Sample Daily Time Record

1ST To-Do Map Pro 1.5 Atoll Ordenadores 

"1ST To-Do Map Pro" is simple and easy to use application, helping you in your daily task management. Unlike other task management applications, "1ST To-Do Map Pro" is oriented to to extensive use of Google Maps service.

- Put the places (tasks) you need to visit on particular date on the map;
- Store text or. Free download of 1ST To-Do Map Pro 1.5, size 1.15 Mb.


A VIP Organizer 2.4 VIP Quality Software, Ltd 

VIP Organizer is a time and task management software which uses To Do List method to help you get through more work spending less time. It increases your personal and professional productivity drawing much of your attention to the most important tasks which give 80% of successful results.You can use VIP Organizer to manage your time and tasks both. Free download of A VIP Organizer 2.4, size 6.86 Mb.

Rocket! 1.0 Rocket! Data management 

Rocket! is a computer program that allows keeping all your personal and business information in one place. For example, you can use it to keep business contacts, phone numbers, manage several separate projects, control your employees and register your appointments, and at the same time run a register of your home inventory, recipe book and even. Free download of Rocket! 1.0, size 3.52 Mb.

NGS MSN Sniffer Lite NGS Software 

NGS MSN Sniffer is a powerful and real-in-time tool to intercept MSN Messenger (windows live messenger) messages across a LAN. With it you can easily supervise your children or employees' activities on MSN and record all the details. Just run NGS MSN Sniffer on any computers on your network and start to capture. No additional program installation. Free download of NGS MSN Sniffer Lite, size 1.33 Mb.

Nanny Shutdown 1 2 


-You can apply a time credit to the total computer or to each user individually. If you specify it at the user level, the first time the user is logging on, he/she will be asked to specify the personal time credit. You can stop and restart your computer as many times a day you wish. The tool will take into account all. Freeware download of Nanny Shutdown 1 2, size 13.97 Mb.

TimeSlice for Windows 2. 5. 2001 Maui Software 

TimeSlice for Windows is used for recording time tasks on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. TimeSlice is useful for consultants, attorneys, graphic designers, or anyone who bills for time, or just wants a simple solution for keeping track of time events. Click a button to start recording time, and click again to stop. Each time record contains. Free download of TimeSlice for Windows 2. 5. 2001, size 2.96 Mb.

TAPI Recorder Plus 1 1 Sound2Record 

TAPI Recorder Plus is software that allows you to record and to play sound to a phone call using TAPI/Sound Card and a voice modem. Supported format are WAV, ACM, MP3, WMA, OGG and APE, fast and easy.
The TAPI Control of the program allows you to manage phone calls using phone line and a standard 56K voice modem.
*. Free download of TAPI Recorder Plus 1 1, size 1.78 Mb.

e2eSoft VSC 1. 3. 2000 e2eSoft 

e2eSoft VSC is a Virtual Sound Card driver for your system, it works like a real sound card and you can use it to record or broadcast all the sound of your computer. [Main features]: Record / Broadcast the sound of all applications; Record / Broadcast the sound of all applications and your MIC voice at the same time;. Record online chatting /. Free download of e2eSoft VSC 1. 3. 2000, size 1.34 Mb.

Debut Video Capture Software 1.64 NCH Software 

Record video from a web cam, video capture device, desktop or portion of your screen and save to avi, flv, wmv and more. Capture snapshots of a video and save them to jpg. Adjust framerates, brightness, contrast and add text and captions. Email movies automatically when recordings has stopped or send via FTP. Set it to record for specific periods. Free download of Debut Video Capture Software 1.64, size 1.47 Mb.

Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0 Leithauser Research 

Computer Rental Controller allows you to easily rent or sell computer time on your computer. It offers two methods for renting time. The first method generates a list of passwords. Each password allows access to the computer for a period of time selected by you, and can be used only once. This allows you to sell the passwords, thus selling use of. Free download of Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0, size 545.26 Kb.

Advanced Phone Recorder 2.5.3 Concel Systems 

Advanced Phone Recorder is a piece of software that let you record your calls to your computer for future reference. It can be also used as an answering machine when you are not available to answer the call. An indispensable tool in your office with its handy interface will make you more productive and secure. Benefits. - Reduce liability. It. Free download of Advanced Phone Recorder 2.5.3, size 1.91 Mb.

CooolSoft Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) CooolSoft, Inc. 

Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) can record mp3 or wav files from any sound sources of your computer, such as PC sound card, cassette tape, microphone, CD player, radio, TV, etc. The target mp3 bitrate can vary from 8kbps to 320kbps. Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) also supports queue recording, you can arrange recording at any time as. Free download of CooolSoft Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder), size 4.69 Mb.

Accelerometer Fun 1.1 Servin Corporation 

Servin Accelerometer Fun provides you with a tool to watch and record your Accelerometer on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

NOTE: Version 1.1 Released 2010-02-10. Thank you E.P. in Texas for feedback and suggestions.

You can select the Watch option and watch the X/Y/Z values change as you move the device up, down, and all around.. Free download of Accelerometer Fun 1.1, size 104.86 Kb.

Celero TS1 1.4 Fastom S.r.l. 

Celero TS1 is a product by Fastom S.r.l.

For orders please visit us at

Celero TS1 is the first professional telemetry system dedicated to the radio controlled model car racing with real-time display of speed and engine temperature and lap time record.

Celero TS1 hardware, placed on the. Freeware download of Celero TS1 1.4, size 4.30 Mb.

Easy Voice Recorder! 1.0.3 Raymond NG 

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Easy Voice Recorder transforms your iPhone and iPod touch into an easy to use, professional, mobile voice recorder perfect for recording and playing back music, discussions, reminders, lectures, interviews, business meetings, dictation, ambient sounds, or anything else you can hear.. Free download of Easy Voice Recorder! 1.0.3, size 419.43 Kb.

Heaven (HD) 1.3 Jerome Patey 

Heaven is a card game which you play casually on your free time, like a solitaire. It is completely original and very addictive !

The aim is to put all the cards in the final destination, from ace to king, with the same color. For that, you have 8 temporary areas where you can put pile up cards and organize them. On the left, you have. Freeware download of Heaven (HD) 1.3, size 10.91 Mb.

Hello Kitty Space Travel Puzzle 1.0 AITIA Corporation 

How about spending some free time taking on mathematic brainteasers with Hello Kitty?
Hello Kitty Space Travel Puzzle is a line puzzle game that references the topologies of mathematician Leonhard Euler. The rules are simple and enjoyable for both children and adults.

Journey through outer space alongside Hello Kitty and try to. Free download of Hello Kitty Space Travel Puzzle 1.0, size 6.19 Mb.

Labor and Contraction Timer 1.5.2 Michael Kale 

Easily time labor contractions. A handy one-button interface to start and stop the timer, it also lists the duration and spacing of the last contraction, the average and count for the last 20 minutes, and the last hour. The app times contractions from the start of one to the start of the next, as recommended by childbirth coaches. This app has been. Free download of Labor and Contraction Timer 1.5.2, size 2.31 Mb.

MyEasyMemo 1.1 AndyTomG 

A Voice Memo Recorder

Need to share a meeting with colleagues ? Record it, download it and share.

Learning a language ? Record your lesson and play it back at a slower speed to understand the pronunciation.

Highlights of the app:
- record to m4a format
- upto 1 hour recording time
- record/playback. Free download of MyEasyMemo 1.1, size 838.86 Kb.

Rakusan 1.0 sudoteck 

RakuSan Ver. 1.0
This application is a purpose to soften the pain in birth.
Time that a usual pain continues is measured.
So,this application will inform the half time of a present pain .
You can know present passage in the animation of baby's climbing.
The user can be relieved because she has the prospect that the pain. Free download of Rakusan 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.