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CARRIER Psychrometrics 6.0 Hands Down Software 

Psychometric charting and process energy analysis software with unmatched chart presentation quality and accuracy. This software operates on any PC with Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000. Inputs are entered into the program through Windows standard interface with simple "point and click" operation. Psychometric points, processes and associated. Free download of CARRIER Psychrometrics 6.0, size 24.18 Mb.


Recovery Drive Mechanic 2008.518 HD Recovery Software 

THE RECOVERY MECHANIC - Data Recovery, Hard Drive Repair and Diagnostics Software. Bring your dead PC back to life! The Recovery Drive Mechanic is the ONLY PC hard drive recovery software designed so anyone can get their PC back up and running in minutes! Diagnose and Repair any crashed Hard Drive with The Recovery Drive Mechanic. Fix disk errors. Free download of Recovery Drive Mechanic 2008.518, size 2.81 Mb.

Brain Upgrade Software 9.0 

Revolutionary new software to upgrade your brain using your computer's CPU. Run this software on any standard PC made in the last three years to upgrade your brain. You can select from the amount of your CPU to use to apply towards increased brain speed, and the amount of RAM to apply towards increased memory capacity. The software only takes about. Free download of Brain Upgrade Software 9.0, size 1.80 Mb.

SpamJam 2.2 Yours Effective Small Software Systems 

SpamJam is an anti-spam program compatible with almost any POP3 mail server and client software. SpamJam operates on your PC as a local mail proxy and ensures that spam is never downloaded to your PC. Filtering rules can utilize both binary logic and probabilistic approach, and can be organized into an hierarchical tree of an arbitrary level of. Free download of SpamJam 2.2, size 2.71 Mb.

InTouch Lock 3.7 Lovelysoft 

Award-winning software to restrict access to your PC and private data. Allows you to block access to Internet, web sites, files, folders, disks, applications, desktop and more. Block files download, software installations and uninstalls. Prevent users from plugging and using USB Flash devices, memory cards, external HDDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. Free download of InTouch Lock 3.7, size 3.25 Mb.

Full Automatic Music Organizer Program 9.67 Full Automatic 

Music Organizer software - one of the PC best MP3 music organizer tools.

Such best music organizer your audio will be sorted.

Music organizer is the best music organizer software for MP3, the personal computer best music organizer software, PC music organizer application for the music collection of any size and the. Free download of Full Automatic Music Organizer Program 9.67, size 6.57 Mb.

Argus Data Manager 2.0 Argus Analyzers 

Argus Data Manager software is FREE for all Argus customers using the AA1000/360 series tester with the Argus AATPR20 print and memory module. Data Manager software can be installed on any PC running Windows XP or newer Windows operating system.

Test reports stored in the AATPR20 print and memory module are automatically imported into. Free download of Argus Data Manager 2.0, size 9.16 Mb.

Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2008 7 1 Panda Security 

Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2008 is a cheap and light antivirus software that protects your PC. The program uses standard signature based scanning, which is supplemented by the genetic heuristic analysis in order to protect the computer from threat. This version also includes a configurable personal firewall to stop intruders from accessing your PC.. Free download of Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2008 7 1, size b.

Wonder Recovery Installer 1.0 Balaji International 

Wonder Recovery® is a recovery solution that provides the ultimate protection for a PC. It lets you reverse PC problems caused by viruses, user error and software corruption, by returning your PC to a original state. Wonder Recovery® can recover a system even when Windows has been rendered unbootable.

Wonder. Free download of Wonder Recovery Installer 1.0, size 1.60 Mb.

Quick Timer R2X PPC 2 2 Serial Port Tool 

Quick Timer R2X PPC is high resolution timer software for Pocket PC. It controls 2-channel ProXR relay controller boards of National Control Devices. It's fit for lights control, science experiment, home automation, industry control, energy conservation and so on. Features: Run on Pocket PC (WM5.0, WM6.0). Control 2-channel ProXR relay controller. Free download of Quick Timer R2X PPC 2 2, size 838.66 Kb.

Wondershare Kinager 7. 3. 2000 Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. 

Wondershare Kinager, a personal computing device integrated management software to tune up your PC and manage Android phone data on PC. This tune up software is able to auto diagnose and fix all PC problems such as PC slowdowns, freezes, or even crashes, clean up junk files, optimize computer performance, speed up PC, protect your privacy and. Free download of Wondershare Kinager 7. 3. 2000, size 21.60 Mb.

friky: copy free content to usb keys 1.0 

friky is a very convenient utility to create kiosk dedicated to filling USB Key with free software or music. You can setup a PC during meetings with this software. Your visitors can plug in their USB Key. They can choose what they want using the mouse.. Freeware download of friky: copy free content to usb keys 1.0, size 499.28 Kb.

Parallel Compositing Benchmark Framework 1.0 Parcompmark 

The ParCompMark (Parallel Compositing Benchmark) framework allows simulating various CPU, GPU exercises, rendering and compositing modes for different software scenarios. It uses the PC (Parallel Compositing) API and generates XML output.

Parallel Compositing Benchmark Framework 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Parallel Compositing Benchmark Framework 1.0, size 0 b.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft BitDefender LLC 

Bitdefender Anti-Theft can help you ensure that your private information is secure if your computer or laptop gets stolen.

This software will locate the PC, lock it or even erase all data from the device to protect your privacy.

. Free download of Bitdefender Anti-Theft, size 0 b.

Virtual Hotspot Free 1.2 Godsw,Inc. 

Virtual Hotspot is free software to turn your laptop/pc into Wi-Fi hotspot.
It enables you to share your internet access (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with other Wi-Fi devices, such as laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PDA, Xbox, Wii, NDS, PSP, etc. In a word, Virtual Hotspot shares internet connection with. Freeware download of Virtual Hotspot Free 1.2, size 1.29 Mb.

PDF Secure 1.04 Traction Software 

PDF Secure is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux, Macintosh OSX, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX

NOTE: This Software does NOT require Acrobat, PDF Secure is designed for server usage.

PDF Secure software automates the process of password protecting pdf's, encrypting pdf's, decrypting. Free download of PDF Secure 1.04, size 167.77 Kb.

Precision Performance 4.03.041 Polar Electro 

Polar Precision Performance SW is a ground-breaking analysis software that gives you high-tech tools for gathering and studying the data from your Polar product. The software is designed for PC Windows environment (not supported e.g. for Mac or Linux). It enables you to design your training sessions, build a personal resource of past routines,. Freeware download of Precision Performance 4.03.041, size 18.03 Mb.

Polyphonic Wizard 3.05 MP3TOWAV.ORG 

The Polyphonic Wizard has been designed to be very easy to use!The Wizard is a software program for your PC that allows you to add a ringtone, picture (wallpaper) or Java Midlets (game) to your phone without any additional cables or sms services.All you need is your PC, your phone and the Polyphonic Wizard. You can then add new ringtones to your. Free download of Polyphonic Wizard 3.05, size 5.31 Mb.

Auto Mute 4.0 KARPOLAN 

Has your child ever been awakened with the loud "Ta-Dam!" sound your laptop played when you opened it at late evening? Did you ever open notebook on conference and the computer loudly notifies you about new messages or something? I bet, you wanted to smash the computer into smithereens then. Each time this happens to me, I promise myself. Freeware download of Auto Mute 4.0, size 560.12 Kb.

Zoom Player Home Professional 8.00-RC1 Inmatrix 

Zoom Player is a Powerful, Flexible and Highly Customizable Media Player and Media Center software for the Windows PC platform.
Using our Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance.

Zoom Player's fullscreen navigation interface is based on a simple 5-Key system. Free download of Zoom Player Home Professional 8.00-RC1, size 6.15 Mb.

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Makers of DSP and synthesizer software and hardware for PC and Mac.

Doctor Audio

Hard Disk Recording hardware and software for Mac and PC. Midi & Pro Audio Sales.

Selection on accounting packages, antivirus, kvm switches, Microsoft software, business suites, and PC games.

Service Strategies Inc.

Email, network security and internet connection software for AS/400 and PC network based business users.

UZR GmbH & Co KG

Developer of image based modeling software for Mac and PC. Products are UZR 3D, and 3D scanning software, computer vision applications, and UzrViewer a Java-based 3d viewer for the web.


Imaging software for Mac and PC; MaskWarrior masking tools, PathOptimizer mask to path converter, and other Photoshop plugins.


Java and Javascript graphics editors, converters, amateur radio software, animation editors, pc diagnostics, and troubleshooting utilities.