Steam Boiler

PC-Rail Leeds City 5 1 PC-Rail Software 

Featuring the Leeds City of the steam age, with its 16 platforms and complex track layout. It comes with an authentic timetable for 1950, most trains requiring a change of loco and various shunting movements, with full loco details being provided.

Main features:
-High degree of realism
-User friendly interface
. Free download of PC-Rail Leeds City 5 1, size 4.98 Mb.


WaterSteamPro Calculator OKApp 

WaterSteamPro is a set of programs for calculating properties of water, steam, gases and gases mixtures.With WaterSteamPro you can calculate thermophysical properties (specific volume, enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, speed of sound, isochoric and isobaric heat capacity, Joule-Thomson coefficient, kinematic and dynamic viscosity, Prandtl number,. Free download of WaterSteamPro Calculator, size 3.32 Mb.

TurboMart 1.0.01 thePetroStreet 

TurboMart is a smartly designed utility to help engineers across petrochemical, power and oil & gas sector for the performance evaluation of steam turbines and gas turbines. It has a built-in property package for basic fuel components. This release will take care of thermal efficiencies, heat rate and power output of gas turbine, where as. Freeware download of TurboMart 1.0.01, size 0 b.

Maritime Ships Database 1. 9. 2001 

Maritime Ships Database is a ship database covering engine driven ships since the invention of steam engines. Added to present coverage of present world fleet details as well as ships on order, Maritime Ships Database is adding ships of the past for the purpose of complete coverage of analyses of ships and their players over the past 150 years.. Freeware download of Maritime Ships Database 1. 9. 2001, size 48.11 Mb.

ABB REM 543/545 Connectivity Package 2 3 ABB 

The REM 543 machine terminals are used as the main protection system of generator and generator-transformer units in small and medium-power diesel, hydroelectric and steam power plants.
A connectivity package is a collection of software and information related to a specific protection and control terminal, an IED (Intelligent Electronic. Freeware download of ABB REM 543/545 Connectivity Package 2 3, size 34.50 Mb.

Steam97 Excel Add-In Demo 2.0 MegaWatSoft 

The Steam97 Excel Add-In library calculates 30 thermodynamic and transport properties of water and steam in SI and English units. It allows 16 different combinations of input variables to be used for calculations.

Input variables that can be used are:

1. pressure,
2. temperature,
3. enthalpy,
4.. Free download of Steam97 Excel Add-In Demo 2.0, size 71.42 Mb.

Esteam Demo 4.0 Encotech, Inc. 

Esteam is a Steam Properties Calculator with Add-ins for Spreadsheets.

The Calculator

- Select almost any pair of properties to define a state point and calculate the remaining properties
- Determine expansion line efficiency from data input
- Find downstream conditions from upstream conditions, downstream. Free download of Esteam Demo 4.0, size 6.84 Mb.

SteamTool 1 1 Stefan Jones 

If you run out of space to install games within Steam , with SteamTool you can install some of your games to another hard drive or solid-state drive

With SteamTool, you can install the games in your Steam Library across more than one hard drive. Games on the second hard drive will continue to download and update as normal, because. Freeware download of SteamTool 1 1, size 38.69 Mb.

PCTran PWR 6.0.1 Micro-Simulation Technology 

PWRs of once-through steam generators of B&W or ABB designs. With PCTRan AWR you can view and simulate major accidents that occured during the time. The application is a big resource for learning and analyzing the aspects of the accident and the cause that was involved.. Free download of PCTran PWR 6.0.1, size 8.88 Mb.

MoistAirTab 1. 1. 2000 ChemicaLogic Corporation 

MoistAirTab brings you a comprehensive set of air, water, steam and ice properties — right in your spreadsheet — with "live" links to variable psychrometric conditions by cell reference. You never again have to copy or re-type any property values into your spreadsheet!
MoistAirTab is indispensable for professionals. Free download of MoistAirTab 1. 1. 2000, size 188.42 Kb.

SteamTab Quad 3.0 ChemicaLogic Corporation 

SteamTab Quad sets a new standard in capability and ease of use for steam property generation. SteamTab Quad contains all of the features of SteamTab Duo. In addition, with SteamTab Quad, you can choose from 4 different formulations to base steam property calculations:
Scientific Formulation (IAPWS-95): This is the formulation approved by the. Free download of SteamTab Quad 3.0, size 377.86 Kb.

BoilerPlate - Reusable CORBA 1.2 

Boiler-plate code for bootstrapping CORBA 2.5+ applications. The goal is to create a set of cooperative services and components needed by CORBA apps. Essentially, a pre-fabricated CORBA infrastructure that facilitates component based software engineering. Freeware download of BoilerPlate - Reusable CORBA 1.2, size 146.15 Kb.

freesteam 2.0 

Open source steam property routines in C. Implements the IAPWS-IF97 steam tables from the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam. Includes two-way property solvers and test suite. Can be used from C/C++, Fortran Python and AS. Freeware download of freesteam 2.0, size 80.84 Kb.

HL MapConf 0.91 

A small Perl script that allows Steam-based game server admins to create, modify and maintain custom config files for each map in a servers mapcycle.. Freeware download of HL MapConf 0.91, size 16.16 Kb.

HLmaps 4.0 

HLmaps is a Perl/CGI (or PHP/MySQL) script for Steam Half-Life game servers running on *nix or WinNT. It allows web site visitors to view loaded maps, screenshots, download links and some file statistics in a nice, sortable table format.. Freeware download of HLmaps 4.0, size 6.62 Mb.

ingram chillin' mod 1.0 

icm is an open-source half-life modification/edit: Steam sucks. i try to find another way. Freeware download of ingram chillin' mod 1.0, size 637.18 Kb.

openrail 0.01 

An effort to create free and open enviroment, to build complex "rail world", including all rail technology lovers' interests - locomotives (steam, diesel, electric) - driving or documentation, physics, traffic control, etc.. Freeware download of openrail 0.01, size 10.01 Kb.

iSteamSDK 1.0 

iSteam is an open source product being developed focusing on the Steamworks platform, to advertise and centralize everything about steam in one application.

For more information and if you would like to download the source, go to:

Authenticate / login via Steam, Retrieve friend lists via Steam,. Freeware download of iSteamSDK 1.0, size 0 b.

Hibernate SWT GUI Annotation Library 1.0 Hibernate-swt 

Library of annotations and boiler plate code to connection hibernate annotated objects that represent data tables with SWT Widgets; with the goal of rapid CRUD operation capabilities through an SWT GUI. The project goals maybe expanded in the future.

Rapid CRUD GUI Development, Advanced SWT Widgets. Freeware download of Hibernate SWT GUI Annotation Library 1.0, size 0 b.

Hextinium 1.0 

Hextinium es un software dedicado al counter-strike source (steam), el principal objetivo es dejar evidencia de que un jugador juega "limpio". Para ello se captura la pantalla cada cierto tiempo, lo que despuA©s se compila para formar un video avi.

Se puede verificar si el video fue modificado, Registra el usuario steam con cual. Freeware download of Hextinium 1.0, size 0 b.