Singing Echo

Listening Singing Teacher 1.27 AlgorithmsAndDatastructures 

Listening Singing Teacher helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm. The visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness allow you to train your "mental ear" by aiming the pitch in your head and adjusting your voice to produce the correct pitch. The replay possibility lets you hear yourself and analyze your strength and weaknesses in the. Free download of Listening Singing Teacher 1.27, size 45.00 Mb.


SoliCall 1.6.9 SoliCall 

SoliCall has developed innovative software that helps VoIP users to improve voice quality. Screaming kids? Disturbing Echo? Keyboard-strokes? With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is.
This version is aimed at improving your experience by giving you better sound quality when making any type of VoIP call (e.g. PC-to-PC,. Freeware download of SoliCall 1.6.9, size 1.34 Mb.

SoliCall Pro 1.7.35 SoliCall 

SoliCall, a leading provider of software products for improving audio quality in telephony, has released a professional version of its successful softphone add-on product.

SoliCall Pro is available for individuals who seek to improve the quality of their phone calls. Now your calls will also be free from noise and echo. For example,. Free download of SoliCall Pro 1.7.35, size 1.28 Mb.

Personal PBXMate (SoliCall) 1.6.41 SoliCall 

SoliCall, a leading provider of real time noise reduction and echo cancellation solutions for voice calls, has released a personal version of its successful enterprise level PBXMate product.

The PBXMate is being used by organizations to improve audio quality in their VoIP network. Now this product is also be available for individuals. Free download of Personal PBXMate (SoliCall) 1.6.41, size 945.90 Kb.

SPC Karaoke 1 1 Steve Copper 

Made for karaoke kj`s, who need their song sheets in a neat order to make finding a track quick and simple for the singing public.

The karaoke creator enables you to add music and lyrics to a video, and synchronize them to quickly create a karaoke video.

So now you have a new application that will definitely improve the. Freeware download of SPC Karaoke 1 1, size 33.78 Mb.


Come explore a brand new world, where valkyries soar up high across the cloudless sky singing their songs of grace, while demons roam free on the lands below, terrorizing everything in their paths. A world where brave mens are plenty, walking the hero's path, protecting the unprotected.This is a world where legends are made from.

. Freeware download of ZNRO 6.0, size 0 b.

tksolfege 8. 4. 2008 seymour shlien 

Tksolfege is an ear training program for learning to recognize chords, intervals, perform rhythm dictation, solfege dictation and singing solfege sequences. The program requires Tcl/Tk 8.4, however the Windows executable has Tcl/Tk builtin. It is an interesting software.. Freeware download of tksolfege 8. 4. 2008, size 74.50 Mb.

VirtualCompas 1.0 VirtualCompas 

Assistant for the rhythmic art practice Flamenco (guitar, palmas, dance, singing ...) by listening, creating, and visualization of the Compás.

Create software that allows a rhythmic Flamenco most realistic (avoiding the effect of 'metronome')
metronome) and must adapt to user requirements.
The aim of. Free download of VirtualCompas 1.0, size 9.20 Mb.

TCP Traceroute 

TCP Traceroute is a traceroute implementation using TCP SYN packets, instead of the more traditional UDP or ICMP ECHO packets. In doing so, it is able to trace through many common firewall filters. You can use the home edition for free but must pay for the corporate License.. Free download of TCP Traceroute, size 30.55 Mb.

EchoPCVision 10. 3. 2010 AEA Technology, Inc. 

For use with VIA Echo network analyzer instruments, all models.Reading data from any source (Echo live, Echo’s memory, or PC file) will plot the data onto all the appropriate charts, not just the chart being viewed.

You can now change chart tabs and see the data in a different formats (VIA plot, Smith Chart, SWR plot, etc.). Freeware download of EchoPCVision 10. 3. 2010, size 4.92 Mb.

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus 1.0.47 Blaze Audio 

Voice Cloak Plus gives you a 5 band Equalizer, robot voice effects, flange, echo, pitchshift, and chorus! Get one-click Acousticons! Change the way Voice Cloak Plus looks with cool skins! Each month Blaze Audio will offer new Acousticons for you to add to Voice Cloak Plus. Wouldn't it be fun if you could change your on-line voice into. Freeware download of Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus 1.0.47, size 0 b.

Performous 0.6.1 Performous 

Performous is a free software that will help you to improve your singing and dancing skills and having fun at the same time. No special hardware required, you may play guitar on your PC keyboard, sing on your laptop microphone and so on. If you do have SingStar microphones, Guitar Hero or Rock Band instruments, or dance pads, just plug them into. Freeware download of Performous 0.6.1, size 22.54 Mb.

Singin Tutor Xitona Software 

Singing Tutor - is interactive software for improving your singing skills and tuning musical instruments. If you want to learn singing or check your singing skills, you won’t find a better assistant than Singing Tutor. Impartial Singing Tutor will allow you to measure your voice and help you to develop your singing skills.

. Free download of Singin Tutor, size 1.47 Mb.

idolMusicStar Interactive Karaoke IdolMusicStar 

idolMusicStar interactive Karaoke game for familly idolMusicStar is a great fun software to watch for the whole family! Sing just for fun IdolMusicStar games are based on karaoke singing who are able to sense the pitch of the singer's voice. idolMusicStar is a user-friendly karaoke software featuring a smooth, easy to use, intuitive, TV graphical. Free download of idolMusicStar Interactive Karaoke, size 24.39 Mb.

Performous for Mac OS X 0.6.1 Performous Team 

Performous is a handy rhythm / performance platform that contains singing, guitar / bass playing, drumming and dancing all in one application.. Freeware download of Performous for Mac OS X 0.6.1, size 22.54 Mb.

Loomer Resound 1. 3. 2004 Loomer 

Loomer Resound is a software audio delay effect processor that emulates the sound and operation of vintage magnetic-tape echo units. Whilst not a direct copy of any one particular model, it takes features from several of the classic delay devices, and unites them into a convincing and pleasingly retro sounding effect. Resound not only models the. Free download of Loomer Resound 1. 3. 2004, size 9.10 Mb.

FREE PacketTrap Ping Scan 2.3.2011 PacketTrap Networks, Inc. 

PacketTrap (homepage Ping Scan is a FREE utility that sends ICMP ECHO requests across a network and rapidly builds a spreadsheet of responding nodes. DNS lookup information may optionally be provided by Ping Scan for each responding address. Ping Scan is part of the pt360 Tool Suite. The pt360 Tool Suite features a unique centralized dashboard and. Freeware download of FREE PacketTrap Ping Scan 2.3.2011, size 9.99 Mb.

boincecho 1.0 

BOINC Echo is an android application for tracking user data/credits over different BOINC projects.. Freeware download of boincecho 1.0, size 173.35 Kb.

compariSong 1.0 

compariSong is an audio tool to support query by singing/humming. It compares a database of popular songs with a hummed-by-user melody and returns the closest matches.. Freeware download of compariSong 1.0, size 74.39 Mb.

EchoDep Hub and Spoke 0.8 

ECHO DEPository is a digital preservation research/development project at the Univ. of Ill. Urbana-Champaign in partnership with OCLC and funded by Library of Congress under their National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP).. Freeware download of EchoDep Hub and Spoke 0.8, size 11.89 Mb.