Script Artist Freeware

daVinci Script 1 4 daVinci Script 

daVinci Script consists of a set of Windows tools which allow you to automate your tasks on PC, mobile units and servers. The tools carry out their tasks by reading and executing script code, i.e. a series of instructions, or 'commands', stored in text files. The code follows a very simple but powerful syntax, more complex than the old DOS batch. Freeware download of daVinci Script 1 4, size 3.30 Mb.


Visual Source Safe backup script 1 NeoKobe 

Backup your visual sourcesafe (VSS) source code tree easy and reliable with this simple but effective batch script. Just schedule the script, edit the params to your needs and let it run. The output is written in seperate directories and best of all, it's easy to backup these files to either another machine or to tape using your own. Freeware download of Visual Source Safe backup script 1, size 2.05 Kb.

AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP 5.0 AfterLogic Corporation 

Free and easy-to-use PHP webmail script with modern AJAX interface. Supports POP3/IMAP accounts, SMTP, SSL (including Gmail). Users can check and send mail, use address book. Skins, 3-pane view, non-English languages (including right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew), UTF-8 and other charsets, IMAP folders, view and compose HTML mail. MS SQL/MySQL. Freeware download of AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP 5.0, size 5.82 Mb.

FreeCast 1.0 Calendar Scripts 

Freecast is free and very simple script which allows you to broadcast members using any member's database. It allows you to send the mails accordingly to any hosting or anti-spam limitations. The sender script can also be scheduled as a cron job. Freeware download of FreeCast 1.0, size 7.17 Kb.

Shell script obfuscator 1 2 Eon Works 

obfsh is quite flexible and can obfuscate any type of shell script. The obfuscated script version is printed to stdo. The original script is not modified. Using obfsh options cleverly, one may fool more then just a casual intruder or snooper, and certainly make understanding of the obfuscated script harder and more time consuming. Type obfsh -h to. Freeware download of Shell script obfuscator 1 2, size 4.10 Kb.

PHPShow 3 2 -- 

The first version of this script went online in 2003, when I wanted to share lots of photos with people I did not see every day. The script is very simple to use - for the user but mostly for you, the administrator. This server-side script simply goes in a web folder with images and works. It first shows a browser overview with automatically. Freeware download of PHPShow 3 2, size 35.84 Kb.

FormMail Mobile 1.0 Sell Downloads 

FormMail Mobile is a free PHP form processing script. You can create mobile forms for a variety of applications. Visually create mobile forms in minutes. Create Mobile Forms without needing programming knowledge. FormMail Mobile is 100 percent free.. Freeware download of FormMail Mobile 1.0, size 20.48 Kb.

Online Email Extractor 1.0 Email Extractor Inc 

Email address extractor free PHP script - a tool to find all email addresses in a text. Very easy to install. Very fast and reliable. Just install it at your server (or local computer), and it will work. Here is the instruction - how to use Email Extractor: 1) install it; 2) copy text from any source and paste it into text field; 3) Click Extract. Freeware download of Online Email Extractor 1.0, size 5.12 Kb.

1 Minute Gallery 1.0.1 Softcomplex Inc 

1 Minute Gallery is easy to install and customize PHP gallery script. It's an ideal solution for those who just want to share the pictures at their own website without spending endless hours configuring and managing the complex systems. Features: * Easy to install. It can be up and running in just one minute. Seriously * Minimum or no configuration. Freeware download of 1 Minute Gallery 1.0.1, size 162.82 Kb.

DSV PHP Editor 3.2.2001 Esmi Studio 

DSV PHP Editor is a program for creating, editing and debugging PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages. Editor is designed specifically for PHP development; it is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers. Has auto complete, PHP function parameters hints, built-in HTTP server, open/save and preview files to/from FTP,. Freeware download of DSV PHP Editor 3.2.2001, size 10.67 Mb.

.scrobbler.log to Upload Script b.0.71 

A PHP script to submit .scrobbler.log/.scrobbler-timeless.log files made by DAPs (Rockbox only at the moment) via the audioscrobbler servers to the music blogging site.. Freeware download of .scrobbler.log to Upload Script b.0.71, size 7.51 Kb.

ACS - The Autocompiling Script 86 

ACS - The autocompiling script. Even more people is making Linux as they default OS. And Even more people is unable to install a source code because it's too difficult. ACS is going to rescue people who cannot compile a source!. Freeware download of ACS - The Autocompiling Script 86, size 7.61 Kb.

All Language Library for Script PLs 0.1.1 

Script language independent library for calling functions out of script files with other PLs like C/C++.This should be possible, using only some few functions as interface.. Freeware download of All Language Library for Script PLs 0.1.1, size 63.74 Kb.

Andrew's Time Card Script 0.4.0 

A perl script to replace old time card systems with a terminal. It will have a GTK front end.. Freeware download of Andrew's Time Card Script 0.4.0, size 1.23 Kb.

Anonymous Email Script 4 

PHP Image Script can be installed on any PHP/MySQL Environment. It is a web interface to send "anonymous" emails. It also records the emails in a database.. Freeware download of Anonymous Email Script 4, size 11.94 Kb.

Audio to Mov Script- (Blender 2.5) 1.0 

Python Script to process a wave file and transform to movement (key frames) on Blender 2.5. Input: sound file (.wav) Output: Key frames direct into the selected object Work to meshes and bones (location, scale or rotation in any axis). Freeware download of Audio to Mov Script- (Blender 2.5) 1.0, size 50.39 Kb.

AutoIndex PHP Script (Directory Indexer) 2.2.4 

AutoIndex is a PHP script that makes a table that lists the files in a directory, and lets users access the files and subdirectories.It includes searching, icons for each file type, an admin panel, uploads, access logging, file descriptions, and more.. Freeware download of AutoIndex PHP Script (Directory Indexer) 2.2.4, size 408.15 Kb.

Automatic Deployment Script 1.0 

Automatic deployment script servers just one purpose, to upload files to demo FTP server during development of web projects. you use SVN, and want a way to upload files automatically when you commit to repository then ADS is for you.. Freeware download of Automatic Deployment Script 1.0, size 61.26 Kb.

Bash Personal Wireless Script 2.0rc1 

Simple script to allow connecting to various wireless networks.. Freeware download of Bash Personal Wireless Script 2.0rc1, size 2.81 Kb.

Bee script 0.9 

Bee script is a scripting language for the Java platform. It is based on the BeanShell scripting language but it provides better tools for functional programming.. Freeware download of Bee script 0.9, size 117.02 Kb.