Stardock Colour

Manpwin Paul de Leeuw Computers 

Manpwin is a free program based loosely on FRACTINT but is a full 32 bit program with true colour support. MANPWIN now offers animation scripting. Several new fractals have been added.
Manpwin is a powerful and easy to use freeware fractal generation program. I especially like its coloring system.. Freeware download of Manpwin, size 1.24 Mb.


Loxley ROES 1.0 Loxley Colour 

Loxley ROES is designed to make ordering any product from the Loxley Colour range a simple and rewarding process.By providing a visual representation of your order, Loxley ROES allows you to check cropping, layout, composition and finish prior to submission; ensuring you’re happy with your final product. Freeware download of Loxley ROES 1.0, size 124.93 Kb.

ColourChaser Designer 3 27 Philips Lighting 

The colour selector is the tool used to change or set a specific colour when creating or modifying designs.
The colour selector is very simple to work with. The standard colour model is HIS, which stands for Hue (also called colour), Saturation (how deep or faint that colour is) and Intensity (how bright the colour is).. Freeware download of ColourChaser Designer 3 27, size 13.22 Mb.

CastCor 1 12 Basp 

Almost all color transparency films, color print papers and color negative films use a multilayer subtractive colour construction similar to that shown above.

The uppermost layer contains a yellow dye whose density is proportional to the amount of blue light, the middle layer has a magenta dye with density proportional to green light,. Freeware download of CastCor 1 12, size 0 b.

ComfortableStyle 1 1 Merlin Software International Ltd 

With ComfortableStyle your customer can see exactly what they will get with full colour reports as standard. The prints feature frame finishes, panels, and stained glass options (including RegaLead ® designs). All windows and doors shown on the prints are proportioned to dimensions entered, so customers can easily picture their new. Free download of ComfortableStyle 1 1, size 123.41 Mb.

ShowCAD Artist 2.10.556 ShowCAD Control Systems Ltd. 

Massive LED Arrays Made Easy

64,000 DMX output channels (128 universes) to control a potential 20,000 RGB fixtures
Full two dimensional matrixing across all DMX universes
Fully variable colour pattern generators for a huge number of automated looks
Real time video to DMX sampling from video files or live video input. Free download of ShowCAD Artist 2.10.556, size 52.69 Mb.

Pixy Professional 5.0 Activeware 

Pixy Professional is a pixel colour reporting programs, simple to use, easy to understand pixel colour reporting.
Using Pixy Professional saves you time and increases productivity, because you don't have to waste time print screening or using paint programs to find the colour of a pixel. With a simple Follow Mouse function, you can see. Free download of Pixy Professional 5.0, size 1.76 Mb.

Leaf By Bendigo Design 1. 2. 2001 Bendigo Design 

Leaf is a simple application which lets you colourise images by having them first in Greyscale or Sepia or Negative and after selection you can "Paint" them back into their original colour.
If you are familiar with our flagship product, Pixo, you will feel right at home, however the difference is Leaf does the opposite of Pixo where. Freeware download of Leaf By Bendigo Design 1. 2. 2001, size 7.25 Mb.

Memory-Map Memory-Map, Inc. 

The five essential benefits:

PLAN ROUTES - Use real colour maps on a PC, Pocket PC or Smartphone to help you find your way. Simply click on the map to plan your route and see leg distance, compass bearing, journey length and estimated trip time. You can even visualise your routes in a continuous 3D landscape.

. Free download of Memory-Map, size 19.50 Mb.

Thunderbird Phoenix 1 2 Country Electronics 

Thunderbird Phoenix - 31 full colour pages packed with exciting Thunderbird tool.
Thunderbird’s new fence energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advanced surface mount electronics, for better control, fence performance and reliability.. Freeware download of Thunderbird Phoenix 1 2, size 101.68 Mb.

CodaPrint 3 5 Codafile 

Codaprint Lite comes with three ready to use templates which you can use to print labels for: Side Tab Files, Top Tab Files, Lever Arch Files. Print colour coded labels that make finding your files easy. Ready to use templates included. Easy intuitive software. And most of all, it's easy to upgrade to the full featured version of Codaprint and. Freeware download of CodaPrint 3 5, size 6.03 Mb.

RGBSplit 2. 1. 2000 Hitchhiker 

RGBSplit is a VB application that will take as input one or more directories containing colour BMP files, and it will split the bitmaps into their Red, Green and Blue channels, saving the resulting bitmaps into their own subdirectories. The application is free to use.. Freeware download of RGBSplit 2. 1. 2000, size 2.11 Mb.

MSBuild Explorer 1.0.50 FreeToDev 

MSBuild Explorer allows you to explore the makeup of your MSBuild files, showing all properties, item groups, imports and targets which are colour coded to indicate whether they are Initial, Default or both. Targets are shown in a Treeview with DependsOnTargets as subnodes.

Main Features:

- Explore the makeup of your. Freeware download of MSBuild Explorer 1.0.50, size 72.61 Mb.

Pixel-Zip Decompressor 2.0 Pixel-Zip Team. 

Pixel-Zip is a raster image compressor and decompressor designed specifically for the graphic arts and related markets with especially developed large file, 16-bit and native CMYK mode compression support with algorithms tailored at maximum colour and quality retention.

You may not know this, but many similar technologies in the market. Freeware download of Pixel-Zip Decompressor 2.0, size 0 b.

GIF Colour Mapper 1 32 SilverAge Software, Inc. 

GIF Color mapper provides quick changing colors in the palettes of a number of GIF files. It provides the ability to change the Design or Colour Scheme of your Web Site in a moment. For your convenience it's packed with built-in color picker to capture desired colours both for source and destination that lets you totally concentrate on the. Freeware download of GIF Colour Mapper 1 32, size 0 b.

DreamMaker 3.0 Stardock Corporation 

DreamMaker is a free utility that will allow you to pack the animations you made with Stardock Deskscapes. Thus, you can create a "Dream" that you can upload to WinCustomize in order to share your creations with the world.

To create your DreamMaker package you will need to enter the relevant Dream Information, such as the. Freeware download of DreamMaker 3.0, size 88.75 Mb.

Grey Olltwit's Doodle Pad 3 9 Grey Olltwit Educational Software 

Grey Olltwit's Doodle Pad is a simple drawing and colouring program which includes stamps (small pre-drawn pictures to colour) of Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Gopher, Roo and Kanga to add to your pictures. There are a lot of stamp packs at the developer's web site.. Free download of Grey Olltwit's Doodle Pad 3 9, size 1.61 Mb.

flip2mono 1.0 Ihsan 

Turn a grid to a single colour by flipping cells; cells colours change according to the chosen pattern. This is a good mind stretcher during a coffee break. The puzzle is however very hard, not every body's cup of tea.

Program Features

Create puzzles 5x5 or 4x4 size
Set display colour schemes
See computer. Freeware download of flip2mono 1.0, size 4.27 Mb.

CFS Console Zaplots Games, Inc. 

CFS console runs in a cmd console window and executes the text in cfs files and acts like a console remembering your name and favourite colour. No cfs files are included but can be downloaded when put on site, also some existing games on site have been converted into cfs format. CFS console has a built-in installer for cfs files.. Freeware download of CFS Console, size 3.74 Mb.

Mscan SSTV CombiTech 

Mscan SSTV is used by radio amateurs world wide to receive and transmit colour images in slow scan television (SSTV) mode.

Pictures that are being received are displayed in the Incoming Video window.

Mscan SSTV is very simple to use, has a user-friendly interface and works in a multitasking mode.

Mscan SSTV. Free download of Mscan SSTV, size 1.48 Mb.