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TrackbackSpeed 1.0 ksoft 

TrackbackSpeed is a powerful blog promotion tool to automatically submit trackbacks and pingbacks from your blog to other users blogs in the same topic. With just one click, you can instantly submit a trackback or pingback to multiple blogs. TrackbackSpeed allows you to increase readership and traffic to your blog by building a network of backlinks. Free download of TrackbackSpeed 1.0, size 633.86 Kb.


Ace Bible 12.2 

With Ace Bible Explorer you can explore more than a 40 Bibles and commentaries with special Bible research tools, including dictionaries, thesauri, guides, queries, topic organizers, verse-by-verse comparing, a red-letter highlighter, a personal verse note taker, and planners. You can print, export, copy, or email any verse, description, or. Free download of Ace Bible 12.2, size 8.30 Mb.

eGroupsAgent 1.02 AZ-Computing 

Receive and read eGroups more quickly and easily. Program organize received messages by group and topic. GroupsAgent featured for working with group digest's which makes it helpful for reading high volume groups. Also program help you to publish group on your website or any place you like! eGroupsAgent works like your email client, it just connect. Free download of eGroupsAgent 1.02, size 618.50 Kb.

Strong RSS 1.00 

Want to add an automatically updated page/line with the news on a certain topic to your site? This tool is for you! Strong RSS is a builder of RSS readers based on PHP. Such a reader will automatically show up-to-date information from any RSS feeds to your visitors. And you will not need knowledge of PHP to be able to create them. Just set up an. Freeware download of Strong RSS 1.00, size 388.10 Kb.

Free Bible KJV 4 5 Agua Viva 

The King James Bible program has over 12,000 topics, parables, Messianic prophecies, topic searches, maps, and book marks. Included are Nave's Topics, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry's Commentary, Torry's Topics and Hitchcock's Bible names. You can also customize features such as font style, size and color.. Freeware download of Free Bible KJV 4 5, size 14.99 Mb.

Buzzdock 1. 10. 2001 Buzzdock LLC 

Ever meet those people that always seem to be in the know? They seem to mysteriously have the scoop on what's going on. Whether about a certain industry, a hobby, a subject or whatever, they know the buzz on that topic.

With Buzzdock, you'll be in the know. You’ll experience the buzz on everything. And the best. Freeware download of Buzzdock 1. 10. 2001, size 0 b.

idonotcamp Toolbar 6 4 idonotcamp 

idonotcamp Community Toolbar connect your browser with their latest game news, videos, topic posts, new member alert and more
The toolbar should not affect the performance of any other browser add-ons. If you encounter a problem concerning this issue, please contact Support Center.. Freeware download of idonotcamp Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

MindModel 2.196 MindModel Corporation 

MindModel is very easy-to-use relational database software that allows you to store and recall information on any topic. Use it to create databases of people, companies, products, ideas, or anything else, all without programming. Since it's truly relational, you can look up information from any angle. Look up a person and see where they work.. Freeware download of MindModel 2.196, size 0 b.

WebLynx 2.0 COSoft 

Database oriented bookmark retrieval program--select sites by rating, sitename, category, topic, or address. Works for Web or local files. Don't use portal sites! Be your own portal site--rate and categorize the sites you've visited and then get back to your favorites sites fast, with just a couple of clicks. Application independent, uses. Freeware download of WebLynx 2.0, size 4.12 Mb.

Math HomeWork Maker 1.0 Naor Ben Meir 

Mathematics is a difficult but interesting topic among all subjects. Some children get scared of mathematics because they aren’t able to solve problems easily. Math Homework Maker is free software which can solve all your homework. With this software you can easily solve the problems based on speed, distance and time. It converts improper. Freeware download of Math HomeWork Maker 1.0, size 15.31 Mb.

Free Learn Addition on Orbital One Pajersoft 

Free Learn Addition on Orbital One is more than a demo and includes all the learn and test modules for the addition topic. The program does not contain the help sounds but does contain a large HTML help file with all the information you need to run the software.
There are 8 lessons covering addition Including two workout lessons and 27 tests. Free download of Free Learn Addition on Orbital One, size 0 b.

SaversOff Vencoda, LLC 

The presentation is going fine and the group stops for a time to discuss a topic. Just as you are about to begin again the screen saver comes on or the battery manager on your laptop puts your computer into standby; then the projector goes off because it can't get a video signal. Several minutes later, with the continuity of the discussion. Freeware download of SaversOff, size 1.47 Mb.

forexflows 1 5 VWS Media 

Breakthrough forex technology delivers all the essential tools and forex seminar videos direct to your desktop free! Become a successful forex trader today. Talking forex news feeds, forex videos and Pivot calculators all under one roof. You can learn how to trade forex and use financial betting websites like betonmarkets to generate tax free money. Freeware download of forexflows 1 5, size 11.26 Kb.

App4Event 1.0.0 Teknowledge Software 

Create an Iphone application for your event, seminar, workshops for Free! App4Event is the first portal which gives you a web based interface to create and fill your event's information and publish it with a unique event code. Users can then download App4Event app from itunes for FREE! Basic Features Include: Create a schedule for your event Add. Freeware download of App4Event 1.0.0, size 17.95 Mb.

Paper Floods 2 1.0 

Paper Floods 2 is another floods saving topic physics game. More people are in need of rescuing in Paper Floods 2. Place your tools in order to save the flood stricken pedestrians and ensure their safety. Use the mouse to move your pieces and left click to place them.. Freeware download of Paper Floods 2 1.0, size 1.66 Mb.

3D PageFlip lovebirds Templates 1.0 3D Pageflip Ltd. 

On this moment of 3d pageflip book templates is with the topic related to lovebirds. The package of the templates includes four sample templates. Every picture is base on the color of dark pink. Vivid hue with lively lovebirds describes such a fine and natural sight. Suppose you want to advertise with a 3d page flip book online and offer your. Freeware download of 3D PageFlip lovebirds Templates 1.0, size 4.79 Mb.

CognitiveWeb 1.0 

A framework for building, deploying and managing well-described REST-ful Web services, including REST-ful Web Services realizations for RSS, XML Topic Maps, Structured Arguments, and Workflow.. Freeware download of CognitiveWeb 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

DITA For Publishers 0.9.18 

Provides general-purpose DITA map, topic, and domain specializations for the Publishing industry, as well as supporting processors (e.g., DITA Open Toolkit plugins).. Freeware download of DITA For Publishers 0.9.18, size 6.12 Mb.

DITA Test Suite 1.0 

A collection of DITA map and topic files used for checking the performance of tools such as the DITA-OT used to convert DITA to other formats, including recommended PIs for dealing with presentation needs not covered in the DITA specification.. Freeware download of DITA Test Suite 1.0, size 118.55 Kb.

eTVSM beta01 

This is a implementation of the 'enhanced Topic-based Vector Space Model' (eTVSM) using the python language. A Java-Version and maybe other java-code contributions are planned.. Freeware download of eTVSM beta01, size 548.82 Kb.