Star Trek Voyager Technical Manual Pdf

Garak STCCG DB 1.0 

Garak Star Trek CCG DataBase

Garak STCCG DB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Garak STCCG DB 1.0, size 0 b.


GnomeTREK 0.7.0 Gnometrek 

GnomeTREK is a graphical search tool for the Star Trek Encyclopedia CD-ROM(s). It allows you to search various versions released over the last few years. Images and videos are supported where external viewers are available.

GnomeTREK 0.7.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GnomeTREK 0.7.0, size 208.27 Kb.

StarTrek PowerShell Console 1.1 Beta Paul Jorgensen 

StarTrek PowerShell Console is an improved version of the default PowerShell Console utility with a look inspired by Star Trek. Easily enter and save PowerShell scripts. Load saved scripts.

Easily enter PowerShell commands by utilizing onscreen graphical controls. Load Modules and Snapins. Looks and works great on a touch screen. Free download of StarTrek PowerShell Console 1.1 Beta, size 0 b.

Cntlm for Windows 0.92.1 David Kubicek 

Cntlm (user-friendly wiki / technical manual) is an NTLM / NTLM Session Response / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy intended to help you break free from the chains of Microsoft proprietary world. You can use a free OS and honor our noble idea, but you can't hide. Once you're behind those cold steel bars of a corporate proxy server requiring NTLM. Free download of Cntlm for Windows 0.92.1, size 1.06 Mb.

pdftk4all 0.2.1 Maarten Veerman 

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely accepted on the Internet in communication between different parties. Books, papers, technical drawings, PDF is capable of handling them all. In order to make PDF a success, free (and very good) viewers are available. And some of these are even open source. Strangely enough, there is still not a good and. Freeware download of pdftk4all 0.2.1, size 2.99 Mb.

Awakening Mind 1 E-Book PDF printable printable Enlightened Enterprises 

Practical Spirituality! and Inf1ormation for Transformation! by Enlightened Enterprises (Where Spirit Meets Science!) Imagine, having the ability to change your state of awareness at any time you choose, in a manner that precisely allowed you to control your experience. Do you see some of the infinite possibilities that exist if you could easily,. Free download of Awakening Mind 1 E-Book PDF printable printable, size 555.75 Kb.

Awakening Mind 1 E-Book PDF view only iew Only Enlightened Enterprises 

Imagine, having the ability to change your state of awareness at any time you choose, in a manner that precisely allowed you to control your experience. Do you see some of the infinite possibilities that exist if you could easily, effortlessly, safely, and precisely do just that? It is exactly what is possible today! Technology has finally given. Free download of Awakening Mind 1 E-Book PDF view only iew Only, size 555.75 Kb.

LCARS .NET Control Library 05 

//"The LCARS.NET Control Library//". This library brings an alternative Star Trek like style of widgets into your software. Written entirely in VB.NET This project now has a forum, hosted at go here for more information & updates.. Freeware download of LCARS .NET Control Library 05, size 1.71 Mb.

NotePADD LCARS Text Editor 1.0 Notepadd 

Simple, but not simple... This is a simple text editor built of the Star Trek LCARS interface. This program also come with an interesting feature, encryption technology, capable of editing texts and encypting it in a same program, like seen in Star Trek s

NotePADD LCARS Text Editor 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public. Freeware download of NotePADD LCARS Text Editor 1.0, size 0 b.

Alert! Condition Red 2.0 Molecular Software 

Alert! Condition Red 2 is designed to look like the Red Alert screens out of Star Trek VI (and others).

Fully configurable: messages, font size, speed. Option to save settings in the registry.. Freeware download of Alert! Condition Red 2.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Quake Army Knife 6 3 Kenneth C. Finney 

A powerful editor for games based on or similar to id Software's series of Quake games. Currently supports 31 distinct games, and a countless number of mods. Integrates a map editor, model editor, archive editors and texture management.
It's an editor for many games: Quake 1, Hexen 2, Quake 2, Heretic 2, Half-Life, Sin, Kingpin,. Freeware download of Quake Army Knife 6 3, size 15.39 Mb.

QuArK SourceForge 

Quake Army Knife (QuArK) is a multi-purpose tool for the games using engines similar to or based on the Quake engine by id Software. QuArK has the ability to directly edit maps, and to a limited extent, models, and can import, export and convert sounds, textures and various other game assets.

It is also able to modify .pak and .pk3. Freeware download of QuArK , size 15.39 Mb.

PDF to Image Converter (Auto and Manual) 1.0 vNew Technology Solutions 

Manual and Automatic PDF to Image Converter is an advanced application to convert PDF document into image file formats like TIF/TIFF(multi page or single page),PNG, JPG/JPEG,PNM, BMP, PCX and PSD.Using this tool PDF files can convert to image files manually as well as automatically. Manual PDF to Image Conversion : Select the PDF file and Click on. Free download of PDF to Image Converter (Auto and Manual) 1.0, size 9.70 Mb.

AWinware PDF Split Merge Professional PDF Restrictions Remover 

AWinware Pdf Split Merge Professional edition V1.0.1.3 build 1.3 is advance application for joining multiple pdf files into one and for splitting pdf into multiple documents, specially designed for schools and corporate users. Now a days Pdf file has become more comfortable and convenient way to share documents electronically. But large pdf. Free download of AWinware PDF Split Merge Professional, size 1.49 Mb.

PDF DocuReader 4.0 soft Xpansion GmbH & Co.KG 

The free solution for your context sensitive help system - a good alternative to CHM or HLP help viewer. Also with your identity - logo and company data!Use PDF files in your program's help system and as user manuals! Which tool and which file format do you use for displaying the program help in your software? - Typically, the software of today. Free download of PDF DocuReader 4.0, size 3.47 Mb.

Concatenating PDF Documents Files Conversion 

PDF documents splitter is used to split files by pages, you can divide the file into single pages or save every page as a new file. PDF combiner also can be used to merge multiple PDFs files or selected pages from one or more files into a PDF file. You can re-arrange the pages, add or delete new pages. User can even split single files into a. Free download of Concatenating PDF Documents, size 728.35 Kb.

Star Wars ScreenThemes 3.0 Vision X Software, Inc. 

Star Wars fans get ready.
This is the ultimate package for you.

Star Wars Screen Themes will bring the Jedis to your desktop.

This beautiful desktop software will allow you to remember the famous saga of George Lucas every time you turn on your computer.
It will show you the scenes that made these movies. Free download of Star Wars ScreenThemes 3.0, size 3.08 Mb.

UPSS Lite 5.11 UPSS Systems 

Universal Parcel Shipping Software. Our UPSS Lite? software will save you time and money from the first day you start using it. Don't ship a single package until you find out the best way and the most economical method of shipping using our software. Compare shipping rates and services domestic or international, between UPS, USPS, FEDEX or DHL.. Free download of UPSS Lite 5.11, size 2.21 Mb.

CCDAutoPilot 4.21.6 CCDWare 

CCDAutoPilot Version provides astrophotographers the tools and capabilities needed to optimize the imaging system and fully automate the image acquisition over the course of the evening. With the tools and utilities provided, CCDAutoPilot moves from an automation program to an imaging platform, providing you with everything you need for successful. Free download of CCDAutoPilot 4.21.6, size 2.51 Mb.

Advanced eBook Explorer ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. 

A program to keep your eBooks collection (for Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader) in order. For all eBooks you own, it shows detailed information such as file name and size, book ID (e.g. ISBN), title, author, publisher, category, and number of pages. Besides, it shows permissions given for books use by the publishers: whether or not you can copy any text. Freeware download of Advanced eBook Explorer, size 0 b.