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MathSheetGenerator for Windows 1.3.0 Roger Meier 

MathSheetGenerator is capable of generating math problems with two operands using any of the standard operators (add, subtract, multiply, divide). The number range for both operands as well as the result can be specified to allow the application to generate the exact type of exercises desired.

Take MathSheetGenerator for a test run and. Freeware download of MathSheetGenerator for Windows 1.3.0, size 2.52 Mb.


WIRIS Whiteboard 2009 1.0.1 Maths for More 

WIRIS Whiteboard 2009 is a collection of interactive math resources specially designed for Interactive Whiteboards o beamer. Includes 100 laboratories and exercises for secondary education mathematics teaching. Explore contents from Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Numbers and Statistics and probability with your students.
Suitable for. Freeware download of WIRIS Whiteboard 2009 1.0.1, size 1.43 Mb.

Vaxa Worksheet Generator CMZ2 1 7 Vaxa Software 

Vaxa Worksheet Generator CMZ2 is an application that gives you the possibility to create an endless supply of printable math worksheets. It is great for testing, refresher exercises and homework. The intuitive Wizard gives you the ability to easily customize each worksheet.. Free download of Vaxa Worksheet Generator CMZ2 1 7, size 3.40 Mb.

TeX Math Font Generator 0.2 

The TeX Math Font Generator is a set of programs that can produce a set of TeX math fonts that resemble a given text font. If you want to typeset mathematics with TeX in a special font that you own, then MathGen is what you want.. Freeware download of TeX Math Font Generator 0.2, size 82.70 Kb.

Open Math Library 1.0 Openmathlibrary 

The goal of an Open Math Library is to provide the basic set of math-related classes and functions for 3d engine development. Currently the library has implementations for vectors (2 to 4 dimensional), matrices, planes and quaternions.

Open Math Library 1.0 License - zlib/libpng License. Freeware download of Open Math Library 1.0, size 0 b.

Science Fair 4.0 KIDware 

Science Fair includes 10 real-world applications of physics and math for students ages 9 to 16.These applications are great ideas for science fairs.Levers teaches you about the three different lever types and the forces required to balance them. Pendulum lets you study basic oscillations and see the effects of changing lengths, weight, and. Free download of Science Fair 4.0, size 926.72 Kb.

Imagination tester 1.0 

This progect using for testing imagination of people with help of some math-process(in this case using method of conjugate gradient for minimisation of function). Freeware download of Imagination tester 1.0, size 342.38 Kb.

MathUtils 0.00.1 

MathUtils is a small collection of usesful math-processing programs for Windows/Unix fammily, write in object pascal language. Applications are very simple to use.. Freeware download of MathUtils 0.00.1, size 33.33 Kb.

Icon==Function 1.0 Iconeqfunction 

Series of interactive software art initiated by Josh Nimoy commissioned by Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology (FACT) Liverpool, England; in collaboration with John Moores University School of Computing and Math Sciences. HCI Art.

Icon==Function 1.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of Icon==Function 1.0, size 0 b.

Basic Math Decoded 1.17 Nibcode Solutions 

Solve problems related with the basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) of whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals. All the problems are solved step by step, including comments, explanation as well as recommendations. At each step, the digits involved are highlighted in red or bold, in order to a. Free download of Basic Math Decoded 1.17, size 4.19 Mb.

Vaxa Worksheets Generator CMAL 1 7 Vaxa Software 

Worksheet Generator lets you create own worksheets in seconds, in thousands of combinations.

Main Features :
- Now you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets.
- Testing, refresher exercises and homework.
- Endless educational materials made right now, to your specifications.
- Every worksheet. Free download of Vaxa Worksheets Generator CMAL 1 7, size 1.95 Mb.

Math-N-Flash 2.10 Digital Home Service 

Flash Cards are a time tested effective method to teach children to do elementary math problems and to memorize the solutions to these math problems. Many teachers recommend these exercises to hone kids math skills. Math-N-Flash kids math software provides this flash card experience with the experience and fun of interacting with a computer. The. Free download of Math-N-Flash 2.10, size 2.30 Mb.

Vaxa Worksheets Generator CQFX 1 7 Vaxa Software 

Vaxa Worksheets Generator CQFX -Create your own worksheets in seconds.
Now you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets.
Testing, refresher exercises and homework.
Endless educational materials made right now, to your specifications.. Free download of Vaxa Worksheets Generator CQFX 1 7, size 2.25 Mb.

ChattyInfty (SAPI5) English Edition 2 13 NPO Science Accessibility Net 

ChattyInfty is an editor of math documents with voice output, usable by visually impaired people. Math expressions can easily be input and edited using only keyboard, with simultaneous speech output of symbols and math structure with key operations.
It is a plug-in software of InftyEditor. All the functions of InftyEditor, e.g. conversion of. Free download of ChattyInfty (SAPI5) English Edition 2 13, size 7.18 Mb.

Carfey Date 1.1 

A full-featured, lean set of date/ time classes to replace java.util's Date and Calendar. All objects are immutable/threadsafe, and allow formatting and various kinds of date math and range operations. Note that only GregorianCalendar is supported.. Freeware download of Carfey Date 1.1, size 16.30 Kb.

MathWorx 1.0 Mathworx 

MathWorx is a JavaScript library of mathematical objects, also including 2D plotting functionality and will eventually have 3D object compatibility. A GUI editor will be made based on these libraries to ease the development of interactive math pages.

MathWorx 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); MIT License. Freeware download of MathWorx 1.0, size 163.40 Kb.

Mentor chess 1.0 Mentor-chess 

Implementation of chess in Java. Education tool in an introductory university course in Java and object-oriented programming. Will feature full Javadoc descriptions of all methods, comprehensive tests and exercises of varying difficulty.

Mentor chess 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Mentor chess 1.0, size 0 b.

MathPlayer 2 2 Design Science, Inc. 

Design Science MathPlayer™ enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display mathematical notation in web pages. They make MathPlayer available for free in order to foster the adoption of MathML in the math, science, and education communities. It is based on MathML technology and requires Internet Explorer for Windows version 6.0 and later.. Freeware download of MathPlayer 2 2, size 1.82 Mb.

Acupuncture3D 1.0.2011.218 Acu3D Software 

Acupuncture3D is a professional designed to assist acupuncture students, teachers and practitioners.

Acupuncture3D is beautiful in acupuncture 3D model, interactive in navigation and exercises of acupoints. You will find Acupuncture3D a very handy and helpful assistant on learning acupuncture. for WindowsXP, 2003, Vista, 7

. Free download of Acupuncture3D 1.0.2011.218, size 0 b.

+-+S+E Mental Math Essential 2.2 Appinnacle Inc. 

Mental Math Essential focuses on mental math of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division up to 9+9, 18-9, 9x9 and 81/9, which is an essential skill for any further math studies. This skill is so important that you are required to be able to have the answers in mind instantly without thinking. Mental Math Essential can help you achieve. Free download of +-+S+E Mental Math Essential 2.2, size 2.11 Mb.

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