Simulator For Blackberry Enterprise Server

Recovery for Sybase 1.1.0847 Recoveronix Ltd. 

Recovery for Sybase is a powerful data recovery software for damaged Sybase database files (.DAT). Sudden hardware or software failure may cause huge damage to the information worth a week of hard work. In this case a reliable recovery tool, such as SybaseRecovery, is able to return essential data. Recovery for Sybase restores tables, views and. Free download of Recovery for Sybase 1.1.0847, size 1.09 Mb.


FlexWindow Enterprise Server 1.0.1 FlexWindow 

Have you ever wished updating your web site were as easy as, say, sending an e-mail? With FlexWindow it is. Simply define content areas on your site. Then send an e-mail with the content you want to appear in that "flexwindow". FlexWindow Enterprise Server is software that can process e-mail and publish its content on web sites. E-mail is. Free download of FlexWindow Enterprise Server 1.0.1, size 1.42 Mb.

XTI for SLES 9 and SuSE 9.3 x86-64 2.6.5.rc1 

A 64-bit port of OpenSS7 to SuSE Linux 9.3 2.6.5-7.244-smp stock kernel, and the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 2.6.5-7.244 stock kernel.. Freeware download of XTI for SLES 9 and SuSE 9.3 x86-64 2.6.5.rc1, size 14.82 Mb.

FileReflex 1.4.5 Karya Technologies 

FileReflex works with Smartphone to provide data connectivity through firewall to instantly search and view your desktop documents, work with your personal outlook emails & contacts and listen to your iTunes. With the intuitive mobile interface FileReflex would truly allow you to stay connected to your desktop. Mobile users connecting via. Free download of FileReflex 1.4.5, size b.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator 10.0.06 Beta 2 Research In Motion Limited 

BlackBerry 10 Simulator offers developers an environment for testing their apps as if they were on BlackBerry 10 devices.

This simulator runs inside a virtual machine that features support for accelerated graphics and audio, as well as peripheral simulation.

. Free download of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator 10.0.06 Beta 2, size 0 b.

BlackBerry 10 Simulator 10.0.04 Dev Alpha Research In Motion Limited 

BlackBerry 10 Simulator offers developers an environment for testing their apps as if they were on BlackBerry 10 devices.

This simulator runs inside a virtual machine that features support for accelerated graphics and audio, as well as peripheral simulation.

. Free download of BlackBerry 10 Simulator 10.0.04 Dev Alpha, size 0 b.

Server Backup Enterprise BBS Technologies 

Server Backup Enterprise is a powerful tool designed to backup your data by using a block level technology. It is designed to shorten the backup time and reduce the disk usage for large backups.

You can use this tool for scheduling frequent backups for your servers and quickly recover large file systems or entire servers.

Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Faronics Corporation 

Deep Freeze Server Enterprise instantly protects and preserves original server configurations. It is 100% successful at restoring the server on every restart down to the last byte.

Servers are always kept at peak performance because Deep Freeze prevents operating system corruption and hard disk fragmentation, and as a result, software. Free download of Deep Freeze Server Enterprise, size 0 b.

Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition 10.0.608 Executive Software 

File fragmentation is a common problem with all the computer hard drives, be it a home computer or a server. It happens because files are created in a manner that doesn't account for the future expansion of its size. So, it can span various locations of a hard disk. This makes it difficult to access the files as it takes more time.

AyRecovery Enterprise Ristom Software Tech Co.,Ltd 

AyRecovery Enterprise is a client/server based LAN network management solution and has two major components: Remote Management Server Service and Remote Management Console.Remote Management Server Service

The main task of Remote Management Server Service is to maintain client computers and the network connections of long-distance. Free download of AyRecovery Enterprise, size 12.92 Mb.

VueChat Enterprise Server 1.3 VueCam 

VueChat is a set of business solutions, techniques and technologies that allow people to communicate and build modern and efficient relations with customers and partners all over the world. For home use, you may want to begin with VueChat Home which is the easiest way to start. With VueChat Home you may connect to every available VueChat Server. Free download of VueChat Enterprise Server 1.3, size 621.57 Kb.

Serio IT Service View Pro 5.5.04 Serio Ltd 

Serio IT Service View Pro is a server/ network device monitoring and ITIL Availability Management tool rolled into one.

Define one or more Service Level Agreements for the devices you are monitoring. The reports scheduler can email availability and downtime graphs and statistics for those devices to you and your customers. You. Free download of Serio IT Service View Pro 5.5.04, size 5.87 Mb.

OSPrey_Call_Simulator 1.0 Osp-simulator 

The OSPrey Call Simulator reads an input file of Call Detail Records (CDRs) to recreate those calls as simulated transactions with an OSP server. The Call Simulator reads the Called Number (plus other optional fields) from each CDR and sends an OSP AuthorizationRequest to an OSP server which responds with an OSP AuthorizationResponse. The Call. Freeware download of OSPrey_Call_Simulator 1.0, size 0 b.

GLEaMviz Simulator - Public Edition 2 6 Wordpress 

GLEaMviz Simulator is a software system for the simulation of infectious emerging diseases spreading across the world. Using GLEaM, a stochastic computational model that integrates high-resolution demographic and mobility data worldwide, GLEaMviz Simulator simulates disease spreading on the worldwide scale.

GLEaMviz Simulator is a. Freeware download of GLEaMviz Simulator - Public Edition 2 6, size 18.61 Mb.

Enterprise Remote Control 5.0 IntelliAdmin, LLC 

Enterprise Remote Control allows you to connect to machines anywhere You need to support computers across your company, no matter how far they get from you. Enterprise Remote Control puts you in control. No third party servers, no monthly fees. Save Time Built to work around firewalls. The Enterprise Server performs calculations on each connection. Free download of Enterprise Remote Control 5.0, size 4.34 Mb.

Pyrenean DNSKong 1.34 Pyrenean 

What is DNSKong?

DNSKong is a personal caching-only psuedoDNS server. DNSKong only serves the localhost. No machine from the outside world will be able to use your DNSKong.

It uses the file, named.txt as rules for matching DNS queries to the local IP address, The rule heuristic for this version is first. Freeware download of Pyrenean DNSKong 1.34, size 272.63 Kb.

MySQL Database Recovery 12.06.01 MySQL Database Recovery 

MySQL is an open source relational database management program for Web portals. It stores user data in InnoDB or MyISAM database. MySQL Server is available in two versions such as MySQL Community Server and MySQL Enterprise Server. Databases of MySQL Server can be stored either in local disk or Network drive. There are certain factors that lock the. Free download of MySQL Database Recovery 12.06.01, size 4.06 Mb.

Diskeeper 2008 Enterprise Server 2008 Diskeeper Corporation 

Diskeeper 2008 EnterpriseServer empowers IT professionals and systems managers to enhance the performance and reliability of their systems with no extra overhead, time or resources. Allow Diskeeper to give your hard drives a transparent tune-up while you enjoy unprecedented speed and reliability. Diskeeper 2008 EnterpriseServer provides the fastest. Free download of Diskeeper 2008 Enterprise Server 2008, size 26.55 Mb.

FindinSite-JS 6.01 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd 

FindinSite-JS is a Search engine for web sites that consist of HTML, PDF, DOC,PPT, TXT and JPEG files. FindinSite-JS is a Java Servlet that will run in most servers. Some servers will need to be equipped with a servlet engine. Keep your search engine up to date - schedule FindinSite-JS to index your web site or intranet regularly, with a report. Free download of FindinSite-JS 6.01, size 1.39 Mb.

Double Image Backup Software 7.0.43 Host Interface International 

Copies restore point images. Restore all or part of a restore points selecting drives, folders and files. Backup restore point images to other drives and network locations. Repair a system from restore points.

Files are copied natively; remain non-proprietary on the target.
Designed to run multi-threaded allowing for simultaneous. Free download of Double Image Backup Software 7.0.43, size 11.47 Mb.

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