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OTHELLO: space shooter action game 0.1.8 

Games \ Arcade Style

Othello is a space shooter action game similar to Metroid. It does not aim to be a copy however, and has a unique storyline. All the "pre" stuff is about complete, so development will focus on gameplay.. Freeware download of OTHELLO: space shooter action game 0.1.8, size 14.55 Mb.


Winter Warland 1.0 Winterwarland 

Games \ Arcade Style

Winter Warland is a unique multi-platform isometric shooter. This game contains a leveling system where after each level you get to upgrade nine different features of your character relating to your gloves, boots, and coat.

During a battle, there is an inventory system where you can store snowballs and an assortment of eight different. Freeware download of Winter Warland 1.0, size 18.25 Mb.

Sakala Game Engine 0.1 Sakala 

Games \ Strategy

A mutiplayer scriptable game engine written in Common Lisp.Designed for experimenting with AI and scriptable control systems.The game is combination of a graphical nethack and space shooter.

Sakala Game Engine 0.1 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Sakala Game Engine 0.1, size 7.42 Mb.

Note shooter game 9 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Listen and recognize note free online music ear training game. Online music lesson for all standards and styles of musician are available all over the net. Some sites offer these to encourage you to purchase their services, products or to enhance their site and they're free!. Freeware download of Note shooter game 9, size 51.20 Kb.

D2X-XL for Mac OS X 1.15.283 Dietfrid Mali 

Games \ Misc. Games

D2X-XL is an OpenGL port of the classic 3D Shooter game Descent 2 for Win32, Linux and Mac OS X, containing many enhancements and bug fixes while preserving full backwards compatibility.
· Colored lighting and lightmap support.
· Full CTF mode.
· Entropy multiplayer game mode.
· UDP/IP multiplayer. Freeware download of D2X-XL for Mac OS X 1.15.283, size 38.80 Mb.


Games \ Misc. Games

AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, is a free first-person-shooter based on the game Cube. Set in a realistic looking environment, while gameplay stays fast and arcade. This game is all about team oriented multiplayer fun.. Freeware download of AssaultCube, size 2.56 Mb.

Bedroom Battle Tanks 1.0 

Games \ Arcade Style

Bedroom battle tanks is a JGame based 2D tank shooter created as an entry for a game development competition.. Freeware download of Bedroom Battle Tanks 1.0, size 30.96 Mb.

Capivar Hunter 0.1.0 

Games \ Misc. Games

Capivar Hunter is a simple 3d shooter written in Python/OpenGL intended as a learning platform to Game Development, Python and 3d Programming. Although it should be at least somewhat funny, the main objective of it is being simple and easy to extend.. Freeware download of Capivar Hunter 0.1.0, size 18.73 Kb.

Eesti Rocket Multiplayer 32 

Games \ Arcade Style

Eesti Rocket Multiplayer is a multiplayer 2-D space action shooter and is a sequel to unknown to public Eesti Rocket, which is by all means is the game of all times.. Freeware download of Eesti Rocket Multiplayer 32, size 7.89 Mb.

Escape of the Unicorn 

Games \ Arcade Style

This is 2D flying shooter game. The aim is to escape from the dangerous cave and save your life.. Freeware download of Escape of the Unicorn, size 1.58 Mb.

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge 1.0 

Games \ Misc. Games

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge is a first-person action shooter game that combines time travel to take the player through the jurassic period, camelot period, and into the future chasing down Morgana.. Freeware download of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge 1.0, size 2.32 Mb.

Galaxy Foes V2 rc 

Games \ Arcade Style

A fun, playable, 2D network multiplayer space shooter game, written from scratch using c/c++ and OpenGL. Inspired by the Amiga classic Gravity Force. Play race, mission or dogfight. Single player, with friends or against AI. There are now 50+ levels and a map-editor included.The game features online hiscore and replays on the website. Also there is. Freeware download of Galaxy Foes V2 rc, size 26.73 Mb.

ProtoCombat 6.2 

Games \ Simulations

2D top down tank shooter game. Features multiple vehicle types and weapons. Also has multiple game types including deathmatch and a team objective based game.. Freeware download of ProtoCombat 6.2, size 37.57 Mb.

Trip on the Funny Boat 32 

Games \ Arcade Style

Trip on the Funny Boat is side scrolling arcade shooter game on a steamboat equipped with a cannon and the ability to jump. The player will need to take advantage of waves to defeat the enemies and dodge hazards.. Freeware download of Trip on the Funny Boat 32, size 11.58 Mb.

Unit 85 alpha1 

Games \ Misc. Games

Unit 85: a first-person shooter, developed as a casual game. It will hopefully become a mission based, 007-style, multiplayer game. The intent is to release this game on a large scale, if it ever gets far enough. It may end up as a simple web-based game.. Freeware download of Unit 85 alpha1, size 8.92 Mb.

Warrior MMOG rc.0.0.1 

Games \ Arcade Style

A 2D, top-down multiplayer online shooter game, based on SubSpace/Continuum. Warrior will take the idea of SubSpace but add a large number of new features to extend the possibilities in game play.. Freeware download of Warrior MMOG rc.0.0.1, size 98.42 Kb.

Galaxy Forces V2 rc Galaxyv2 

Games \ Arcade Style

A fun, playable, 2D network multiplayer space shooter game, written from scratch using c/c++ and OpenGL. Inspired by the Amiga classic Gravity Force. Play race, mission or dogfight. Single player, with friends or against AI. There are now 50+ levels and a map-editor included.

The game features online hiscore and replays on the website.. Freeware download of Galaxy Forces V2 rc, size 26.73 Mb.

RPG Game Icons 2011.1 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

As an RPG gaming developer you understand the time it takes to create custom gaming illustrations and icons. If you have done your research you most likely have found that a lot of the ready made graphics are inferior quality which means that you are better off investing the time to create your own. Thanks to our RPG Game Icons now you can focus. Free download of RPG Game Icons 2011.1, size 1.40 Mb.

Free Game Icons 2011.1 Aha-soft 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

This free icon set of Free Game Icons offers game developers a variety of images that will come handy for all the kinds of computer games you can imagine. It includes icons for Lock, Door, Apple, Chain, Jester, Wizard, and many more. All the images provided come in three sizes (32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 pixels) and in a True Color color format with a. Freeware download of Free Game Icons 2011.1, size 19.31 Mb.

Arcade Game Bird Brawl 1.0 Arcade Game 

Games \ Arcade Style

Arade game cross of Angry Birds and Smash Brothers, Bird Brawl follows the flight pattern of other fast-paced multiplayer fighting games.

Using lasers, waterballoons, eggs and more, up to four players can ruffle each others feathers in a battle-royale to see who can first reach enough points to advance to the next level in this. Freeware download of Arcade Game Bird Brawl 1.0, size 7.58 Mb.