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GeoTriple for Oil&Gas Equipments 0.6.0 Alpha GeoForge Project 

The GeoTriple for Oil&Gas Equipments application was specially developed as an easy-to-use and accessible application platform that can handle oil and gas equipments.

GeoTriple for Oil&Gas Equipments is a software developed with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of GeoTriple for Oil&Gas Equipments 0.6.0 Alpha, size 0 b.


Oil&Gas E&P Co Valuation Model for Excel 2.0 The Spreadsheet Store 

This Microsoft Excel workbook accepts input from publicly available 10-K reports in order to calculate the total and per-share value of an oil and gas e&p company. Model allows the user to input expected oil and gas prices and vary production growth by year and commodity. In addition to general performance measures, E&P industry-specific. Free download of Oil&Gas E&P Co Valuation Model for Excel 2.0, size 136.31 Kb.

MHA ConVert 1.0 MHA Petroleum Consultants, LLC 

MHA's free unit-to-unit conversion program is designed specifically for basic conversion calculations used on a daily basis in the oil and gas industry.
The tool allows you to convert the following type of units: density, mass, pressure, temperature, force, energy, power, viscosity, volumetric rate, and much more.. Freeware download of MHA ConVert 1.0, size 6.29 Mb.

PIE Well-Test 4. 5. 2028 WTS Limited 

The PIE well-test analysis program is a complete package for the manipulation and interpretation of pressure transient tests for oil and gas wells. Some of the main features are:

- A standard Windows user interface for data manipulation and display of analysis plots. Full copy and paste facilities are available to exchange data with. Free download of PIE Well-Test 4. 5. 2028, size 7.12 Mb.

FLOWSOLV 4. 10. 2003 Flow Consult Limited 

Why not consider our FLOWSOLV™ integrated oil and gas fluid and flow calculation software designed for metering engineers?

All the calculations you need are included in a single package that takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows for ease of use.. Free download of FLOWSOLV 4. 10. 2003, size 10.38 Mb.

RPS Formation Volume Factor Module 1.0 

Calculates Oil Formation Volume Factor OFVF from Gas Oil Ratio, Inital Reservoir Temp, Density of oil and gas gravity keeping units correct and returns values to an Excel Workbook. Freeware download of RPS Formation Volume Factor Module 1.0, size 28.64 Kb.

virtual machinery laboratory 1.0 

virtual laboratory for training machinery staff, mechanical engineers, trainees & employees of production plants in oil and gas fields. using UML diagrams, cpp simulation engine, X3D/VRML for 3D scene and linux shell script for file system tasks.

virtual machinery laboratory 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of virtual machinery laboratory 1.0, size 0 b.

RMS 2010 Win32 2010.1 Roxar 

RMS provides the industry's smoothest and most powerful geo-modelling workflow.
Reservoir models are arguably the most important decision-making tool that operators have at their disposal in the oil and gas industry today.
RMS 2010 brings you a high quality and easy-to-use reservoir modelling suite with major improvements across. Free download of RMS 2010 Win32 2010.1, size 14.40 Mb.

F.A.S.T. FieldNotes Viewer 5.0 Fekete Associates Inc. 

Display, customize, save and print FAST FieldNotes reports, plots and tables

F.A.S.T. FieldNotes Viewer™ was developed for oil and gas producers to view files generated by F.A.S.T. FieldNotes™ and PRD.

PAS files obtained from the public domain. It can be used to generate reports, plots and tables. Free download of F.A.S.T. FieldNotes Viewer 5.0, size 59.38 Mb.

Businessofficepro Legal Forms and Templates 5.1 Businessofficepro Legal Forms and Templates 5.1 

Legal Forms Software is a unique Legal Documents and Business Forms Template Software to create Business documents in seconds. You can create power of attorney forms, real estate contracts, promissory notes, employment application, landlord tenant forms, contract for deed, confidentiality agreement, bankruptcy forms, LLC operating agreement, letter. Free download of Businessofficepro Legal Forms and Templates 5.1, size 2.54 Mb.

PreciseConverter 2.0 Precise Conversions 

PreciseConverter is a desktop utility which provides, Oil, Gas, Energy, Power and all other unit conversions.

Main features:
-Oil Unit Converter
-Gas Unit Converter
-Energy Unit Converter
-Power Unit Converter
-Inter Conversion Between Oil,Gas and Energy
-Non Energy Sector Unit Converters
. Free download of PreciseConverter 2.0, size 4.00 Mb.

Iocomp Components 4.0.3 Iocomp Software Inc. 

Iocomp's ActiveX/VCL Pack is a suite of 29 controls written for use in creating professional instrumentation applications using ActiveX or VCL development environments.
These controls can be used for Scientific, Engineering, Medical, Oil and Gas, Semiconductor, Factory Automation, Aerospace, Military, Robotics, Telecommunications,. Free download of Iocomp Components 4.0.3, size 14.32 Mb.

EON Coliseum 2 5 EON Reality 

EON Coliseum is an online multiuser technology platform where people can present their ideas, communicate complex concepts and collaborate in 3D using rich media such as 3D worlds, slideshows, videos, avatars, voice, chat and interactive 3D objects virtually from anywhere in the world. It is a Web conferencing tool that allows you to Virtually meet. Freeware download of EON Coliseum 2 5, size 72.72 Mb.

P1Tools 11 5 FGPS Ltd. 

P1Tools provides all aspects of quality appraisal of final marine 2D and 3D positioning data recorded in the industry standard UKOOA P1/90 format. Modules: QC Offsets, QC Nodes, Compare, Extract, Trend Analysis and Statistical Testing, Replay. It is a nice and easy to manipulate program.. Free download of P1Tools 11 5, size 7.31 Mb.

InduSoft Web Studio 7.0.1 Indusoft Ltd. 

InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Utilize InduSoft integrated Web technologies to take advantage of Internet/intranet connectivity. You can view your process from your desk or web-enabled mobile phone. Free download of InduSoft Web Studio 7.0.1, size 0 b.

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program 1.0 TERRASCIENCES Inc. 

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program is a free program that can be used to convert values of one type of unit to another. All units are grouped into categories for easy location of the needed conversion. The program supports many different categories of unit conversions. Freeware download of TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program 1.0, size 744.45 Kb.

FE-Sizer 3.45.2 Control-Soft Enterprises 

FE-Sizer is a valuable engineering tool for flow meter sizing software to size and select head-type flow meters in closed conduits. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and complete with pull-down menus and pop-up pick lists.

The software includes meter tables, material tables and pipe data tables aiding selection of meter applications.. Free download of FE-Sizer 3.45.2, size 0 b.

GEOCatalog 6.0 SDC Software Ltd. 

GEOCatalog is an application to allow easy management of the files created by the authoring programs that comprise the GEO Software Suite.

GEOCatalog finds and collates all ODF files within any defined local or network path(s), and displays them within a customizable 'spread-sheet' format.. Freeware download of GEOCatalog 6.0, size 16.02 Mb.

DensiCalc 3.00 Cabot 

DensiCalc™ 3.00, utilises surface density readings to calculate:
1) The average fluid density over the length of the wellbore.
2) The average density of the fluid in the riser (if offshore).
3) The bottom hole pressure exerted by the entire fluid column.
4) The pressure exerted at the sea floor level by the brine. Freeware download of DensiCalc 3.00, size 4.01 Mb.

Exceed on Demand 6.0 Open Text Corporation 

Exceed onDemand is a program that provides a permanent and reliable connection between the users and application infrastructure in order to power the critical business operations.
OpenText Exceed onDemand is serving industries as diverse as financial services, electronics and semi-conductors, oil and gas, energy and utilities, telecom,. Free download of Exceed on Demand 6.0, size 235.46 Mb.