Social Security Cards Tem

USA Social Security Number Lookup 1.0 ViviApps 

Free program for lookup any Social Security Number (SSN) within United States. Very simple to use, just enter the data requested on the form and press the Search buton, the preliminar results will open on a new window . Indications: For execute the program just double click on the exe archive and it will load , you can execute it without installing. Freeware download of USA Social Security Number Lookup 1.0, size 408.94 Kb.


SSA Benefit Calculator 1.11.0002 Social Security Administration 

SSA Benefit Calculator is a handy tool developed by the Social Security Administration of the United States of America to help contributors to calculate, or better said estimate, their social benefits. As obvious as it may sound, this tool is only useful for people who have a social security number. This number is the key that identifies a. Freeware download of SSA Benefit Calculator 1.11.0002, size 1.56 Mb.

MyDLP 0.8 Medratech 

With MyDLP, you will be able to block any data flow containing credit card numbers, social security numbers or IBAN account numbers.Your customers will be more comfortable when sharing their personal and financial information with you. MyDLP provides data security for web, mail, printers, removable devices and more.. Free download of MyDLP 0.8, size 596.40 Mb.

CS106a Namesurfer Demo 1.0 Stanford CS106a 

Name Surfer is a program that reads in and displays data from the Social Security Administration on the 1000 most popular baby names every decade for the last 100 years. The code is fairly straightforward, but the program enables access to a pretty entertaining data set.. Freeware download of CS106a Namesurfer Demo 1.0, size 417.79 Kb.

IntelliParse 1.0 Intelliparse 

A library to parse user-entered form data such as telephone numbers, social security numbers, dates, etc. and intelligently convert them to usable and normalized forms, with country codes, area codes, etc.

IntelliParse 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of IntelliParse 1.0, size 0 b.

Vinny Federal Tax Payroll Withholding Calculator 2013 13.0 Vincent J Sansevero Jr 

Vinny Federal Tax Payroll Withholding Calculator was created as an accessible utility that allows users to quickly calculate the federal payroll withholding, social security and medicare taxes.

All you have to do is start the application and input your salary. The results will be shown instantly. Vinny Federal Tax Payroll Withholding. Free download of Vinny Federal Tax Payroll Withholding Calculator 2013 13.0, size 0 b.

UNL SENF New Ashu Guru 

UNL SENF was created as an accessible, handy and easy-to-use software that allows users to locate sensitive numbers like social security or credit card numbers inside a certain file.

UNL SENF is written in the Java programming language and can run on operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of UNL SENF New, size 0 b.

Workshare Protect Standard 7.50 Build 15000.1000 Workshare 

Receive real-time warnings when your email or Office files contain passwords, social security and credit card numbers, history of deleted text, comments, notes and more.

Workshare Protect makes sure your private information stays private and allows you to resolve issues; remove, update or secure the content before you share it with. Free download of Workshare Protect Standard 7.50 Build 15000.1000, size 0 b.

NoteGuardian 15.3.0 Hale Solutions Inc 

NoteGuardian(TM) securely stores and organizes your sensitive information in an encrypted database. NoteGuardian is easy to use and customizable to suit your needs. NoteGuardian is ideal for managing passwords, logins, financial account numbers, social security numbers, personal notes, and similar sensitive information. Create your own. Free download of NoteGuardian 15.3.0, size 5.14 Mb.

ExpensiveMedicalCharge-Is a medical insurance required? 1.1 INJUS Co.,Ltd. 

[One reform of a tax and social security]
It is an application aiming at calculation of understanding / individual coverage limit of series benefits for high-cost medical care.

It is specializing in the benefits for high-cost medical care which it was not able to finish writing in a previous work "a rat teacher's medical. Freeware download of ExpensiveMedicalCharge-Is a medical insurance required? 1.1, size 43.62 Mb.

GSP Tax Rates 2.0 GlobalSharePlans 

This app offers a summary of the taxation of employee share plans in 50 countries. It covers the taxation of stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, ESPPs and cash plans. Letting you know when tax and social security is payable, the maximum rates payable and any withholding obligations.. Freeware download of GSP Tax Rates 2.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Baby Shake-A-Name Marc Holmes 

This app helps you choose your baby's name.

By starting with a large database of US names from the Social Security Administration with every name ever registered in the US (36,000 boys and 60,000 girls).
You can filter by relative popularity, modern or old-fashioned names and then form a shortlist to argue about with your spouse. Free download of Baby Shake-A-Name, size 1.05 Mb.

ItalianFiscalCode basix86 

The Italian fiscal code card, officially known as Italy's Codice Fiscale, is the tax code card in Italy, similar to a Social Security Number (SSN) card in the United States.. Freeware download of ItalianFiscalCode, size 1.05 Mb.

Jorgensen Law JoLiaLLC 

Social Security Disability Attorney in California with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. Specialize in SSDI and SSI.. Free download of Jorgensen Law, size 1.05 Mb.

Namonumo Ishvim Systems 

Name Numerology.
Simple app to know personality readings based on name.
Top 100 Baby names from US Social Security Department.. Freeware download of Namonumo, size 1.05 Mb.

Payrollguru Payrollguru, Inc. 

Payroll Guru calculates net paycheck amount from gross wages for Salaried and Hourly paid employees.

Updated for year 2013.

Payroll Guru calculates net pay, Federal Withholding, Medicare, Social Security, State Withholding and State Unemployment and Disability Insurance (where applicable).

Payroll options include. Free download of Payrollguru, size 1.05 Mb.

Verotieto Oy Santa Margarita SA 

Trusted partner information from

Tax information can be queried based on a tax number, a social security number or a foreign social security number.

Trusted partner information can be queried based on business id or name.. Free download of Verotieto, size 1.05 Mb.

Verotieto Lite Oy Santa Margarita SA 

Lite version of Verotieto, max 5 queries per day.

Trusted partner information from

Tax information can be queried based on a tax number, a social security number or a foreign social security number.

Trusted partner information can be queried based on business id or name.. Freeware download of Verotieto Lite, size 1.05 Mb.

Westpac Facts & Figures Westpac Banking Corporation 

Westpac's Facts & Figures provides a single reference point for all current tax, superannuation, retirement and social security rates and thresholds that are relevant for financial planning strategies. It contains the information that financial planners may need quick access to on a daily basis to assist their clients. Freeware download of Westpac Facts & Figures, size 1.05 Mb.

Atherion's Identity Pro 2.2 Atherion Software 

Identity theft is on the rise. Your own computer may be one of the easiest ways for thieves to access your information! Search and secure your private information, including social security numbers, credit cards, drivers license, and even passwords. Find and secure your personal information (PI) before others get the chance! Identity Pro. Free download of Atherion's Identity Pro 2.2, size 6.32 Mb.