Sketchup Blocks

Blocks That Matter Swing Swing Submarine 

You are the Tetrobot, a tiny robot that can drill blocks of matter one by one, collect them, and recycle them into new pieces of 4 blocks. You also have the possibility to destroy lines of 8+ blocks in a very «retro russian» game style.
Sand, wood, stone, obsidian, iron, diamond: each matter has its specific behaviour. Free download of Blocks That Matter, size 78.09 Mb.


Shooting Blocks 2 2. 1. 2001 AdoreStudio Ltd. 

Shooting Blocks 2 is a nice present for those who have already managed to fall in love with the previous version.The player starts the game with 3 lives. To complete a level he has to break all empty boxes trying to save boxes with bottles. Each time the player breaks an empty box he gets several points. Each time he breaks a box with bottles he. Freeware download of Shooting Blocks 2 2. 1. 2001, size 26.99 Mb.

Sequential: Blocks 1.0 Miroslaw Zielinski 

Sequential Blocks is based on an old idea with extra possibilities added. This game's continued great playbility "Sequential" game with some ideas added from the "casual games".
Your task is to clear all the board of the blocks which can consist of several layers(colours). You can remove the blocks by choosing any. Free download of Sequential: Blocks 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

Raylectron 2.09 SoftByte Labs. 

Raylectron is an affordable, easy, fast and a powerful Sketchup render plugin. It does not need any editing by other graphic software (such as Photoshop) to produce photorealistic renders. Depending on the scene being rendered, one can use Raytrace with true shadows, Path tracing with or without direct illumination and Photon mapping. Each creating. Free download of Raylectron 2.09, size 1.95 Mb.

PenguinBobber 3 2 BadgeHelp, Inc. 

PeguinBobber will play your Penguin Blocks game for you on Get the pogo penguin blocks game up first and then run PeguinBobber. PenguinBobber is a penguin blocks cheat. Free download of PenguinBobber 3 2, size 608.26 Kb.

Code::Blocks EDU Portable 1. 1. 2001 Coder 

Code::Blocks is an open source, free, configurable programming environment for C/C++. The Code::Blocks EDU-Portable interface, integrated help, tools and default compilation settings are all configured for ease of learning C and C++.
The EDU-Portable configuration of Code::Blocks provides easy, one-click installation as a portable application. Freeware download of Code::Blocks EDU Portable 1. 1. 2001, size 121.63 Mb.

Tower Blocks 1.3.2000 Novel Games Limited 

In this game you need to build a tower that is as tall as possible. Blocks will hang from the top and when you click the mouse button, the block will drop down. If it fails to land on the block beneath, then you lose a block and when you loses three blocks, the game will be over. If you manage to drop the block perfectly on the block beneath, then. Freeware download of Tower Blocks 1.3.2000, size 267.26 Kb.

iXBlock 2.1.2003 se-rm 

Replace blocks/objects in AutoCAD and Bricscad. With iXBlock you can replace blocks with a block or any objects with any object (lines with a text, circles with a block, etc.) and properties can be retained from the blocks/objects that are to be replaced.. Freeware download of iXBlock 2.1.2003, size 3.10 Mb.

Beam Blocks 0.0.2 

Beam Blocks is a tile-based, turn-based, deterministic puzzle game. The object of the game is to, on each level, collect a fixed number of gems and escape the level through an exit hatch, resembling in that aspect games like Boulderdash.. Freeware download of Beam Blocks 0.0.2, size 77.58 Kb.

Blocks Language 0.2 

Blocks is a block-oriented graphical programming language. Programming is simply a matter of dragging and dropping blocks. Blocks can be used as an education language, as an extension language for Java applications or as an autonomous script language.. Freeware download of Blocks Language 0.2, size 1.33 Mb.

Blocks Game/BrickMonkey 1.0 

Use the spacebar to stop the blocks moving from side to side. Line them up carefully, because those that aren't supported will fall. There are 20 rows; blocks in each subsequent row move faster, making it harder, and score multiplier increases each row.. Freeware download of Blocks Game/BrickMonkey 1.0, size 16.44 Kb.

Code::Blocks IDE rc 

Code::Blocks is an open-source cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for C/C++. Designed with flexibility in mind, most of its features are provided by external modules (plugins) making it easily extendable and configurable.. Freeware download of Code::Blocks IDE rc, size 7.27 Mb.

Flamingo Electronic Building Blocks 1602.010001 

This project provides the software for Flamingo electronic building blocks (FEBB).. Freeware download of Flamingo Electronic Building Blocks 1602.010001, size 6.87 Kb.

GGs blocks 1.0 

GGs Blocks is a free implementation of the popular puzzle game -Samegame- for the Palm Pilot platform. Features include full colour and B/W support, battery friendliness and high scores.. Freeware download of GGs blocks 1.0, size 30.40 Kb.

MIM Blocks 0.1 

A set of blocks games (sokoban, taquin and various others) in 3D. Freeware download of MIM Blocks 0.1, size 688.62 Kb.

Rss:Blocks 0.4 

Rss::Blocks is a codeblocks plugin that shows rss feeds from the channel of your choice in a window that can easily be customized using html. Freeware download of Rss:Blocks 0.4, size 53.29 Kb.

Stacker Blocks 3D 386 

Stacker Blocks 3D is a falling blocks game in the style of classic Tetris. However, unlike classic Tetris, Stacker Blocks uses Direct3D graphics to give the game added visual appeal. It is available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.. Freeware download of Stacker Blocks 3D 386, size 235.19 Kb.

Threading Building Blocks rc 

Threading Building Blocks offers a rich and complete approach to expressing parallelism in a C++ program. It is a library that helps you leverage multi-core processors for performance and scalability without having to be a threading expert.. Freeware download of Threading Building Blocks rc, size 706.64 Kb.

Tical - another falling-blocks game 32 

Tical is yet another falling-blocks game with freely adjustable field size and a "wrap-around-mode" where the left and right borders of the field are virtually connected.. Freeware download of Tical - another falling-blocks game 32, size 605.77 Kb.

Ultra Blocks rc 

Ultra Blocks is a simple 2D puzzle game for Win32/DirectX 8.0 that plays like Tetris(TM).. Freeware download of Ultra Blocks rc, size 102.83 Kb.