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MyPlayCity Toolbar 

Free Games Toolbar is a powerful instrument for making the right choice in your search for games. It helps in selection and gives you reference to the reviews of games so that you can help you to make a selection matching your interests and expectations. The reference is given by someone who has already got experience in playing a particular game. Freeware download of MyPlayCity Toolbar, size 1.50 Mb.


21Teach 1.0 21Teach 

21Teach is a mobile-friendly digital library of STEM (Science, Technology, English, and Math) Open Educational Resources (FREE) that allows teachers, students, and parents to quickly search for Games, Apps, Videos, and e-Books that are educationally sound, based on grade level, subject/topic, and user rating. The resources are aligned to the common. Freeware download of 21Teach 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Happy Heart Fill 'Er Up! 1.0 Clarke Inc. 

Happy Heart: Filler Up! is a unique story that takes the young reader on a quest to find lasting joy and peace. With engaging rhymes, children journey with Happy on his whirlwind search through games, activity, and gadgets galore for the true source to refuel his empty heart. This appealing and colorful picture book is a powerful tool to help. Free download of Happy Heart Fill 'Er Up! 1.0, size 41.73 Mb.

Board Game Library 2Pawns 

Board Game Library is the easiest way to search for games and keep track of your collection on the go. This app allows you to show off your game collection anywhere you are by using to search for games and store them in a collection on your mobile device.

*Clicking back after clicking on a game in search now. Freeware download of Board Game Library, size 1.05 Mb.

K3Y Remote Control Bwerkt 

K3Y Remote Control


K3Y Remote Control is a remote control for your XK3Y or 3K3Y. It allows you to browse your gamecollection, make favorite lists, and search for games. It can also mount a game for you, just make sure the DVD drive is open.

Features include:

* search games

*. Freeware download of K3Y Remote Control, size 1.05 Mb.

Alot Casual Games Toolbar 2.5.7000.477 

Imaging having all the best online games right at your fingertips! No more wasting time trying to search for games you think you'll like. Click on "Play Games" and start playing games like Snowboard Madness, Snow Drift, Baseball and Club Penguin. If you like puzzle games, Bloxorz, Jingo, Bejeweled, and Mahjohng Tiles are only one-click. Freeware download of Alot Casual Games Toolbar 2.5.7000.477, size 681.57 Kb.

MyFreeMovies Toolbar MyFreeMovies 

MyFreeMovies Toolbar is a easy way to search the world wide web. With this program search movies, games, images, encyclopedia, sudoku and much more. MyFreeMovies Toolbar is compatible with the Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.. Freeware download of MyFreeMovies Toolbar, size 2.12 Mb.

FreeSoft4Down Toolbar FreeSoft4Down 

FreeSoft4Down Toolbar is a easy way to search the world wide web. With this program search music, games, dictionary, images, encyclopedia, health, shopping and much more. It is compatible with the Internet browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems, Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and. Freeware download of FreeSoft4Down Toolbar, size 2.12 Mb.

Kombilo 0.5 

Kombilo is a go database program. Its main purpose is to search for games in which a given pattern or position occurs. You can also search for other criteria (like time period, players, events).

This program does not come with any game records, but you can import games in SGF format, so for example you can use one of the game. Freeware download of Kombilo 0.5, size 836.61 Kb.

Toolbar - Big Fish Games Visicom Media Inc. 

Toolbar - Big Fish Games allows you to access quickly to all the content of Big Fish Games website. In case you don't know the site, Big Fish Games is one the most well-known game sites, which includes thousands of casual games. What is great of this toolbar is that once you install it, it will appear in all your installed browsers without the. Freeware download of Toolbar - Big Fish Games, size 94.19 Mb.

Math Search 1. 8. 2000 Novel Games Limited 

This is a traditional word search game with a mathematical twist. Instead of searching for words, you search for numbers representing the answers to an equation. You need to be able to calculate the answer to the equation and then search the answer in a grid of numbers.. Freeware download of Math Search 1. 8. 2000, size 266.24 Kb.

University Love Connection College Dating Site 

University Love Connection toolbar for Firefox. Meet new college students at your university through our community search. This toolbar will help you view the latest college news and get the latest craze on games.. Freeware download of University Love Connection, size 713.03 Kb.

Awana YM Games 1.0 Awana 

Awana YM Games

$1.99 for a limited time only! (Regular price: $3.99)
Instantly browse 95 fun game ideas for teenagers! This is the only app of its kind for planning and moderating activities for middle school or high school students. This interactive guidebook helps you plan activities for Awana Trek or Journey groups, other youth. Free download of Awana YM Games 1.0, size 12.69 Mb.

Victor Chandler 9. 4. 2020 Playtech 

Victor Chandler is an online casino that allows you to play poker and other games online for free or real money. Like in most games of this genre, the first thing you have to do once you have downloaded and installed the application is register an account. Then, you have to choose whether you want to play for real money or not. If you play just for. Freeware download of Victor Chandler 9. 4. 2020, size 41.09 Mb.

DS Happy Box 2.0 Shen Zhen Gamemorning TECH Co.,Ltd 

DS Happy Box is a free application for NDS and PC, you can download and manage the games, videos, music, archive to your NDS. All entertainments are ready in DS Happy Box .It's very convenient for you to manage your games, videos, music, archive and related resource on your NDS. It's easy to delete, install, backup the files in times of need.DS. Free download of DS Happy Box 2.0, size 20.35 Mb.

Banksia - Big Chess database 1.5 Nguyen Pham 

Banksia - Big Chess Database


This is a chess database viewer, including a very large database which is over 4.2 million human games and a large database of puzzles (mate in 1 and 2).

- Free but include much larger database almost all other commercial iPhone / iPad chess databases
-. Freeware download of Banksia - Big Chess database 1.5, size 288.36 Mb.

Banksia - Chess GM database 1.5 Nguyen Pham 

Banksia - Chess GM Database


This is a chess database viewer, including a large database of Grand Masters (over 700 thousand games) and a large database of puzzles (mate in 1 and 2).

Experience the world of chess games like never before with this interactive, pocket chess database viewer. You can watch,. Freeware download of Banksia - Chess GM database 1.5, size 57.36 Mb.

Banksia - Chess Master Database 1.5 Nguyen Pham 

Banksia - Chess Master Database


Experience the world of chess games like never before with this interactive, pocket chess database viewer. You can watch, enjoy chess moves come alive by simply tapping your finger on the screen or let app auto play them.

This is a chess database viewer, including a large. Freeware download of Banksia - Chess Master Database 1.5, size 130.02 Mb.

Mike's Cards 2.0.1 Mike Sedore 

Mike's Cards is the game suite you have been searching for . This incredible set contains over 150 great card games which are all so different from each other that you will end up playing all of them. It provides you with casino games like Blackjack, and other contemporary games like Cribbage, kid’s games like Crazy Eights, one pack. Free download of Mike's Cards 2.0.1, size 0 b.

Cuil Toolbar 6 4 Cuil 

If you are looking for a tool to help you stay in touch with the latest news, then Cuil Toolbar is the right one for you. This software integrates in your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari), and after that you will be one click away from media and especially from Cuil Toolbar also. Freeware download of Cuil Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.