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Context Menu (Shell Extension) 1.0 Contextmenushel 

ContextMenu is a free configurable shell extension allowing users to define their own menu items to be included in the Windows Explorera€™s context menu. This project consists of two DLLs (x86 and x64) written in native C++ with plain access to the Win32-API representing the shell extension, a composer written in C# to be used to configure all. Freeware download of Context Menu (Shell Extension) 1.0, size 306.92 Kb.


FileCRC32 2 7 FavesSoft LLC 

FileCRC32 is a stand-alone Windows program to calculate CRC32 and MD5 Checksums for files.
No .NET Framework or Faves License is required.

It features a Context Menu Shell Extension so you may right click on a File in Explorer
and select either Calculate CRC32 or Calculate MD5 Sum. To process multiple files,
drag and. Freeware download of FileCRC32 2 7, size 51.92 Mb.

HardLink ShellExtension x64 Hermann Schinagl 

The NTFS file system implemented in NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP64, and Windows7 supports a facility known as hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks x64 provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX command ln included in the. Freeware download of HardLink ShellExtension x64, size 3.46 Mb.

Hirens BootCD 9.6 http://www.hiren.info 

Hiren's BootCD 9.6
All in one Dos Bootable CD which has all these utilities
Partition Tools
Partition Magic Pro 8.05
Best software to partition hard drive

Change File Extension Shell Menu 2. 8. 2006 T800 Productions 

The Change File Extension Shell Menu is a powerful and reliable program with an easy to use interface that helps you to change file extension.

You can rename one file extension, selected files, or all files in any folder. You just place all the files with extension that you want to change into the "Process" folder in the same. Freeware download of Change File Extension Shell Menu 2. 8. 2006, size 65.96 Mb.

Shell Extension Composer 1.1 Build 42 Rebell67 

As its name suggests, Shell Extension Composer is a handy and reliable application that you can use to create your own items and include them in the Windows Explorer's context menu.

The shell extensions are registered in Windows using the rundll32.exe application. You can configure the shell extension name, location, add it a label and. Freeware download of Shell Extension Composer 1.1 Build 42, size 0 b.

Shell Tools Moon Software 

Shell Tools is a collection of very useful and unique tools that integrate into your Windows right-click menu and speed up your work amazingly. It gives you one click access to some actions and commands that take a lot of your time when you are working on your PC. For example, to see the hidden files on your PC you have to go through folder options. Freeware download of Shell Tools, size 1.12 Mb.

Shell Script Menu Shellmenu 

Shell Script Menu gives shell scripters a way to give users real menus instead of just text fields with options that are typed in.

Shell Script Menu License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Shell Script Menu, size 25.85 Kb.

WOW64Menu 1.0.0 Gasanov.net 

WOW64Menu allows using shell context menu of 32-bit applications on x64 editions of Windows. It adds 'Show WOW64 Menu' command to context menu of objects on Desktop and in Windows Explorer. When choosing this command a new context menu including 32-bit applications will be shown.. Freeware download of WOW64Menu 1.0.0, size 307.20 Kb.

Shell Extensions 2.0.2 Synesis Software 

Windows shell extensions do exactly what they claim, they extend the Windows shell (the user interface that is based around Explorer), by providing additional property pages or additional context-menu options for a shell item (file, folder, drive, printer, etc.).

Main features:

-Command Box - opens a command prompt (DOS. Freeware download of Shell Extensions 2.0.2, size 624.64 Kb.

Classic Shell 3 2 Ivo Beltchev 

Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but are removed from Vista and Windows 7. It has a classic start menu for Windows 7, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features.. Freeware download of Classic Shell 3 2, size 7.09 Mb.

Wez's Evil Shell Desktop Evil, as in Dr. 

Wez's Evil Shell Desktop is a replacement for the default Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 graphical shell (taskbar, start menu and "tray").
The default explorer shell uses quite a lot of run-time resources and can be quite slow to use for "Power Users". This shell provides the following features but uses only a. Freeware download of Wez's Evil Shell Desktop, size 1.08 Mb.

Copy FullPath Name 1.0.1 Simeon Antonov 

Copy FullPath name is shell extension which adds ‘Copy Path’ and ‘Copy Name’ to context menu on Windows explorer. When you use ‘Copy Path’ item, you can easily copy to clipboard full path of selected file or directory in explorer. You can copy only name of file or directory with. Freeware download of Copy FullPath Name 1.0.1, size 16.34 Mb.

Open Command Prompt Shell Extension 2.0 Kai Liu 

The Open Command Prompt Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

The Open Command Prompt Shell Extension is very. Freeware download of Open Command Prompt Shell Extension 2.0, size 465.92 Kb.

ContextConsole Shell Extension Kai Liu 

The ContextConsole Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

Main features:
*Open a command prompt in the current. Freeware download of ContextConsole Shell Extension, size 47.10 Kb.

ContextMenuExt 1.0 John 

ContextMenuExt.dll is a Shell Context menu extension using COM that works with the FindFile app that you will find in the Utilities section.

Read the README file for instructions on how to register the DLL. Freeware download of ContextMenuExt 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Autumn Shell Replacement 2.0.0 Dzianis Vauchok 

Autumn Shell Replacement belong to the Shell Replacement programs class and quickly and with no problem replace your desktop view. Many features,which give you this shell replacement will make your work easier. This is free program and require no registration. Evaluate excellent interface of program!---

Also You can work with virtual. Freeware download of Autumn Shell Replacement 2.0.0, size 1.65 Mb.

KidsMenu 10.0 glob 

Kidsmenu is designed to be a child friendly alternative/replacement windows shell, and is also functional as a normal launcher/menu application.

Kidsmenu avoids some of the complexity and danger introduced by the standard windows shell (explorer) when put in front of young children. For example, as there's no start menu, hitting. Freeware download of KidsMenu 10.0, size 93.70 Mb.

Shell Extension Pack 2 4 MiTeC 

Shell extensions providing detailed information about executables, images and audio files. In addition it adds some usefull new items to context menu. Free to use for both private and commercial users.

Shell Extension Pack is a free utility that displays property page for files compatible with Portable Executable File Format.. Freeware download of Shell Extension Pack 2 4, size 1.31 Mb.

BinManager 1 2 cheztabor 

BinManager is shell context menu command for deleting old items from Windows recycle bin, as well as a scriptable component for managing the recycle bin. You can use either feature, or both.

This command enables you to empty all but the most recent items from your recycle bin. This is useful for several reasons:

-. Freeware download of BinManager 1 2, size 9.02 Mb.