Satalite Receiver Ig 740pvr Freeware

Citrix Desktop Receiver 11. 1. 2000 Citrix Systems, Inc. 

Users access their virtual desktops in full-screen, interacting only with the virtual desktop or in a window, enabling them to interact with both their virtual and local desktops. The type of access available to users depends on which Desktop Receiver version is installed on their endpoint device.

If you install the Citrix Desktop. Freeware download of Citrix Desktop Receiver 11. 1. 2000, size 0 b.


Yapcaster 1 1 Brad Trupp 

Yapcaster is a podcast receiver. Unique in that all podcasts are stored in a common directory - prefixed by the date received - allowing a constantly rolling set of current podcasts as new are added and old are expired. For the Windows platform only.. Freeware download of Yapcaster 1 1, size 635.90 Kb.

WinClk Gude Analog- und Digitalsysteme GmbH 

This is the software interface for the Expert mouseCLOCK.

Expert mouseCLOCK is a small DCF77 time receiver. The DCF77 time signal is transmitted from Frankfurt/Mainflingen in Germany and can be received over a distance of about 2000 km. The driver software regularly synchronizes the PC time and date with the received time signal. It is. Freeware download of WinClk, size 101.05 Mb.

PassControl SatSignal Software 

If you have an R2FX, R2ZX, R139 or RX2 receiver, you may have wanted to control it from your computer so that important passes were collected, and not ruined by other satellites capturing the receiver. My PassControl program allows this scheduling, and being RS232-based, it works under Windows XP, 2000, NT etc. as well as Windows 98 and ME.. Freeware download of PassControl, size 83.29 Mb.

XDS Discovery Tool 1 3 X-Digital Systems 

The XDS Receiver Discovery Tool allows the user to view details about X-Digital receivers connected to the local network, including:

- The receiver’s IP address
- The receiver’s station name
- The type of receiver
- The code version the receiver is currently running
- The receiver’s. Freeware download of XDS Discovery Tool 1 3, size 612.35 Kb.

DReaM / Hamlib-1.2.10 1. 12. 2010 DF9CY 

Dream is a software implementation of a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) receiver. By using this program, DRM broadcasts can be received with a modified analog receiver (SW, MW, LW) and a PC with a sound card.
This compilation of Dream uses the following libraries:FFTW,FAAD2 (2.6) AAC/HE-AAC/HE-AACv2/DRM decoder, FAAC,Qt,QWT (4.2.0) Dream is. Freeware download of DReaM / Hamlib-1.2.10 1. 12. 2010, size 3.30 Mb.

GPS2LT2 2. 1. 2002 Ridge Engineering, Inc. 

This is the software you use to collect your travel time data in the field using a GPS receiver and a laptop. It is easy to install and easy to manipulate. It is very helpful for all the people who work in the research and want a tool to make the job much easier.. Freeware download of GPS2LT2 2. 1. 2002, size 4.88 Mb.

Spdifer 0.3 Alexander Vigovsky 

Spdifer is a DirectShow filter that allows media players to passthrough multi-channel sound to the digital (SPDIF) output without any change, so an external receiver can decode it.

Supports passthrough for AC3, DTS and MPEG Audio (including mp3) formats. All passthrough features of the 'big brother' AC3Filter filter are. Freeware download of Spdifer 0.3, size 57.13 Mb.

SondeMonitor 5. 5. 2003 Sonic 

SondeMonitor decodes the messages from both analogue (6-tone) radiosondes (Vaisala RS80 series) and digital radiosondes (Vaisala RS92SGP and RS92AGP series) using a simple UHF scanner receiver and the soundcard of a PC or laptop.
SondeMonitor generates a data file of the raw sample frequency data from analogue radiosondes and the raw hex. Freeware download of SondeMonitor 5. 5. 2003, size 1.78 Mb.

Logitech Unifying Software 2.0.43 Logitech 

Logitech Unifying Software is the control center of the Unifying receiver.

Logitech is one of the companies speciaizing in various products for computers. They manufacture keyboards and mice. Nowadays, many companies are developing wireless devices. Many of us have faced difficulties with the wiring of our keyboards and mice. Wireless. Freeware download of Logitech Unifying Software 2.0.43, size 3.87 Mb.

Ais Decoder Neal Arundale 

Ais Decoder accepts AIS data from an AIS Receiver, the Internet or a Local Network connection, decodes the data and presents the decoded data in a form suitable for display and analysis by mapping program (eg Google Earth or Google Maps), or for analysis using Excel, or by a database (eg MySql).
The decoder will decode all the NMEA content of. Freeware download of Ais Decoder, size 2.96 Mb.

OpenATC Feeder 0.5.19 Balthasar Indermuehle 

openATC (Open Air Traffic Control) is a worldwide network of ADS-B receiver stations, permitting anyone to see where airplanes were located 5 minutes ago. Look at it as Air Traffic gone Open Source!
This system can be used to visualize both in 2D and 3D the flight paths of any flight we ever recorded. Applications range from flight training. Freeware download of OpenATC Feeder 0.5.19, size 0 b.

TCI200B GUI Remote Control 1.02.001 Ted Harris Enterprises (aka T.H.E.) 

The TCI200B GUI Remote Control sits on the desktop of a windows computer. This freeware sends IR signals to a Motorola DCT2000 series receiver (or General Instrument DCT2000 series receiver) via a USB-UIRT (Universal Infrared Receiver Transmitter). One unique feature of all T.H.E. GUI Remote Controls is the "Key Repeat Timer" which gives. Freeware download of TCI200B GUI Remote Control 1.02.001, size 507.90 Kb.

Video Over Fiber Test 2.14 Thor Broadcast 

The Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber test system is used to determine if the Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver systems are working properly. The test system uses a network protocol to determine if the host is up. If the host talks back then the system knows that the Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber system is functioning. Freeware download of Video Over Fiber Test 2.14, size 339.97 Kb.

Integrated Genome Browser 6.7.1 B10851 1.0 Integrated Genome Browser Team 

The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced Ig-Bee) is an interactive, zoomable, scrollable software program you can use to visualize and explore genome-scale data sets, such as tiling array data, next-generation sequencing results, genome annotations, microarray designs, and the sequence itself. IGB is implemented using the Java programming. Freeware download of Integrated Genome Browser 6.7.1 B10851 1.0, size 8.81 Mb.

Bowsense 1.0 

Firmware, Receiver software and Hardware design for the Bowsense motion sensor interface. The received data stream can be converted to OSC packets, and distributed to OSC enabled realtime music applications.. Freeware download of Bowsense 1.0, size 480.09 Kb.

cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis 1.4 

cascade is a tool for analyzing the noise and distortion performance for a cascaded system such as the receive path of an RF receiver. The tool is very easy to use and provides a per stage performance summary, a ranking of which elements limit system p. Freeware download of cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis 1.4, size 32.11 Kb.

cuberevo-plugins 0.0.4 

Plugins for 'DGS cuberevo/ABCOM ipbox 9000hd' digital receiver. Plugins are for DGS software.. Freeware download of cuberevo-plugins 0.0.4, size 329.89 Kb.


DreamboxManagerSuite - a windows application (for Dreambox digital satellite receiver with Enigma2) to watch TV on your PC, download your recordings, manage your recording -and timerlist, take screenshots, open telnet sessions and much more.. Freeware download of DreamboxManagerSuiteE2, size 292.53 Kb.

fslurp 0.8 

Read and display data from Fronius IG and IG Plus inverters, using a serial port to talk with the Fronius Interface Easy Card.. Freeware download of fslurp 0.8, size 10.54 Kb.