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My Simple LogBook 2.7 HikariKnight 

My Simple LogBook is a simple and handy software that will enable you to write work logs or even a diary.

The application can also use a bunch of presets that you can add with a simple double click. Logs get saved in a simple folder system.

. Freeware download of My Simple LogBook 2.7, size 0 b.


JWordPad New javafrm 

JWordPad is a small, easy to use application designed as a simple text editor to help you write your texts fast.

Currentlly the app keeps everything simple, no fancy functions, much like Notepad.
for WindowsNT, 2K, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7

. Freeware download of JWordPad New, size 0 b.

RephraseRTLComment 1.2 Itamar Shoham 

RephraseRTLComment is a plugin for Visual Studio designed to allow you to write right-to-left and left-to-write words on the same row.

Designed to ease the development process, RephraseRTLComment is compatible with all Visual Studio 2005 and later.

. Freeware download of RephraseRTLComment 1.2, size 0 b.

Concurrency Freaks 0.2 Alpha Pedro Ramalhete 

Concurrency Freaks is a lightweight and easy to implement Java library that includes classes and code to help you apply several read-write locks.

You can use it to perform read-only and other types of locks, such as ScalableRWLock, ScalableRWLockS and FAARWLock.

. Freeware download of Concurrency Freaks 0.2 Alpha, size 0 b.

Codeasy 1.1.0 Beta Nalin Chhibber 

Codeasy is a simple and user-friendly integrated development environment that you can use to write, compile and run Java code.

The application is designed to help Java developers create their software easier. The tab based interface allows you to work with multiple projects at the same time.

. Freeware download of Codeasy 1.1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

newObjects Script Service 1.0 newObjects 

newObjects Script Service is lightweigth application that is designed to help you write and execute Windows NT/2000 services in VBScript or JScript scripts.

You have your script running. It receives calls to a procedure called "OnTimer" on configured intervals (up to this point this is simply a scheduler), but also any external. Free download of newObjects Script Service 1.0, size 0 b.

BatchPad 0.0.1 Alpha Y33k 

BatchPad is a simple and accessible piece of software that lets you write and edit .BAT files. The program also features an easy-to-use interface and rich information.

Now you can make use of this handy tool to edit all the .BAT files you need in no time at all.

. Freeware download of BatchPad 0.0.1 Alpha, size 0 b.

Portable Webocton - Scriptly Webocton 

Portable Webocton - Scriptly is an extensive, yet easy-to-use code editor designed to help you write HTML and program with PHP.

In addition to the comprehensive search and replace facility, the program features syntax highlighting for several script languages and file types. Code snippets and complex tables can be added quickly and. Free download of Portable Webocton - Scriptly, size 0 b.

Jackcess 1.2.5 Jackcess Development Team 

Jackcess is a simple, easy to use pure Java library designed to enable you to read from and write to MS Access databases. This project is part of the OpenHMS project from Health Market Science.

. Freeware download of Jackcess 1.2.5, size 0 b.

Panini Transliteration 1.0.0 Beta Luna Ergonomics Private Ltd. 

Panini Transliteration is a handy and reliable application that allows users to write text in any of the Indian languages. As you type in English, the program automatically generates word suggestions.

The application also provides users with a spell-checking tool, Panini Keypad, that can help you write the words correctly. All the Indian. Free download of Panini Transliteration 1.0.0 Beta, size 0 b.

JapWrite 0.75 Ahmad Manga 

JapWrite is a lightweight application designed to help you write with Japanese characters without having to memorize them. It includes all the katakana and hiragana characters.

The text can be copied to the clipboard and used with other applications. You can also use this tool to learn the characters.

. Free download of JapWrite 0.75, size 0 b.

Lekhaka Indian Languages Writer Bapuli Online 

Lekhaka Indian Languages Writer is a simple transliteration software designed for Indian users that helps them write in Indian languages.

You can write in Indian languages like Hindi and Oriya through the phonetic keyboard. You simply have to type in the text while having the desired language selected.

. Free download of Lekhaka Indian Languages Writer, size 0 b.

IndicPlus for Illustrator New MetaDesign Solutions 

IndicPlus for Illustrator is a powerful plugin that intends to help you write text in multiple languages including Asian. It comes with full Unicode Support and it provides the most needed support to render Bi-directional complex scripts including all Indian Languages in InDesign.

Other than its support for Unicode, IndicPlus provide. Free download of IndicPlus for Illustrator New, size 0 b.

Doctors Desktop 02.2012 Zeetech Soft solutions 

Doctors Desktop is an application that helps doctors manage their patients and write prescriptions. Organizing the patient database, writing prescriptions, recording patient history are just a few advantages that this utility brings to busy doctors.

The program includes a wide and vast medicine database, but it enables you to add new. Free download of Doctors Desktop 02.2012, size 0 b.

OpenBLT 0.90.00 Beta Frank Voorburg 

OpenBLT is a tool that was specially made in order to allow you to erase and write your microcontroller's memory through an on-chip communication interface such as UART, CAN, and other.

This was done so that the need for specialized debugger hardware can be eliminated.

Example applications are:
· In-field. Freeware download of OpenBLT 0.90.00 Beta, size 0 b.

USBWriter 1.0 Etienne Doms 

USBWriter is a simple and easy to use application that enables you to write any image file to a USB drive.

The usage is simple: just browse for the image you want to copy, select the target USB drive and press the 'Write' button. All the data on the target device will be lost, so make sure that you have an up-to-date backup first.

WinFLASHTool Ivan S. Shcherbakov 

WinFLASHTool was created as an accessible and easy-to-use program that can be used to write raw disk images on flash storage devices.

WinFLASHTool allows you to write your .IMG files on both single and multi-partition cards / images.

. Freeware download of WinFLASHTool, size 0 b.

Disk Throughput Tester Object Software Ontwikkeling BV 

Disk Throughput Tester will measure a disk's 32-bit thruputs using Windows core read/write features.

Your actual disk perfomance under Windows is determined not only by the speed of your harddrive (as measured by most disk benchmarks) but also by factors such as the mainboard chipset, UDMA/PIO mode, RAID configuration, CPU speed, RAM. Free download of Disk Throughput Tester, size 0 b.

File Based Write Filter Management Tool for Windows Thin PC 1.0 Microsoft 

This out–of-band feature will offer users a dedicated software for monitoring and configuring the “File Based Write Filter (FBWF)”. By default the application will start on system start and will register a notification area icon. The settings, however, allow suppressing the automatic starting.

The tool can. Free download of File Based Write Filter Management Tool for Windows Thin PC 1.0, size 0 b.

ETXT encrypted text 1.0 RCPsoft 

With this tool you can write and share your secret notes with anyone on the internet or by email, on forums, blogs, website and file hosting service, only who have ETXT can read the text encrypted.
ETXT can also convert normal .txt files extension to .etxt (encrypted text). Freeware download of ETXT encrypted text 1.0, size 36.70 Kb.