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Child Care Control Console 1.0 OleinaSoft 

Child Care Control Console was designed to help you in sence of automatic control of the time your child spends playing games and working on the computer during a day. Even if you are not near your child, Child Care Control Console measures and controls the total time your child spends on his computer and locks the computer after that time. Free download of Child Care Control Console 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.


Fischfilets 2 1.0 ALTAR Games 

Underwater puzzle game with two talking fish playing the role of secret agents. Another six creatures with unique abilities join the player's team in the course of the game. More than a hundred mind-boggling levels based on simple yet very interesting game mechanics. Colorful and animated environments, both underwater and on the shore.. Freeware download of Fischfilets 2 1.0, size 31.92 Mb.

RPG names 1.0 Rpgnames 

RPG names is a name generator for use as Game Master instant assistant when playing Role Playing Games. RPG names is an application original written for Linux PDAs, currently running on the Sharp Zaurus PDA. Own XML files with random names can be used.

RPG names 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of RPG names 1.0, size 0 b.

Mining Truck 1.0 

Mining Truck is a fun game in witch you are playing the role of a truck driver, your aim is to collect the stones from one side deliver them to the other side to the factory along a trick challenging road. but on the way make sure not to drop your the load. the fuller truck is delivers more the points. This game is fun and addicting so get your. Freeware download of Mining Truck 1.0, size 2.50 Mb.

Sim Taxi Lotopolis 1.0 

New Sim Taxi series – take a place on Lotopolis city. You’re playing a role of the taxi driver. Pick up your passengers and deliver them to the place they want to go. Earn money for your work. With new minimap feature and police car warning. Good game for taxi racing games fun! Use Arrow Keys to Move your cab, Space – refill. Freeware download of Sim Taxi Lotopolis 1.0, size 4.85 Mb.

Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome 1.02 Wolf Mittag 

historical role-playing game ** 12 B.C.: By order of Emperor Augustus, Roman legions conquer barbarian Germania. Fight for your tribe's freedom - or form an alliance with Rome! ** meet kings and warriors, priestesses and legionaries ** explore Teutonic villages, royal halls and peasants' huts, sacred groves and Roman camps, forests, swamps and. Free download of Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome 1.02, size 6.11 Mb.

Popnoggin 1.0.709 Popspring 

Ever argue with your kids about computer time? Feel guilty for letting them play too long? Popnoggin helps by making all computer time educational, no matter what your child is doing. Popnoggin's pop-up flashcards make kids pay-to-play their own computer games. Kids learn multiplication, vocabulary, geography and more while playing, surfing,. Free download of Popnoggin 1.0.709, size 3.03 Mb.

AJAXCMSCreator DeveloperInABox 

Generates an AJAX enabled .NET visual studio 2005 content management system in c# or VB.Net for your SQL server database, including all tables, views, stored procedures, webservices and integrates with any existing pages you may have. Recognises relationships between tables and allows dynamic drill-down from parent to child data. Full role based. Free download of AJAXCMSCreator, size 3.94 Mb.

Disney-Pixar WALL-E THQ 

Wall-E is an adventure game developed by THQ and published by Disney Interactive.

The story focuses on the character that gives its name to the film, a small robot that after 700 years cleaning up the planet Earth, has begun showing curiosity about things that it can find around, and finally it develops a personality. Free download of Disney-Pixar WALL-E, size 0 b.

SpongeBob Diner Dash 2: Two Times the 3 2 Oberon Media 

The “SpongeBob Diner Dash” game is created after this well know cartoons character, SpongeBob. The “diner dash” part of the game title, let’s you know that the game is related to the food business. Actually, you’re gonna be representing SpongeBob who will be playing the role of a waiter,. Free download of SpongeBob Diner Dash 2: Two Times the 3 2, size 20.23 Mb.

The Realm Online 3.220 Norseman Games 

The Realm Online” is an exciting, adventurous land of monsters, magic, and medieval society. Enter a world of companionship where thousands of players from around the globe are waiting to welcome you to a Transform yourself into a Giant Warrior, an Elf Wizard, a Human Adventurer, or any of the hundreds of totally customizable beings.very. Free download of The Realm Online 3.220, size 32.79 Mb.

Earthrise 1.0.0 Masthead Studios 

Earthrise is a post-apocalyptic science fiction MMORPG set in the distant future. In the aftermath of the Third World War, mankind has managed to survive and build a new society. Cloning, nanotechnology and quantum engineering are part of the new reality. Thanks to these technological advances, the human species have become immortal. Each. Freeware download of Earthrise 1.0.0, size 3.01 Mb.

Shama Sikander - screensaver 1.00 

If your a fan of the beautiful indian actress Shama Sikander then you have to get the Shama Sikander - screensaver developed by

Shama Sikander is an Indian Film/TV actress. She is known mainly for playing the role of Pooja Mehta in the popular Sony TV drama Ye Meri Life Hai.In 1991, she came to Mumbai to try her luck in. Freeware download of Shama Sikander - screensaver 1.00, size 2.18 Mb.

Exchange Disaster Recovery Software 13.06.01 Exchange Disaster Recovery 

Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager eliminates all Exchange Server corruption issues. It allows network administrator to recover user mailboxes of a corrupt Exchange Server. EDB to PST conversion tool recover Exchange user mailboxes from the severely damaged EDB file. It convert retrieved MS Exchange accounts in PST, MSG, EML files or Live Exchange. Free download of Exchange Disaster Recovery Software 13.06.01, size 32.82 Mb.

Kernel for Word to PDF 11. 2. 2001 Lepide Data Recovery 

This Kernel for Word to PDF conversion software is a powerful tool and can always be considered as the most feasible alternative to perform Word to PDF file conversion. Best aspect of this tool is its usage of the technically advanced algorithms can be considered as the key to convert Word file to PDF file. In fact, this is one such software that. Free download of Kernel for Word to PDF 11. 2. 2001, size 4.51 Mb.

jalada Comrade Stalin 1. 6. 2005 jalada GmbH 

jalada Comrade Stalin is a historical real-time strategy game. While playing, you, in the role of Comrade Stalin, have to turn the Soviet Union into a mayor power and defend it against its enemies. Upon starting your mission you land from your transport and organize your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new. Free download of jalada Comrade Stalin 1. 6. 2005, size 177.90 Mb.

jalada Comrade Stalin for Windows 1. 6. 2004 jalada GmbH 

jalada Comrade Stalin is a historical real-time strategy game. While playing, you, in the role of Comrade Stalin, have to turn the Soviet Union into a mayor power and defend it against its enemies. Upon starting your mission you land from your transport and organize your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new. Free download of jalada Comrade Stalin for Windows 1. 6. 2004, size 137.55 Mb.

Community Video Chat 5.0 Flashcoms ltd. 

Community Video chat provides multi-user real-time audio/video communication without any additional software installation on the client side.
Video windows can appear either as separate windows over the chat interface or in a designated "video dock" area. Community video chat supports
multiple chat rooms. A new cool feature is. Free download of Community Video Chat 5.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Breath of Fire II 1.0 GameGuerilla 

Breath of Fire II, originally Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child , is the second role-playing game in the Breath of Fire series. It was developed by Capcom for the Super Famicom and released in Japan in 1994. Capcom subsequently released the game in North America in 1995, and licensed it to Laguna for European release in 1996. Breath of Fire II was. Freeware download of Breath of Fire II 1.0, size 2.61 Mb.

Winged Warrior III 3.0d Dataware 

Winged Warrior III is the third role playing game in the series. In this adventure, the Winged Warrior must stop a mysterious, metallic armored foe who is attacking the Alien World with magic. But, this is very strange, since magic cannot be used on the Alien World. Once again, the Winged Warrior must save the Alien World from a dangerous menace. . Free download of Winged Warrior III 3.0d, size 1.20 Mb.

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