Satalite Receiver Ig 740pvr

cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis 1.4 

cascade is a tool for analyzing the noise and distortion performance for a cascaded system such as the receive path of an RF receiver. The tool is very easy to use and provides a per stage performance summary, a ranking of which elements limit system p. Freeware download of cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis 1.4, size 32.11 Kb.


cuberevo-plugins 0.0.4 

Plugins for 'DGS cuberevo/ABCOM ipbox 9000hd' digital receiver. Plugins are for DGS software.. Freeware download of cuberevo-plugins 0.0.4, size 329.89 Kb.


DreamboxManagerSuite - a windows application (for Dreambox digital satellite receiver with Enigma2) to watch TV on your PC, download your recordings, manage your recording -and timerlist, take screenshots, open telnet sessions and much more.. Freeware download of DreamboxManagerSuiteE2, size 292.53 Kb.

fslurp 0.8 

Read and display data from Fronius IG and IG Plus inverters, using a serial port to talk with the Fronius Interface Easy Card.. Freeware download of fslurp 0.8, size 10.54 Kb.

GeoCacher 1.0 

The GeoCacher application for Geo caching enthousiasts and is used in conjunction with a SymbianOS based phone and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. It contains basic navigation as well as map-based navigation based on open street map data.. Freeware download of GeoCacher 1.0, size 103.07 Kb.

GpxTcxWelder 0.0.1 

Substitutes the missing GPS information in Garmin TCX files when devices lacking a GPS receiver are used to collect training data (Garmin FR 60, heartrate and pedometer only). GpxTcxWelder integrates GPS info from a GPX v1.1 files into TCX files. Freeware download of GpxTcxWelder 0.0.1, size 3.17 Mb.

HvSdr Radio 386.083 

Software-Defined Radio (SDR) receiver project developed in C++ Qt4 2009. Operating system Linux KDE3 and KDE4. Tested in Fedora8, Fedora10, Slax6. Developed by LZ2HV.. Freeware download of HvSdr Radio 386.083, size 6.54 Mb.

JReceiver Audio Server 0.2.5 

JReceiver is a servlet-based audio server which features tightlyintegrated metadata indexing capabilities, browser-based management,an XML-RPC interface and support for network-based MP3 players like theRio Receiver from Sonic Blue.. Freeware download of JReceiver Audio Server 0.2.5, size 7.28 Mb.

Libicom 0.9.0 

A character based C library to control the Icom R8500 wideband receiver via RS232 link.. Freeware download of Libicom 0.9.0, size 21.98 Kb.

MATCH - Mobile Action Tracking Companion 1.0.1 

MATCH is an application for J2ME / JavaME enabled devices which allows tracking (recording of tracks) and route-navigation with your mobile phone and a NMEA-compliant Bluetooth GPS-Receiver when jogging or biking.. Freeware download of MATCH - Mobile Action Tracking Companion 1.0.1, size 76.89 Kb.

mpvShaderManagerPlugin 2009.01 

This project has created a plugin for the Multi Purpose Viewer (MPV) an open source Image Generator (IG) used for testing the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI). The code of this project is an adaptation of the ShaderManager from Delta3D.. Freeware download of mpvShaderManagerPlugin 2009.01, size 74.13 Kb.

nFusion Nova PVR Server 0.0.2 

nfpvr is an open-source PVR server for the nFusion Nova FTA satellite receiver. It attempts to provide the same functionality as the official IPPVR software, but to be more robust to transmission errors, portable and community driven.. Freeware download of nFusion Nova PVR Server 0.0.2, size 15.48 Kb.

openEOIR beta.1 

Small simulation that can drive a CIGI compliant IG to do EOIR sensor simulation. This is based on the OpenEaagles framework (HOST) and the MultiPurposeViewer (IG).. Freeware download of openEOIR beta.1, size 102.60 Mb.

portable ICOM PCR1000 control software 1000.0.1.0 

A portable library to control the ICOM PCR-1000 computer controlled general purpose radio receiver and gui front ends for X, Aqua, and windows32. Freeware download of portable ICOM PCR1000 control software 1000.0.1.0, size 24.21 Kb.

QLandkarte 1.0 

View and upload map files, track and waypoint data to your Garmin GPS receiver.. Freeware download of QLandkarte 1.0, size 2.26 Mb.

Qthid Funcube Dongle Controller 686 

Qthid is a simple controller application for the Funcube Dongle software defined radio receiver. It is written using the Qt SDK and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.. Freeware download of Qthid Funcube Dongle Controller 686, size 192.28 Kb.

Satellite NavigatiOn Orbit Program JAVA 1.2 

The Satellite NavigatiOn Orbit Program JAVA (SNOOPJ) is a tool, which calculates the satellite coordinates for every observation epoch and the receiver position. It required the NAVIGATION-File and the OBSERVATION-File (RINEX).. Freeware download of Satellite NavigatiOn Orbit Program JAVA 1.2, size 243.25 Kb.

Software Modem 0.4 

A Software Modem that converts user typed text into a binary stream which is sorted and transmitted as two seperate synthesised sounds which match up to a zero or a one to allow the receiver to distinguish between a digital mark and space.. Freeware download of Software Modem 0.4, size 378.82 Kb.

SweetGPS 1.0 

An easy and light carrier phase differential gps code that takes integrated carrier phase measurements from a ground station and a receiver and returns 2-5cm accuracy on relative positioning.. Freeware download of SweetGPS 1.0, size 34.91 Kb.

Sydewynder 0.1.1 

Sydewynder is an SMS receiver and sender application written in Python for S60 phones. It automates the responses of messages and can be used as a mobile application server. It very useful for prototyping mobile applications and educational projects.. Freeware download of Sydewynder 0.1.1, size 43.76 Kb.