Serial Borland Developer Studio 2006 Ide Freeware

BlueXML Developer Studio 1.4.8 

BlueXML Developer Studio is a modeler to create, to edit, to manage and communicate on models.. Freeware download of BlueXML Developer Studio 1.4.8, size 13.84 Mb.


XVR Developer Studio 86 

The new XVR Developer Studio is based on Eclipse. It allows to create and manage XVR projects, to author s3d and glsl code, to compile, debug and execute scripts in an HTML page. Currently only for Windows user. It needs an installed JRE >= 1.6. Freeware download of XVR Developer Studio 86, size 61.61 Mb.

PHP Developer Studio 1.0 Phpdevstudio 

PHP Developer Studio helps developers to build Internet apps and Web pages by providing them with development, editing, and debugging tools for PHP. These tools include; Application wizards/templates, syntax highlighted editing tools, and database tools.

PHP Developer Studio 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHP Developer Studio 1.0, size 18.15 Mb.

Developer Studio Eclipse Plugin for GWT 1.0 Gwt-dev-studio 

A Developer Studio Plugin for Google Web Toolkit. To provide a consistent way for developers to create, launch and debug GWT projects. To provide for Visual Development of GWT projects using WYSIWYG editor for GWT Widgets.

Developer Studio Eclipse Plugin for GWT 1.0 License - Apache Software License. Freeware download of Developer Studio Eclipse Plugin for GWT 1.0, size 0 b.

Text Sharp 1.3 Sergey Vlasov 

The free Text Sharp extension lets you adjust text clarity in Visual Studio 2010 IDE (Professional, Premium, Ultimate and LightSwitch). You can select Aliased, Grayscale or ClearType text rendering mode for Visual Studio menu, tabs and editor windows. An easy way to turn off ClearType:. Freeware download of Text Sharp 1.3, size 20.97 Kb.

UML State Machine Wizard 7.2 Intelliwizard Inc. 

Just like Visual C++ ClassWizard, UML State Machine Wizard provides a UML state machine programming mechanism in portable standard C for embedded systems developing and simulating in Visual C++ developer studio. It can model embedded systems with the State Charts or the State Tree without heavyweight, expensive CASE (computer aided software. Freeware download of UML State Machine Wizard 7.2, size 1.19 Mb.

BuzzRizerLight 1.0 TriFeX 

The KVR developer challenge 2006 is finished. BuzzRizerLight is now officially avaible for free download. A 25-Band Multiband Dynamics Processor with a builtin limiter and basic PhatBuzz functionality. Use it to do fast'n'easy mastering of your mixes.. Freeware download of BuzzRizerLight 1.0, size 10.26 Mb.

Delphi History clean 1.0 Delphihistclean 

Open source Delphi 5-2006 IDE plugin for project/file history cleanning

Delphi History clean 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Delphi History clean 1.0, size 0 b.


SMSC Relay VCL SDK library is a set of optimized VCL components enabling quick creation of applications implementing the communication with the SMSC through TCP/IP protocol.

Changes in version 2.3

- CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 and Borland Developer Studio 2006 compatible.
- Asynchronous message submit in SMPP protocol. Freeware download of SMSC Relay VCL SDK 2 3, size 1.57 Mb.

Ortus Shell Components 2.33 Ortus 

Add Microsoft® Windows® shell functionality to your applications with this component package!

Ortus Shell Components is a component package for the Borland® developer community containing 10 outstanding shell components. Full context sensitive component help file is included.

- Use TOrtusShellTreeView,. Freeware download of Ortus Shell Components 2.33, size 512.00 Kb.

CoroBot 1.0 Corobot 

The CoroBot is a PC-class robot by CoroWare, Inc. This project contains the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio drivers for this hardware, as well as a simulated robot for the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio simulator.

CoroBot 1.0 License - GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3). Freeware download of CoroBot 1.0, size 0 b.

bdsproj2cfg 1.0 Bdsproj2cfg 

This is a simple tool for generating a Delphi project.cfg file from the project.dof file that is maintained by the Delphi 2005/2006 ide.

bdsproj2cfg 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of bdsproj2cfg 1.0, size 0 b.

Kanapes IDE Beta 1.0 Skitsanos, Inc. 

Kanapes Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was designed to help you with your daily CouchDB routines. If you familiar with applications like Microsoft Visual Studio, Kanapes IDE will be easiest thing ever for you, since you are already familiar with same kind of IDEs. While we at Skitsanos were porting some massive data bank from SQL Server. Freeware download of Kanapes IDE Beta 1.0, size 4.19 Mb.

Adianti Studio 1.0.1 Adianti Solutions Ltd 

Adianti Studio provides you with an intuitive PHP development environment that features syntax highlighting and auto-completion for functions and classes.

Adianti Studio comes with brace matching capabilities, code change tracking, code insight, bookmarks, a PDF generator and advanced navigation and search tools. Additionally, its. Freeware download of Adianti Studio 1.0.1, size 0 b.

CvsIn - CVS Developer Studio Add-in 

CvsIn is integrating with IDE in a different way than other tools. It is a DevStudio Add-in. CvsIn's development strategy is to have the maximum gain with the minimum effort and to have the working and operational tool FAST(!).. Freeware download of CvsIn - CVS Developer Studio Add-in, size 651.24 Kb.

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS 1.00.5 H.D.S. Hungary 

Detect and display hard disk drive and SSD health and temperature information without starting the installed operating system. The software can be started from a suitable bootable floppy, CD, pendrive, memory card or USB hard disk to diagnose IDE/SATA hard disks and SSD devices in the system without touching any data stored on them.
Perfect. Freeware download of Hard Disk Sentinel DOS 1.00.5, size 419.84 Kb.

ProFactor StyleManager 1.18.3172.0 ProFactor Software Ltd 

ProFactor StyleManager is an easy-to-use C++ source code formatter. It integrates directly within the Visual Studio .NET IDE, allowing you to manage and customize styles within a powerful visual style editing environment, and rapidly apply formatting changes according to individual preference.. Freeware download of ProFactor StyleManager 1.18.3172.0, size 4.01 Mb.

SpellCode Dilshan R Jayakody 

SpellCode is multiprogramming language support - source code spell checking utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. SpellCode can understand the source code syntax of all the major programming languages, analyzes the source code intelligently and ignores all the tags, symbols and other application specific identifiers. With help of. Freeware download of SpellCode, size 3.26 Mb.

SPLX Launcher 1.0.2 HelloApps 

SPL (Simple Programming Language) is the result of open source project which aims at helping novices or beginners to start programming with easy and fun by simplifying complicated coding pattern into the simple script.
A primary design goal of SPL is to couple easiness of script with simplicity and fun. This makes SPL particularly suited for. Freeware download of SPLX Launcher 1.0.2, size 733.18 Kb.

PC Wizard 2012 2.0 CPUID 

Since 1996 PC WIZARD is among the most advanced system information programs on the market. PC WIZARD is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It's able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually. Freeware download of PC Wizard 2012 2.0, size 3.86 Mb.