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Speech and Debate Timekeeper 2.4.1 Speech and Debate Timekeeper 

Speech and Debate Timekeeper is an open source, multi-platform timer for speech and debate competitions. It has speech order and time limits preset for Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum, World Schools, Karl Popper, and miscellaneous debate formats as well as individual events.

This timer gives visual and/or vocal time. Freeware download of Speech and Debate Timekeeper 2.4.1, size 849.35 Kb.


Toshiba Speech System 1.00.2520 TOSHIBA Corporation 

Toshiba Speech System is a powerful software that was especially tailored to provide a simple means of controlling applications with voice.

The package comes with all the needed tools and it will install and properly function only on supported Toshiba devices.

You can control apps with Toshiba Speech System with a simple. Free download of Toshiba Speech System 1.00.2520, size 0 b.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier 12.07 Dolphin Computer Access Ltd 

SuperNova Reader Magnifier offers both the benefits of a screen magnifier and the added speech output to provide extra support for partially sighted computer users.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier is ideal for people with low vision or deteriorating sight, at home, at work and in education.

. Free download of SuperNova Reader Magnifier 12.07, size 0 b.

Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime 11.0.7400.335 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime contains both a managed (.NET) and native (COM) API for developing Server based speech applications.

With the help of Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime developers will be able to integrate Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition capabilities into their applications.

. Free download of Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime 11.0.7400.335, size 0 b.

Staggered Speech 2009 Camera Mouse 

Staggered Speech is a small, easy to use onscreen keyboard application specially designed to be used with Camera Mouse or EagleEyes or any other head-controlled or eye-controlled access technology.

Staggered Speech features large buttons with plenty of space between them. First one chooses the group that contains the desired letter and. Free download of Staggered Speech 2009, size 0 b.

Sagirus Reader 1.1 Sagirus Software 

Sagirus Reader is a Text to Speech software to easy convert any writen text (MS Word, Webpage, Text files etc) into spoken words. Sagirus Reader can also convert any writen text into audio files (MP3 or WAV) for your iPod or CD Player. The Sagirus Reader is powerfull, but easy-to-use software. The modern and well-designed graphical user interface. Free download of Sagirus Reader 1.1, size 6.40 Mb.

Update for Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server - April 2009 1.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

This is the cumulative update for Speech Server 2007 that includes all fixes to April 2009.

Install this patch to receive all fixes that have been made to Speech Server 2007 through April 2009. Please refer to the KB article for a list of the individual issues that are addressed by this patch.

System Requirements

. Freeware download of Update for Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server - April 2009 1.0, size 230.69 Kb.

Speech Cannery 0.5 Beta boredomsoft 

The Speech Cannery is basically a vehical for me to write a BBCode interpreter.

The general purpose of this program is to allow the composition of messages intended for submission to an online bulletin board to take place offline and out of the browser. Messages can be composed, saved, reopened, and edited at the user's convenience. Once. Free download of Speech Cannery 0.5 Beta, size 3.67 Mb.

Speech Chinese 3.0 SUAVE 

1, Speech Chinese is a Text to Speech tool which can help you to read the texts on website or clipboard. You can convert texts to Wave or MP3 files. 2, It's available in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.. Free download of Speech Chinese 3.0, size 8.76 Mb.

Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3 Rotor Software.Seyna Ltd. 

Add some dynamics to you speech and amaze your audience! 3D presentation (slide show) - that is what you need to become #1! Cute 3D models and cool soundtracks, what else do you need for everyone to understand you are the best? Effective presentation hits the main target – attention and keen interest of your audience. You might have tried to. Free download of Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3, size 2.02 Mb.

Text to Speech Maker 1.3.3 xrlly.com 

Text to Speech Maker is an award-winning text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen.It also allows you to convert text to WAV,MP3 or VOX files for listening later with your portable MP3 player. Main Features:Supports dozens of male, female and robotic voices for several languages;Fast. Free download of Text to Speech Maker 1.3.3, size 8.56 Mb.

NextUp Talker 1.005 NextUp.com 

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC. Free download of NextUp Talker 1.005, size 5.48 Mb.

River Past Talkative 4.10.2 River Past Corporation 

River Past Talkative is a easy-to-use text-to-speech software. It speaks text or record the text to audio files, including MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis, or audio-only AVI format.It uses a text editor interface so it is easy to learn and use. It supports plain text and RTF files as input, or copy the text from the clipboard. The interface contains. Free download of River Past Talkative 4.10.2, size 1.82 Mb.

Dictation 2005 5.9 Research Lab Inc 

Complete speech recognition application that lets you talk to your PC, resulting in higher productivity. Wave to Text can be used to record your brainstorming while you have breakfast or your informal meetings. Features: Dictation, Quick Edit, Wave To Text, Point'n Speak and MS Word Insertion. Helps convert long speeches to text, converts your CD. Free download of Dictation 2005 5.9, size 42.86 Mb.

VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Engine UzmanSistem Ltd. 

VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Synthesis Engine can synthesize all kinds of documents written in Turkish. It can also synthesize numbers, currency and date expressions.. Free download of VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Engine, size 9.40 Mb.

Email Talks 2 United Research Labs 

Email Answering Machine is your text to speech Telephone Answering Machine, useful in answering your emails when you are not present. The software with proper settings can alone convert your computer into a email answering machine. 1. Email upper layer functionality management 2. Interactive Genie 3. 5+ Text To Speech Voices 4. Intelligent. Free download of Email Talks 2, size 14.62 Mb.

2nd Speech Center Zero2000 Software 

Converts any text into spoken words or MP3/WAV audio files! 2nd Speech Center is an award-winning text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, emails or web pages instead of reading on screen. In addition to text, 2nd Speech Center also allows you to convert text to MP3 or WAV files for listening later with your portable MP3 player. 2nd. Free download of 2nd Speech Center, size 3.95 Mb.

Ace Buddy 3 Zero2000 Software 

Text to speech software with funny cartoon characters. Ace Buddy can read any text in any window: simply select the text you want to read and press Ctrl+C. Of course, it can also play plain text files. Ace Buddy has a familiar winamp-style user interface, so it's very easy to use. Further more, there are dozens of voices, characters, skins for. Free download of Ace Buddy 3, size 7.68 Mb.

DAF/FAF Assistant for Windows 1.1 ArtefactSoft 

DAF/FAF Assistant can be used by people who have stuttering problem to control their speech fluency, increase their confidence level and develop carryover fluency when techniques are used on a regular basis.Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) delays your voice to your ears a fraction of a second. The application provides delay range from 40 to 220. Free download of DAF/FAF Assistant for Windows 1.1, size 702.46 Kb.

Galactic Geometry 3D 1.6 Curry K. Software 

Get into the pilot seat and learn about volume and surface area while blasting away space debris to save your ship! Galactic Geometry is a 3D educational game that offers an engaging environment for serious learning about geometric figures. As obstacles hurtle toward them, students must calculate volume and surface area. Galactic Geometry. Free download of Galactic Geometry 3D 1.6, size 2.17 Mb.