Simple Scenery Sketches For Kids

Fairly Odd Parents Information Stupor 32.0 Nickelodeon 

Fairly Odd Parents Information Stupor Highway is a racing game for kids in which you must help Timmy, Cosmo or Wanda surf the internet to recover an email Timmy accidentally sent to Suzie.
The game includes three different modes, namely Race, Time trial and Email rescue. In Race mode, you have to line up against Cricker's evil green. Free download of Fairly Odd Parents Information Stupor 32.0, size 6.54 Mb.


Dora the Explorer 3D Pyramid Adventure 1.0 Nick Jr. 

Dora the Explorer Pyramid Adventure is a great 3D game for kids. Players can choose among three levels of difficulty ( Easy, Medium and Hard) depending on their age and skills.
The aim of this game is to help Dora find the golden key to get to the top of the pyramid and find the lost city. In the Easy level, players will need to jump three. Free download of Dora the Explorer 3D Pyramid Adventure 1.0, size 0 b.

Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure 32.0 Nick Jr. Arcade 

Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure is a nice game for kids in which you have to help Dora collect the library books that Swiper has hidden. What you have to do is lead Dora through a pathway and collect the books. Also, Swiper can be stopped by moving Dora toward him. You can also collect special postcards by walking through the gates of the main. Free download of Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure 32.0, size 6.45 Mb.

Card Tricks 1 1 Playful Age 

Card Tricks is an exciting game for kids that consists of a range of interesting puzzles. It is a type of popular game mahjong that is played all around the world. The game uses playing cards instead of standard tiles. It’s really interesting idea. The game has very colorful graphics and simple interface. Game process is provided by. Free download of Card Tricks 1 1, size 0 b.

OverlayEditor 2 4 Jonathan Harris 

This interesting application edits X-Plane DSF overlay scenery packages for X-Plane 8.30 or later. Once this application is started for the first time, you will need to locate your X-Plane folder, for the Overlay Editor program to function correctly.. Freeware download of OverlayEditor 2 4, size 9.27 Mb.

Instant Object Maker 1.0.2 

Instant Object Maker is an easy-to-use tool for making simple 3D objects for Flight Simulator.
Instant Object Maker allows creating realistic looking objects using photographs or any other images. Simply outline individual polygons composing the object on one or more photographs and put them together to form a 3D object. Instant Object Maker. Free download of Instant Object Maker 1.0.2, size 6.62 Mb.

AutoCAD Freestyle Autodesk 

A simple design tool for smart ideas. It's easy to use, low-cost 2D drawing program ideal for creating professional-looking drawings, layouts, and plans that you can share. No training required.

AutoCAD Freestyle is useful in many professional workflows:
1. Drawings created in AutoCAD Freestyle can be opened in AutoCAD and. Free download of AutoCAD Freestyle, size 0 b.

NextBlue Skin for NPVR 1 54 NextPVR 

NextBlue is designed to be a simple, comprehensive skin for use with 16x9 wide screen displays.

Main features:
- Special features of this skin include large music/picture/video list views plus an expanded TV Guide listing screen that includes episode titles.
- Eleven additional background images are provided to allow users. Freeware download of NextBlue Skin for NPVR 1 54, size 3.42 Mb.

Simple Authoritative Name Server 1.0.1 Meilof Veeningen 

Simple Authoritative Name Server is a simple DNS server for all Windows platforms, Windows 95 and up, that can be a primary DNS server for your domains. Consisting of only one graphical program, you can get your own basic DNS server, supporting zone transfers and standard master files, up and running with a few clicks of your mouse!

. Freeware download of Simple Authoritative Name Server 1.0.1, size 100.79 Mb.

Pokemon AG Screensaver 1.0 Alex99 

Pokemon AG Screensaver is a very beautiful screensaver for kids.

The screensaver shows 20 pictures Pokemon with soundtrack and animation. Images have effects with animation: flighting in space, a scaling, slide across your desktop.

This animated screensaver is distributed as Freeware so with a few simple clicks you can. Freeware download of Pokemon AG Screensaver 1.0, size 1.50 Mb.

Kid's Typing Skills 2.0.0017 KIDware 

Kid's Typing Skills is a typing tutor for kids. It teaches kids how to use the keyboard, a very needed skill nowadays, due to the increasing role of computers in every human activity. Through simple lessons, aided by sounds, the program will train kids to use the keyboard correctly. The "Learn Keyboard" choice will show the kids the. Freeware download of Kid's Typing Skills 2.0.0017, size 2.29 Mb.

HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC 1 23 Adrian DC 

HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC is a simple analog clock for your Windows PC.

HTC Hero Clock is a grey and black clock widget with big bold numerals.

You can easily change its appearance by simply clicking on the clock.

In order to work properly you should install JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player.. Freeware download of HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC 1 23, size 3.16 Mb.

Clic Notes HN 1.0 happynote 

Click Music Notes HN is a learning mouse game for kids. To play, you must click on a note and turn it into animal. The speed of moving music notes can be set from 0 (immobile) to 100 (unplayable, even for parents!). It is also possible to play with all notes or only some : a simple click on a music note before you start the game, disable it. When. Freeware download of Clic Notes HN 1.0, size 4.14 Mb.

Simple Odds Converter 1 1 Online Sports Betting 

A quick and simple windows calculator for converting sports odds between the three common formats; UK (fractional), European (decimal), and American style.. Freeware download of Simple Odds Converter 1 1, size 847.87 Kb.

Webuzo for Impleo 2.0 Softaculous Ltd 

Impleo is a simple PHP-script for managing your record collection. It's possible to add, edit and delete records. Each record contains the name of the artist, title of the record and year of release. In addition to this, it's possible to add any kind of detail of your own choise.. Free download of Webuzo for Impleo 2.0, size 247.98 Mb.

Daily Factoid 1.0.1 

A fun daily factoid for kids, families, teachers and life-long learners. A Mac OSX dashboard widget from Freeware download of Daily Factoid 1.0.1, size 31.74 Kb.

Cyclops BallZ 1 4 Brontes Processing 

Cyclops BallZ - webcam motion game for YOU and your KIDS! Thanks to a webcam and special algorithms your family will be taken into virtual world of entertainment! 3 different modes * Lounger mode - you control the game with use of mouse * Active mode ( also called Calories Burning Mode) - you control the game without touching the keyboard, mouse or. Free download of Cyclops BallZ 1 4, size 80.47 Mb.

Lounge Cocktail Barman 1.0 

Freeware cooking and memory game for kids from You are working at the Lounge Cocktail Bar as barmen, your task is to look at the recipe, take the glass and ingredients by memory and shake delicious cocktails.. Freeware download of Lounge Cocktail Barman 1.0, size 3.94 Mb.

Simple Counter 1.0 RTSoftwares 

Count with Free Simple Counter Utility for Windows. Run Single or Multiple Instances of this Simple Counter Utility to Count Single or Multiple Things. Simple Counter works on Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows Versions.

You can use this Simple Counter to count anything using the Increment and Decrement Buttons. The. Freeware download of Simple Counter 1.0, size 302.56 Kb.

jabber-mp 0.1 shukuyen 

This is a simple Jabber client for the popular mediacenter software MediaPortal (homepage Everytime you start Mediaportal it will connect to Jabber with an account you set up. You are then able to send messages to your TV via a second Jabber or Google Talk account. If your message contains a question mark the user of Mediaportal can answer to it. Freeware download of jabber-mp 0.1, size 282.62 Kb.

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