Satellite Image Of My House Freeware

graphical remote computer environment alpha 

It's a Delphi-Interface in that computers are shown as buttons on a satellite image of my school. The buttons have remote-controle-functions.It should be a helpfull tool for administrators. I hope for new features in my GUI like "logging of".. Freeware download of graphical remote computer environment alpha, size 1.05 Mb.


Atpdec 1.7 

atpdec is a command line oriented NOAA POES weather satellite image software decoder.. Freeware download of Atpdec 1.7, size 21.20 Kb.

RealMeteo 4.15.5 RealMeteo 

It is a friendly realtime interface that shows weather images. Realmeteo has a wide database of weather satellite images link. Is a friendly realtime interface that shows weather images. Realmeteo has a wide database of weather satellite image links. Many different places can be displayed in RealMeteo graphical interface. RealMeteo supports two. Freeware download of RealMeteo 4.15.5, size 8.11 Mb.

My Image Here 1.1.4 Captain Caveman 

Replace images on websites with images you select from your local computer.

* Replace the image as it is on the website, or force your image to be the same size as the original image.
* All My Image Here data is stored in the new in Firefox 2 SQLLite storage system.
* Export and Import My Image Here files so. Freeware download of My Image Here 1.1.4, size 41.94 Kb.

Orbit Visualization Tool 2 3 OVT Team 

The Orbit Visualization Tool (OVT) is a software for visualization of satellite orbits in the Earth's magnetic field. The program can display satellite orbits in five coordinate systems (GEI, GEO, GSM, SMC, GSE), satellite footprints projected on the Earth's surface and shown in either geographic (GEO) or geomagnetic (SMC) coordinates. In. Freeware download of Orbit Visualization Tool 2 3, size 0 b.

pixsCompiler 1.6 Brian Shepherd 

The pixsCompiler application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you combine several photo images into a single composite image file. My particular interest was to create a single file that could be sent by email rather than a collection of photo files.

However composite images do have a much wider usefulness. pixsCompiler. Freeware download of pixsCompiler 1.6, size 566.23 Kb.

GeoVisu 5.0.1 GeoVisu 

GeoVisu is a program that displays georeferenced data (images, graphics) and downloads data recorded by some GPS devices.

GeoVisu has a "Moving map" navigation function, which can be used with any NMEA 0183 compatible or Garmin USB GPS device.

Main features:

- Displays georeferenced image formats :. Freeware download of GeoVisu 5.0.1, size 1.76 Mb.

Webmizzle 2.3b Marek Jablonski 

Webmizzle is a simple tool for monitoring current weather conditions worldwide. It uses data that are available to the public (you can see the same images on countless www pages with any web browser). I wrote this program because I felt sick when I had to launch Internet Explorer and then browse through the ads and other crap just to see a. Freeware download of Webmizzle 2.3b, size 557.06 Kb.

mceWeather 4.0 Scendix Software, Inc. 

mceWeather shows weather for your region on your TV or PC. The plugin provides data from all over the world (many locations can be shown, please just try if your next larger city can be found by the program). It shows the forecast for the next days and also shows you a satellite image of your country.. Freeware download of mceWeather 4.0, size 77.46 Mb.

bnns 2.0.beta2 

Blue's Neural Network Simulator (bnns) is a research tool for interactive training of artificial neural networks. It enables a user to simulate, visualize and interact in the learning process of a Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) on tasks which have a 2D character. Tasks like the famous two-spirals task or classification of satellite image data.. Freeware download of bnns 2.0.beta2, size 857.48 Kb.

My Barcode Software 1.0 BarcodeSoftware.Me 

My Barcode Software creates Code 39 barcodes and save them as Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image files. The software features an extremely easy user interface where the user simply types in the Data to encode and click the Save button to generate the barcode image file. The image file can be inserted to a thirdy party editor to be printed out. Freeware download of My Barcode Software 1.0, size 93.18 Kb.

Find my Font (Free) 2 2 Softonium Developments 

Find my Font (Free) is a program that can find the font used in a given bitmap image.

You can use any JPG or BMP file that you have in your computer, select a font displayed in that image, and search your installed fonts looking for the name and characteristics of this font.

The program will prepare a list of the fonts. Freeware download of Find my Font (Free) 2 2, size 15.40 Mb.

Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler 1.0 beta 

Offers to record satellite radio, AM/FM radio broadcasts on schedule into compact MP3 files. Also allows to schedule other events like running files and opening documents. Can wake system up from standby mode or hibernation. Allows to play back sound input in real time. Perfect to record sound broadcasts to skip all commercials later. It is my. Freeware download of Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler 1.0 beta, size 883.71 Kb.

LuJoSoft Thumb Creator 1.0.0 LuJoSoft 

Is a software to get thumbnails from any image. I have always had problems generating thumbnails from a large amount of images quickly and easily. Also standard graphic programs couldn't meet my needs or it simply took too much time handling image after image.

What are Thumbnails?
Thumbnails are reduced-size. Freeware download of LuJoSoft Thumb Creator 1.0.0, size 782.34 Kb.

House Training A Puppy - Puzzle 1.0 House Training A Puppy 

House Training A Puppy; Any dog lover who has looked into the eyes of a puppy has mostly fallen in love at first site. We take the puppy home and he/she becomes a part of the family However we do not realize the responsibilities that come along with pet ownership. This article is going to discuss and hopefully assist you with some tips how how to. Freeware download of House Training A Puppy - Puzzle 1.0, size 702.46 Kb.

CobView 1.0.1 Luis Cobian 

CobView is a small application that allows you to preview image files and check the properties of any file just by right clicking and selecting the CobView option on My PC or Windows Explorer. Once the properties of the selected file are shown you can copy to clipboard or export them to a txt file. CobView works with plug-ins in order to show the. Freeware download of CobView 1.0.1, size 3.16 Mb.

Amazing Sydney Coast Screensaver 1.0 Game Studio 

Amazing Sydney Coast Screensaver is a nice screensaver which shows an image of the famous Sydney Opera House. The scene shows the Opera House in the evening, so its lights are all turned on. The sky has strange red, orange, and pink colors, which together with the reflection of the building in the water, create a wonderful effect. The water has a. Freeware download of Amazing Sydney Coast Screensaver 1.0, size 3.68 Mb.

Resize My Photos 1.0 SHProd. 

Resize My Photos is a freeware application for resizing multiple images. The interface is easy and intuitive to use and allows you to batch resize your photos just the way you like it. Resize My Photos even allows you to drag and drop files or folders from the Windows Explorer or through a right-click context menu. Unlike many similar software,. Freeware download of Resize My Photos 1.0, size 5.32 Mb.

DVD Home Video Project 1.5 

dvd-homevideo is a project that I developed because take quite a bit of home video and I was looking for a simple, quick way to transform the video on my dv camcorder into a fully functional DVD including a menu with optional background image and music.. Freeware download of DVD Home Video Project 1.5, size 114.92 Kb.

WW2D 1.0 

WW2D allows you to explore Earth using satellite imagery, topographic maps and image from other data sources also providing large placenames and boundaries database and allowing you to install community-made add-ons for even more info about our planet.. Freeware download of WW2D 1.0, size 6.89 Mb.