Second Life Copy Bot

Short-Bot 1.0 Short-sl-bot 

Making it easier to advertise websites and projects within Second Life using a bot controlled by a Graphical Interface.

Connect and login to Second Life.

Short-Bot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Short-Bot 1.0, size 0 b.


Furry Voices for Second Life 1 3 Screaming Bee 

Usually in day-to-day life, probably one might think of changing avatars and images in e-mails or social community accounts, however changing voice is also a viable option that generally goes un-noticed. The MorphVOX Furry Voices for Second Life 1.3 is one such tool, which facilitates all its users to supply a new voice to their avatars, as per. Freeware download of Furry Voices for Second Life 1 3, size 1.54 Mb.

METAbolt 0.9.53 

METAbolt is a Second Life® TPV Directory listed Text Client and is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. This software is provided by the METAbolt Development Team. METAbolt is not a modified version of the Linden Lab open source viewer source code. METAbolt is a "text client" i.e. it does not have a. Freeware download of METAbolt 0.9.53, size 558.08 Kb.

3rd Status Viewer 1.2.1 UInterface 

3rd Status is a Region/Parcel Status Monitor for sim, shop, business owners of Second Life. This enables you to monitor important data from your multiple regions, parcels at a look via the 3rd Status Viewer. Viewer enables you to monitor all Status data from rezzed antennas In-world. Antenna sends about 40 status and flag data. Viewer offers a way. Free download of 3rd Status Viewer 1.2.1, size 331.98 Kb.

Open Second Life Community Code 3 

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.. Freeware download of Open Second Life Community Code 3, size 6.19 Mb.

Second Life Cross Sim Messaging System rc 

Second Life Cross Sim Messaging System utilizes the Google App Engine to as the medium to send/receive and persist messages to allow prim/script communication across sims. Freeware download of Second Life Cross Sim Messaging System rc, size 7.71 Mb.

Second Life Land Media Manager 1.0 Secondlifelandm 

The Second Life Land Media Manager is a tool for managing music for your land. The purpose is to take internet radio stations, divide them into genres and then provide an avatar the ability to easily change music through a menu based system.

Second Life Land Media Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Second Life Land Media Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Second Life OS - VR 1.0 Sl-os 

Customization/improvement of the Second Life client to integrate with virtual reality systems.

Second Life OS - VR 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Second Life OS - VR 1.0, size 0 b.

CtrlAltStudio Viewer 1.0.0 Build 33746 Beta David Rowe 

CtrlAltStudio Viewer will provide users with a Firestorm Viewer based application for Second Life / OpenSim fans. This particular piece of software introduces the stereoscopic 3D support for these specific programs.

In order for users to benefit from the advanages brought by CtrlAltStudio Viewer, they require a 3D setup made up from a. Free download of CtrlAltStudio Viewer 1.0.0 Build 33746 Beta, size 0 b.

PikkuBot EVES 

These bots are for the game called Second Life.

- The PikkuBot can e.g. work as a model in your shops (catwalk)
-You can use it as a Security System (with waypoints)
- You can use it for your automatic Group Invitor System
-The PikkuBot can follow and listen to the master in many ways
-You can use it to show. Freeware download of PikkuBot, size 494.59 Kb.

Second Lilfe Log Manager 1.0 

Second Life Log Manager for managing chat/instant message logs of Second Life. Account/Avatar specified. It's a very basic SL Chat Log Manager. You have to enable the Chatlogging in your SL Client.. Freeware download of Second Lilfe Log Manager 1.0, size 115.55 Kb.

Second Life for Windows Linden Research, Inc 

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe.

From the moment you enter the World you'll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and. Freeware download of Second Life for Windows, size 24.10 Mb.

Hippo OpenSim Viewer 1.23.5 Linden Lab 

The Hippo OpenSim Viewer is a modified Second Life viewer, targeted at OpenSim users.

It allows building up to a height of 10,000 m, scaling prims up to 256x256x256 m and other exciting features.

More specific OpenSim features are under development.

Main features:

- Build up to 10,000 m.
-. Freeware download of Hippo OpenSim Viewer 1.23.5, size 8.81 Mb.

Dolphin Viewer Lance Corrimal 

Second Life is a highly imaginative, creative environment. The "fully textured high-resolution" avatars are customizable to the "nth" degree, with dozens of sliders to change every micro-pixel of your avatar's shape, size, and color.

Dolphin Viewer is an Open Source (GPL v2), third party viewer for Second. Freeware download of Dolphin Viewer, size 0 b.

Din's Curse 1.022 Soldak Entertainment, Inc. 

Din, champion of the gods, has cursed you into a second life of service because you selfishly squandered your first one while causing misfortune to those around you. To redeem yourself, you must impress Din by building a reputation for helping others. Travel the spacious western plains of Aleria and save desperate towns from the brink of. Free download of Din's Curse 1.022, size 107.27 Mb.

SingularityViewer 1 5 Siana Gearz 

Singularity Viewer is a Second Life protocol compatible client application. It can be used to access Second LIfe service as well as a number of other such as those based upon OpenSim plattform. It is directly based upon source code of Ascent Viewer by Balseraph Software Group, which is in turn based upon source code released by Linden Lab, with. Freeware download of SingularityViewer 1 5, size 0 b.

Libretto Viewer Libretto Viewer 

The Libretto Viewer is a light weight, free, text only viewer for Second Life. It's designed to resemble and function as an instant messaging client, that can be used in an office environment, on low performance computers, with low bandwidth, or when multiple instances is needed.. Freeware download of Libretto Viewer, size 5.61 Mb.

AstroSim 1.0 

The primary objective of the project is the development of a Second Life based application, in which astrophysics phenomena involving the simulation of stars kinematics can be visualized. Developed by NII, Japan.. Freeware download of AstroSim 1.0, size 11.51 Mb.

Prim dot Blender (Prim.Blender) 0.6.5 

A tool written for the Blender API in the Python Language for Second Life primitives. All code is 100% original. Second Life and LSL are the property of Linden Lab. Blender is the property of the Blender Foundation. No infringement is intended.. Freeware download of Prim dot Blender (Prim.Blender) 0.6.5, size 696.76 Kb.

Radegast Metaverse Client 2.4 

Radegast is a light weight client for connecting to Second Life and other virtual worlds.. Freeware download of Radegast Metaverse Client 2.4, size 14.46 Mb.