Shoot Apk

Defensor 1.1 GamerBlitz 

Defensor is a superior quality, horizontally-scrolling, shoot-them-up game for the PC. Defend the planetoid against alien invasion. Protect the humanoids from abduction and more. Destroy the waves of multiple alien bug types, all with individual characteristics, collect bonuses and power-ups, and prepare to battle the mother alien.

. Free download of Defensor 1.1, size 3.99 Mb.


When Clones Attack! 1.04 Midnight Synergy 

A fun (and very silly) freeware shoot'em'up. Defend the galaxy from an ever-increasing army of invading clones.. Freeware download of When Clones Attack! 1.04, size 614.40 Kb.

EDS-1:Earth Defense Ship One 2.1 GLIPS Entertainment, Inc. 

This is a quirky manga/japanimation inspired side scrolling shoot'em up game.
An alien fleet is headed for earth, you are the earth's last hope. You are armed
with a fast ship and powerful plasma rockets. You'll face an onslaught of enemy foes.
The game includes: multiple alien ships to destroy, dazzling 2D graphics, clever. Free download of EDS-1:Earth Defense Ship One 2.1, size 1.02 Mb.

Crow Hunting 1.0 SWWinsoft 

Try to shoot as many crows as possible in the available time. But caution, in some scenes they will shoot back.. Free download of Crow Hunting 1.0, size 3.79 Mb.

Star Wars Battlefront II 1 3 LucasArts 

Star Wars: II is a shoot'em up video game developed by Pandemic Studios and Lucas Arts and was released on November, 1, 2005 as an improvement of the game predecessor Star Wars: Battlefront. This game adds all the new elements of the last film of the saga, Episode III, it also includes two major improvements: play as a Jedi and space combat.. Free download of Star Wars Battlefront II 1 3, size 0 b.

Super Turtle Toss 2.0 Softendo 

Super Turtle Toss is a really funny game, you will have a brave turtle which you are going to shoot with a canon! The mission is to control the turtle, while it is flying, with the WASD keys, and at that moment several items will appear on your screen, money to collect and objects that need to be destroyed.

With the money gathered you. Freeware download of Super Turtle Toss 2.0, size 11.31 Mb.

Metal Slug - Zombies 1.0 

Metal Slug - Zombies is a gory shoot ’em up game. You must defeat endless waves of zombies, who will try to kill you with their bare hands. You can move faster than they do, and you can use your dagger or your pistol to attack them. You can also set mines to explode when the zombies touch them - use them wisely, otherwise you will run out. Freeware download of Metal Slug - Zombies 1.0, size 6.81 Mb.

Sky Battle Fly-Games 

Sky Battle is a shoot´em-up game with planes, set in World War I.

You can play as a German or English pilot, choosing different missions and planes. You will have to destroy enemy buildings, fuel deposits, zeppelins and planes by using your cannon (that you will fire with the CTRL key) and dropping bombs (with the SPACE key).. Freeware download of Sky Battle, size 0 b.

Contra - The American Hero 1.0 Softendo 

Contra The American Hero is created to be an exciting and attractive game which lets you play as brave and mighty Captain USA and shoot all the enemy soldiers and vehicles through various challenging levels to score maximum points. Use many various of wepons from shotgun, auto pistol, cannons etc.

You're a Lieutenant and You must. Freeware download of Contra - The American Hero 1.0, size 6.05 Mb.

Star Blaze 2 Gladiators Software 

A classical "shoot 'em up" style arcade game packed with astonishing graphics, breath taking action and incredibly smooth gameplay. Pick up numerous power-ups, tune up your engine, upgrade firepower and blast your way trough 30 levels of this adrenaline-pumping space shooter.. Free download of Star Blaze 2, size 23.19 Mb.

Luftwaffe Airstrike Sunny Games 

Luftwaffe Airstrike is a bi-plane top-down shoot´em-up set in World War II. This game was developed by Sunny Games, and published by Selectsoft Publishing. In this game, you will control an allied bi-plane to beat cloned zombie pilots that the Third Reich put in the skies for the Luftwaffe to gain the strategic control of the air.
. Free download of Luftwaffe Airstrike, size 0 b.

Bird Hunting 

Bird Hunting is a simple game that challenges your speed and accuracy as you shoot at birds. Bird Hunting may appear to be a very simple game from the start. With so many birds flying left and right, it is really rather difficult to miss. But the objective of the game is not just to shoot birds, but to shoot as many birds as you can. The real deal. Freeware download of Bird Hunting, size 2.06 Mb.

Nova 3000 1 2 venbrux 

A combination Between a puzzle game and a shoot-em-up, in this game you must use your 3 differently colored beams to solve puzzles and destroy enemies. The game gets fairly hard and contains a number of stages as well as boss fights.
Space shooter that's actually more like a puzzle game. Your ship can shoot red, yellow, or blue beams. Freeware download of Nova 3000 1 2, size 4.35 Mb.

Chicken Freeze Selectsoft Publishing 

Chicken Freeze is a mix of a shoot´em up and a match-three games. You´ll have to point and shoot every bird that passes flying in front of you. If you hit them, they will become colored ice cubes, that will fall to the grid at the bottom of the screen. You will have no clue about which color the frozen chicken cube will be,. Free download of Chicken Freeze, size 0 b.

Heli Heroes 1.0.1 Reality Pump Studios 

Heli Heroes updates the old-school "shoot ´em up" arcade machine games to new dimensions on today's PCs. Developed by Reality Pump Studios (Earth 2150, World War III: Black Gold) the console style title is designed for both PC and X-box platform. The PC version shows the latest possibilities in fast action graphics and. Free download of Heli Heroes 1.0.1, size 166.72 Mb.

Building Panic 1.0 Yamada No Ana Project 

Jump, shoot and build for 1 or 2 players. A war between construction workers. Who will finish the building as first?
When you defeated one of your enemies, you got his building material. Player 1 build blue walls, player 2 green walls and the enemies orange ones. For controls see Options in the menu - changeable.. Freeware download of Building Panic 1.0, size 0 b.

RIP3: The Last Hero 1. 6. 2006 Elephant games 

RIP3: The Last Hero is a futuristic shoot´em up game. This game has been developed by Elephant Games, that doesn´t sell or distribute it. In turn, Meridian4, mentioned in the game in the first place, and now offers it at its webpage.

The game is played in a pot-down view. You will fight against invaders that. Free download of RIP3: The Last Hero 1. 6. 2006, size 0 b.

StarBlastrix LB Programming 

Starblastrix is a side scrolling shoot'em up game in which your task is to complete the 8 missions destroying as many enemies as you can.Some enemies release powerups and additional weapons that you can fire with the Z key on the keyboard or the button 3 of the joystick.When you get an extra weapon, an icon and a weapon level bar appear on the. Freeware download of StarBlastrix, size 9.06 Mb.

Kraptor 1.0.2 - April 2004 Kronoman 

Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game, where you must fight against tons of bad dudes. The game offers high speed action, with massive destruction and lots of fun. Kraptor features a powerful engine for 2D shooter scroller games. Massive destruction, powerful weapons, all that you always wanted in this kind of games!

. Freeware download of Kraptor 1.0.2 - April 2004, size 10.36 Mb.

FaceWound Facepunch Studios 

Facewound is a 2D side scrolling shoot em up.
We're doing some really great stuff, here's a quick list of features:
Pixel shader effects:
-Refracted water reflection
-Water ripples
-Shockwave effects
-Heat wave effects
Specular effects
-Full screen post processing
-Over. Freeware download of FaceWound , size 28.94 Mb.