Serial Number Of Partlogic Drivercure Drivercure Freeware

Number of Selected Items - Outlook 2007 MuvEnum 

Quickly see the number of selected emails, appointments, contacts, and more in Outlook 2007! Number of Selected Items is an add-in for Outlook 2007 that displays the number of items you currently have selected in the current view.. Freeware download of Number of Selected Items - Outlook 2007, size 740.35 Kb.


Hard Disk Serial Number Changer 1.0 

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer is one freeware to let you change hard disk serial number as you like, it can modify the Serial Number that created by Windows when you format a disk partition, it is one useful and free disk tool from, can work all hard drives under Windows file system, include Windows 98/ME/Server 2003 and Vista,. Freeware download of Hard Disk Serial Number Changer 1.0, size 650.12 Kb.

1 Sales Product Tracking - Free Download 7.15 Richland & Associates Inc. 

This software is designed to track the products sold to customers by Serial Number, Model Number, or any other codes or numbers relevant to your business. This software also tracks the Product Warranty Expiration Dates. You may already have a Sales and Distribution system that tracks some of the data. However, (1) if your system does not keep the. Freeware download of 1 Sales Product Tracking - Free Download 7.15, size 4.49 Mb.

Geniale Translator 2.08251109 Adobe Systems Incorporated 

The Geniale Translator Adobe AIR application enables you to translate short texts within seconds and offers you a nice GUI, enriched with a number of font styles and sizes and a wide palette of languages to choose from. Good feature about this software is its support to load text document for language conversion.. Freeware download of Geniale Translator 2.08251109, size 96.23 Mb.

SelectedItems Add-In 1.0 Rutsch Office Solutions 

Show number of selected items in Outlook. Freeware download of SelectedItems Add-In 1.0, size 373.76 Kb.

Volser 1 2 Canadian Mind Products 

Gets the 4-byte 32-bit binary volume serial number of a Windows disk drive assigned when it is formatted to provide and almost unique id. Don't confuse this with the volser(, the string name, or the manufacturer's disk serial number assigned to a hard drive at the factory. Uses JNI and C++ native code. Consists of java and JNI you include in your. Freeware download of Volser 1 2, size 119.81 Kb.


serial number generator is a light weight order number generator which depend on shttpd and log4cxx library

SERIAL NUMBER GENERATOR 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of SERIAL NUMBER GENERATOR 1.0, size 0 b.

HardDiskSerial DLL 1.0 Akram Soft 

HardDiskSerial DLL is a standard Windows DLL. You can use it to read the serial number of hard disk easily. As we all know, this serial number is unique in the world. So this DLL is of great use, for example, you can use this serial number to create an machine id or encrypt number.. Freeware download of HardDiskSerial DLL 1.0, size 103.41 Mb.

Hondata FTDI USB Driver Fix 1.0 Hondata, Inc. 

Users of RomEditor4 cables with a serial number prior to #0171 need to download, install and run a utility to fix a USB problem with these cables. If you are getting a "blue screen of death", you have to follow several instructions to solve the problem.
The KPro, S300 and RomEditor4 cable all use an USB interface chip manufactured. Freeware download of Hondata FTDI USB Driver Fix 1.0, size 1.25 Mb.

EZ-PurchaseManager 1.0 Wasserman Software 

Log all on line and phone purchases and create a searchable database of company and product details such as description, photo, e-receipt, warranty, rebates, make, model, part number, serial number, keycodes, passwords, download links, and many more fields. Never forget what you purchased, when and how much you paid. Excellent for small and. Freeware download of EZ-PurchaseManager 1.0, size 5.40 Mb.

Monitor details WMI Provider Roger Zander 

Monitor details WMI Provider comes with a set of classes that can be easily implemented to display the monitor model and its serial number.

The purpose of the Windows Management Instrumentation is to provide a set of specifications for sharing information between applications.

. Freeware download of Monitor details WMI Provider, size 0 b.

Realm Of The Titans Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc. 

If you are familiar with MOBA games, Realm of the Titans will have a large number of features that you have already encountered. It conforms to most MOBA standards (movements, controls, etc), with a few fun surprises that this guide will explain in more detail. There is also content for those new to MOBA games, walking through the controls, Heroes,. Freeware download of Realm Of The Titans, size 143.17 Mb.

Version Number Generator AddIn for Marek Sienczak 

This Add-in for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 C/C Win32 projects can automatically control the build number of an executable or dll file.

After instalation of this Add-in just run the Visual Studio and create the new project C 'Win32 Project' or open any existing one. In the Add-in Manager of the Tools menu check this Add-in. Freeware download of Version Number Generator AddIn for, size 36.49 Mb.

Number Balls 1. 2. 2000 Novel Games Limited 

In this game there will be a number of balls in the screen. You need to click the balls in ascending order of the numbers shown on them. Be careful, there may be negative numbers. The faster you click, the higher the score.. Freeware download of Number Balls 1. 2. 2000, size 268.29 Kb.

DevLogger 1.0 Devlogger 

DevLogger is a software framework used to collect, monitor, and log data from any number of instruments or input devices simultaneously. Initial support provides for serial connections to Radio Shack 22-812 multimeters and My Weigh HD Scales.

Radio Shack 22-812 multimeter data collection, My Weigh HD Scale data collection, "Virtual. Freeware download of DevLogger 1.0, size 135.05 Mb.

POP3LED 1.1.0 r11 

POP3LED is used in conjunction with the Velleman K8063 to display the number of items in a mailbox. Useful as a Vonage or VoIP voicemail indicator similar to a conventional answering machine display. Commonly used in an office/call center environment to display the number of emails waiting in a general mailbox or tech support queue.

powerutils 1.9 Prasanta Dasgupta 

Programs include Covert text to Upper case, proper case & lower case, delete specified number of characters from text, Sort filter on font or background color, copy or move data based on color, data cleaning from ERP, delete or color duplicates. Convert India numbers to text string, put header or footer in multiple sheets create clickable index. Freeware download of powerutils 1.9, size 1.44 Mb.

Chars Of Text Counter 1.0 

The Chars Of Text Counter is a program that allows you to get the number of chars in a text. Just add the text to the main form of the Chars Of Text Counter then click on Get, the program will return the number of chars that existed in the text. Fast easy and free.. Freeware download of Chars Of Text Counter 1.0, size 184.32 Kb.

Num Of New Lines 1.0 

The Num Of New Lines is a program that allows you to get the number of lines in a selected string, fast and easy. The Num Of New Lines is a free program for personal usage. Just add the string and click on Go, the program will count the number of lines in the string.. Freeware download of Num Of New Lines 1.0, size 190.46 Kb.

COM Port Data Emulator AGG Software 

COM Port Data Emulator is a tool for emulating a com port or an Ethernet device, that generates a serial stream of data. The program can create a data flow, wrap it to data packets (RS232, TCP/IP or UDP) and send to a port.

COM Port Data Emulator can help developers or experts test their applications. This program can take into account. Freeware download of COM Port Data Emulator, size 1.80 Mb.

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