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ZC DVD to WMV Converter 2 9 ZC Software 

DVD Recorder: Record DVD main movie to wmv, asf. DVD Title Ripper: Convert DVD title and chapter to wmv, asf. Copy DVD to Microsoft Zune, Dell Player, XBox, HP iPAQ and Pocket PC. ZC DVD to WMV Converter is fast and easy-to-use DVD to wmv, asf converter software to help you convert DVD to wmv, asf file, copy DVD high quality. It is the best. Free download of ZC DVD to WMV Converter 2 9, size 10.58 Mb.


Bounce Mail Manager 1.0 Bouncemailmgr 

Bounce Mail Manager is designed for PHP5 to help handle bounce-back emails in DSN (Delivery Status Notification, RFC-1894) or by email message body when DSN not available. Regular expression rules are separated from the main script and upgradable.

Bounce Mail Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Bounce Mail Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

KinTraks KinTraks 

Kintraks is an animal record system which is useful for any breeder or animal enthusiast. Simply enter the species
and breed to customise it to any animal of your choice. Use a variety of storage options and functions to enhance
and simplify your animal breeding and record keeping.

Main Features:
- Use the one program. Free download of KinTraks, size 3.79 Mb.

Home accounting UDF 1.2 Alyamkin Ilya 

Software for keeping home budget, it does not require you to know even accounting basics. As easy to keep home budget and work with the program as possible. Month and year balance, the correlation between actual and planned income (expenses), the dynamics of records for a year, the level of record completeness, the share of a record in a month, the. Free download of Home accounting UDF 1.2, size 1.65 Mb.

ChengDu Mahjong Free 3.5.2 Honey Panda 

? This game is based on the rules of XueZhan mahjong of Chengdu, China, which been proposed by Chengdu local developer.
? All the special rules of Xuezhang mahjong are supported, such as XueZhan (players who still not win can continue play the game until only left one player or haven't tiles), added glory to a gong, robbing a gong, must lack. Freeware download of ChengDu Mahjong Free 3.5.2, size 42.57 Mb.

ExceedDB 1 34 Exceed Software 

* Exceed DB consists of CSV (comma separated value) tables providing the following functions: * Relational lookups from other tables. * Relational postings to other tables. * Calculated fields. * Filtering and sorting on multiple field rules. * Charting * Scheduling * Record structures can be altered after table creation without data loss. * Add. Free download of ExceedDB 1 34, size 6.14 Mb.

PHPMailer-BMH (Bounce Mail Handler) 5.0.0 

Bounce Mail Handler (BMH) is a toolkit to help webmasters handle bounce-back mails in standard DSN (Delivery Status Notification, RFC-1894) or via email body when DSN unavailable. Regular expression rules are separate from the main script and upgradable.. Freeware download of PHPMailer-BMH (Bounce Mail Handler) 5.0.0, size 45.19 Kb.

Total Recall for iPad 7.0 Ronald Bernaldo 

The #1 college note-taking system just got even better! Total Recall utilizes the core organizational structure of Cornell Notes, but with greater flexibility and freedom to take your notes the way you want, in any order you want.

Inspired by the Cornell Note-taking System, Total Recall is a note taking app for the iPad patterned after. Free download of Total Recall for iPad 7.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Take Ten! Shadowbiz 

More than 500k downloads! One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causes an addiction!
"Take Ten!" is a logic puzzle game also known as "Numbers", "Digits", "Sunflower seeds", "Seeds", "Column" or "Ten". Rules are very simple: your main goal is to remove all. Free download of Take Ten!, size 6.29 Mb.

Take Ten Free! Shadowbiz 

More than 500k downloads! One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causes an addiction!
"Take Ten!" is a logic puzzle game also known as "Numbers", "Digits", "Sunflower seeds", "Seeds", "Column" or "Ten". Rules are very simple: your main goal is to remove all. Freeware download of Take Ten Free!, size 7.34 Mb.

Radio Master 1.84 Aleksey Taranov 

Program for playing and recording radio channels.

Main features:

- radio stations (over 350, over 150 russian)
- record radio in mp3, ogg, wav formats
- record video in avi, asf, wmv formats
- add radio station to favorites
- history (10 last channels)
- balance control
- peaks meter

Rules of Roulette 1.000 Roulette Strategy Web 

Read this eBook and learn about the various main rules of the enthralling casino game of Roulette. In this eBook you will also learn about more specific Roulette rules such as En Prison and La Partage. All of the sections are freely available for perusal.

The sections available in the eBook are listed as follows:
-Introduction to. Freeware download of Rules of Roulette 1.000, size 1.86 Mb.

9Camera - Record and Capture for Instagram 1.0 Yubin Chen 

Record funny video with 9 effects for Instagram.

Main features:
? Record square video to camera roll
? Capture photo when recording
? No duration limit, so you can record 3 minutes and select your favorite 15s in Instagram

Notice: 9Camera will record video into your camera roll. To upload to Instagram you must. Freeware download of 9Camera - Record and Capture for Instagram 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

RGP G-force Record RGP 

Hi driver, are you ready to test your ability? with this app you can measure and record the G-FORCE when you are driving, and then you can analyze your best performance studing records!!
But remeber: alwasy respect rules when you drive!!. Freeware download of RGP G-force Record, size 1.05 Mb.

Record Smart 1 Prosigner 

Record Smart is a simple and easy-to-use recorder software. Without any setting, you can record what you hear from your PC just by one-click. With this software, it is very easy to record streaming audio from the Internet, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc, with good quality. It supports WAV. Free download of Record Smart 1, size 524.29 Kb.

ID Record Studio 1.2 Fastlink2 

ID Record Studio is a CD/ DVD burning program that allows you to create CDs or DVDs, containing personal files and folders and even music. It enables you to make data, audio or multi-session disks and allows you to copy entire CDs / DVDs and create new copies.Main Features: -Burns large variety of media applications -Contains an integrated Media. Free download of ID Record Studio 1.2, size 4.53 Mb.

Artificial Life Contest 1.0 

This project is aimed to the development of a framework for alife contests: the main rules of life, a graphical interface and some examples of elementary microorganisms (more complex survival strategies are developed by the contestants).. Freeware download of Artificial Life Contest 1.0, size 11.49 Kb.

GDB record patch 0.1.5 

Make GDB can record a log of the process execution, and replay it with both forward and reverse execute commands. It's in GDB main trunk now. To get more message: Freeware download of GDB record patch 0.1.5, size 15.61 Mb.

Snort Reactor 0.7.02 

A package of scripts to watch for snort alerts, change / create firewall rules to block high priority alerts, and record recent blocks. It will increase block times based on previously recorded blocks. Freeware download of Snort Reactor 0.7.02, size 14.50 Kb.

ART-DECOR 1.0 Artdecor 

DECOR (Data Elements, Codes, OIDs and Rules) is a methodology to record the information model used by health professionals. DECOR uses this model to generate various artifacts: documentation, XML- and test-tooling, etc. With DECOR it is possible to improve the recorded information model by generating and resolving issues per item. DECOR registers. Freeware download of ART-DECOR 1.0, size 71.79 Mb.