Sound Level Meter Vb6 Code

yarec/PL 1 Yarecpl 

Yarec/PL is a audio recorder/player, based on yarec-0.65ornated with some improvements, like level meter, recording series, start/stop recording by timer, mixer support. DISCONTINUED, because of upcoming EU-PATENT ISSUES.

yarec/PL 1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of yarec/PL 1, size 162.27 Kb.


Spectrum Analyzer pro 2015 PAS-Products 

This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit
-VST Plugin support-Leq (m) movie calculator Leq (m) with weighting filters Leq dB(A),Leq dB(B) and Leq dB(C) Leq time and frequency protocol for. Free download of Spectrum Analyzer pro 2015, size 23.71 Mb.

ATB PC Kirchner elektronik 

The ATB PC Pro Measuring system is a professional Audio Analyser. The Windows program is combined with the computer’s soundcard, the measurement microphone, the Test-Box and the DVD (CD) for the signals forms an exact and extensive measurement system.

The applications for the ATB PC Pro are the speaker development, room. Free download of ATB PC, size 1.54 Mb.

Easy Voice Recorder! 1.0.3 Raymond NG 

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Easy Voice Recorder transforms your iPhone and iPod touch into an easy to use, professional, mobile voice recorder perfect for recording and playing back music, discussions, reminders, lectures, interviews, business meetings, dictation, ambient sounds, or anything else you can hear.. Free download of Easy Voice Recorder! 1.0.3, size 419.43 Kb.

KW Soundlevelmeter 1.4 Raab Gruppe 

Quick and easy noise metering for this purpose Kutzner + Weber has designed a unique app. It allows professionals to collect acoustic data without expensive equipment, e.g. for checking an installed heating system or for determining individual frequencies. The app is also a good introduction for development departments that work with acoustics. The. Freeware download of KW Soundlevelmeter 1.4, size 7.86 Mb.

Sound Meter Odd I/O Software 

Sound Meter for Windows Phone is a tool for measuring the sound pressure level (SPL) using the phone's built-in microphone. The application continuously measures the sound pressure level (SPL) in decibels (dB) and displays the results via a graphical level meter. Users can also take average and peak SPL measurements over a given time period between. Free download of Sound Meter, size 1.05 Mb.

VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator 1.2 TriSun Software Inc. 

Do you still use Visual Basic 6? If so, you can try VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator! It is a 100% FREE CASE tool for VB6. It is used to calculate the PURE code lines (writing manually) for VB6 project (group). It can record the version history of code lines for each calculated project automatically also. Of course, calculating in other viewpoints. Freeware download of VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator 1.2, size 832.90 Kb.

24 Channel Multi Level Meter Bridge 2006 PAS-Products 

PAS Multi Meter Bridge can be configured in a number of different ways, to accurately model the ballistics, responses and graphics of a wide range of standard peak programme meters. These meters currently include the following:IEC 268-10 Type I (Nordic N9 meter) IEC268-10 Type IIb (EBU PPM meter) IEC 268-10 Type IIa (BBC PPM meter) DIN 45406 You. Free download of 24 Channel Multi Level Meter Bridge 2006, size 2.28 Mb.

Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument 2. 1. 2000 Virtins Technology 

Multi-Instrument is a powerful sound card based multi-function virtual instrument software. It supports sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger,level trigger and differential trigger. It Supports 8, 16, 24 bits. A comprehensive range of functions are provided, including: (1) Oscilloscope: Dual-trace waveform, Waveform. Freeware download of Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument 2. 1. 2000, size 47.99 Mb.

SPL Free Ranger 1. 3. 2001 SPL 

An EQ processing straightly reveals the sound quality of a software – probably better than any other processing tool. Therefore, the Free Ranger ideally demonstrates the amazing qualities of the Analog Code plug-ins.
The Free Ranger is based upon the Full Ranger-EQ from the EQ Rangers series. It is limited to four bands:
. Freeware download of SPL Free Ranger 1. 3. 2001, size 322.56 Kb.

SPL Mo-Verb 1 2 SPL 

The Mo-Verb MicroPlug provides controls for sound enhancement. SPL’s Differential Envelope Technology has revolutionized dynamic processing with a level-independent method. This radically different approach allows to forego the setting of a threshold. Other parameters are set automatically and in a musical manner as they follow the. Free download of SPL Mo-Verb 1 2, size 14.47 Mb.

Multi Level Meter Bridge 2015 PAS-Products 

PAS Multi Meter Bridge can be configured in a number of different ways, to accurately model the ballistics, responses and graphics of a wide range of standard peak programme meters. These meters currently include the following:IEC 268-10 Type I (Nordic N9 meter)IEC268-10 Type IIb (EBU PPM meter)IEC 268-10 Type IIa (BBC PPM meter)DIN 45406
You. Free download of Multi Level Meter Bridge 2015, size 5.48 Mb.

Speakers Lock 11.10.25 Greennaturesoft 

This software can restrict users from changing volume other than the range you selected.
You can choose from 4 types to control volume and can control any sound card in the PC.
Keep speaker volume greater than the level you selected.
Keep speaker volume exactly that you selected.
Keep speaker volume no more than you. Free download of Speakers Lock 11.10.25, size 745.47 Kb.

Realtime Analyzer RAE 2.0 Yoshimasa Electronic Inc 

RAE / Realtime Analyzer ENA is an advanced sound recorder/analyzer with the latest environmental noise measurement technology that may be used for a wide scope of application in sound system engineering.

The included programs of RAE are Realtime Analyzer (RA), Sound Analyzer (SA), and Environmental noise Analyzer (EA).

. Free download of Realtime Analyzer RAE 2.0, size 6.53 Mb.

Sound Controller 1 FlashDo 

SOUND CONTROLLER This class well help you to create many of SFX and control them easily.In this class you can 1- mute and un mute the sound 2- set sound level by click on slider3- transform sound by make tween to sound Example: FOR ADD NEW SOUND FOR THIS CLASS DO THE FOLLOWING 1- DECLARE NEW SOUND VARIABLE IN PRIVATE PART, EXAMPLE ' PRIVATE VAR. Free download of Sound Controller 1, size 31.74 Kb.

CooolSoft Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) CooolSoft, Inc. 

Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) can record mp3 or wav files from any sound sources of your computer, such as PC sound card, cassette tape, microphone, CD player, radio, TV, etc. The target mp3 bitrate can vary from 8kbps to 320kbps. Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder) also supports queue recording, you can arrange recording at any time as. Free download of CooolSoft Power MP3 Recorder(MP3 Sound Recorder), size 4.69 Mb.

Hearing Exam 1.3 Hyunmin Park 

This app is free and no Ads. It can testing the both ear hearing level by variable pure tone sound and then the result is analyzed by protocol.
Also it suggest the suspicious condition of your hearing status.

This test have some limitation - this test can not calculate absolute sound level caused by ?
? 1. Noisy environment. Freeware download of Hearing Exam 1.3, size 5.98 Mb.

Angle Meter Pro nakhon phagdeechat 

Angle Meter lets you measure the angle or slope. Note that you will be able to measure a variety of slope forms. You can choose to directly measure the surface by the second mode, which makes it relatively easy to measure up,or to measure the angle of the target away a short distance away from you after kilo meter. By measuring the angle from the. Free download of Angle Meter Pro, size 2.10 Mb.

Asa Tempo AsaApplications Com LLC 

A custom metronome and sound decibel (dB) meter with live tiles for your custom tempos.

Play tempos for quarter, eighth, triplets, and sixteen notes.

Create tiles of different note types and tempos for quick access from your start screen.

Use the sound decibel meter to get a quick preview of how loud the. Freeware download of Asa Tempo, size 1.05 Mb.

AutoMixer 1.1 F-Group Software 

The program AutoMixer is intended for automatic control of volume level.
This program can be used for hearing MP3-music, radio of viewing TV or playing
games. The flexible tuning will allow you effectively use by the program in
all cases.. Freeware download of AutoMixer 1.1, size 808.96 Kb.