Tutorial 0.0.4 

Haxe Flash Tutorial is a tutorial on Haxe with sample code ready to run out of the box.A library with reusable functions completes the tutorial.. Freeware download of Haxe Flash Tutorial 0.0.4, size 245.13 Kb.

Java Virtual Robot 103 

Virtual Robot platform that run your Java program to control movement of virtual robot in 2D field. Practice you programming skill to collect every crystals in the fields. Try to use smallest time and energy.. Freeware download of Java Virtual Robot 103, size 231.67 Kb.

Joshua chess robot 1.0 

Joshua chess robot: a stepper motor robot interfaced with a photosensible board to play chess with an embedded artificial intelligence, a game database or and internet player. Software, robot photos, tech papers, schematics and cabling included. Enjo. Freeware download of Joshua chess robot 1.0, size 1.59 Mb.

Karel the Robot 1.1 

An implementation of the language described in "Karel the Robot: A Gentle Introduction to The Art of Programming" by Richard Pattis et al. Both Java and C/Unix versions are available.. Freeware download of Karel the Robot 1.1, size 707.48 Kb.

Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial 003 

The Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial (LINKBAT) is a web-based, unified knowledge base and tutorial with the goal of educating users about Linux.. Freeware download of Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial 003, size 4.00 Mb.

Little Prince Robot Simulator - Path4J 02 

An easy to extend, highly graphical, easy to use 2D robot simulator specialized for path planning algorithms. Can be used in testing various robotic algorithms, and already used for comparison of path planning algorithms like RRT, RRTConnect, PRM, RboT... Freeware download of Little Prince Robot Simulator - Path4J 02, size 3.37 Mb.

Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) 0.9.5 

The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) is an extensive, cross-platform, and open source C++ library aimed for robotics researchers to design and implement algorithms about Localization, SLAM, Navigation, computer vision. Freeware download of Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) 0.9.5, size 21.38 Mb.

RRDtool tutorial 1.2.1 

Very basic RRDtool tutorial. It is an example in that way. It can save you a couple of days of discovering on your own. In any case you have to read the manual _before_ that ;). Freeware download of RRDtool tutorial 1.2.1, size 76.13 Kb.

RS Media Robot Development Kit 1.0 

A series of open source files and programs available to use for developing programs to work with the WowWee Robotics RSMedia Robot. These include a USB serial console, a cross-compiler, a firmware dump program, text-to-speech and source code.. Freeware download of RS Media Robot Development Kit 1.0, size 31.34 Mb.

Remote Robot Monitor 1.0.1 

Remote Robot monitor is a wxPython-based interface for controlling and monitoring mobile robots designed to take part to the Eurobot 2009 contest. Provides and interface to exchange data with the DIIT TEAM ( Erlang-developed. Freeware download of Remote Robot Monitor 1.0.1, size 64.28 Kb.

RFC Robot 1.0 

RFC Robot allows you to locate, download, backup, archive, search and / or otherwise manage your Usenet / NNTP / POP and other electronic messages. One message per file. RFC Robot is yet another STDNOJ Project. By R.A. Nagy. Freeware download of RFC Robot 1.0, size 952.45 Kb.

RoboLin (Robot under Linux) rc.0.0.1 

This project is a project to make a small robot using Linux as the OS.. Freeware download of RoboLin (Robot under Linux) rc.0.0.1, size 69.57 Kb.

Robot Controlling System 1.1.4 

Robot Controlling System (RCS) - is a .NET-oriented software group for controlling remote mechanical objects, debuging and programming them by .NET-languages. Freeware download of Robot Controlling System 1.1.4, size 54.15 Kb.

Robot Path Planning Helper 1.1 

This application is for robot path planning given a set of obstacles. The resulting CBi's are visualized and presented in a 3D manner such that the user may plan a robot's available path according to the (x, y, theta)-space.. Freeware download of Robot Path Planning Helper 1.1, size 327.35 Kb.

Robot Raconteur 1.0 

Robot Raconteur is a language and platform independent message passing and client-service framework for automation systems.. Freeware download of Robot Raconteur 1.0, size 124.35 Kb.

Roger Robot beta5.2 

Help Roger Robot find the cause of his strange dreams as he goes on vacation and traverses the galaxy after a strange career change!. Freeware download of Roger Robot beta5.2, size 10.48 Mb.

Tk Tutorial 0.04 

Tk Tutorial: programs and (terse) notes on the Tk GUI toolkit, using Perl/Tk. Learn about references and anonymous arrays by using them. Use templates to build GUIs with menus, buttons, etc. Includes tips on tools, development.. Freeware download of Tk Tutorial 0.04, size 59.47 Kb.

T-Plan Robot 

T-Plan Robot (formerly known as VNCRobot) is a universal and cross-platform black box automated testing tool working on top of remote desktop technologies, such as RFB (VNC).. Freeware download of T-Plan Robot, size 6.49 Mb.