Steering Control Headlight

3D Car Parking Simulation 2 Mobizmo 

Car Parking is a parking simulation designed for drivers. It's one of the best car parking games in its category with real steering and easy to drive driving experience.


*Exellent steering control with accelerator and brake compatibility
*25 different levels designed from easy to hard
*Joyful gaming. Freeware download of 3D Car Parking Simulation 2, size 57.57 Mb.


SpaceLock Octapus Society 

New maps now available, enjoy.

SpaceLock is a Studios 2G's production and tells the story of a spacecraft of a human crew lost in space after suffering a viral attack to commands and steering control. The spacecraft can only ensure vertical and horizontal movements and doesn't have any breaks that can make her stop.

The game. Freeware download of SpaceLock, size 44.04 Mb.

Lefebure GPS Field 22. 7. 2009 Lefebure 

This is a project to build an auto-steer system for agricultural use. More specifically, the system uses GPS data to create a coverage map, and also to steer the machine.

An auto-steer system has to get data from a GPS receiver, process that data, and send electronic commands to some steering control system. All of the magic happens. Freeware download of Lefebure GPS Field 22. 7. 2009, size 52.49 Mb.

Ball Drive 1.2 artArmin 

Ball Drive!... Control your ball without hitting the obstacles...
Challenge yourself in steering through an endless path.... Free download of Ball Drive 1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Flying Panda FREE Sixth Star Studio 

Take to the skies as a daring panda in 'Flying Panda'. Fly as long as you can, passing through each and every ring along the way, while steering clear of danger.

You control the panda's plane, flying it through various obstacles by adjusting its altitude. As the flight progresses, the plane's speed increases, making it more challenging.. Freeware download of Flying Panda FREE, size 7.34 Mb.

Precision Driving 3D Advanced Tiny Lab 

Precision Driving is a car simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.
Prove that you can can complete 24 challenging driving exercises and become the master of the steering wheel!
Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.

Real Racing 3D Furkan Gul 

Real Racing 3D is the best racing games in the Windows Phone Store. Experience realistic physics engine.
Tap the left and right of the screen to control the steering of your car.


- Touch and sensor controls.
- Realistic car physics.
- Realistic 3d graphics and sounds.
- 6 different stages.
-. Free download of Real Racing 3D, size 33.55 Mb.

Rovio Controller Merlin Software 

Control your WowWee webcam robot from your phone. Features include:

* Full motion control with adjustable speeds
* Toggle between local and internet access
* Camera position
* Headlight toggle
* IR Radar obstacle detection
* Send Rovio back to dock for charging

Rovio Controller is not. Freeware download of Rovio Controller, size 1.05 Mb.

Top Flirt Ideas Pratik Solanki 

he application is about taking control of an interaction with someone
and steering it in a romantic direction. Some people have sufficient natural charisma to cause a spark
in others when communicating. For the rest of us there are many easy ways to ignite a flame:
a few simple tips and a little self- control will transform anyone's. Free download of Top Flirt Ideas, size 1.05 Mb.

Tractor Parking 3D Furkan Gul 

Tractor Parking 3D is a parking simulator .
Control your car with an steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals .
30 different levels .
Realistic and high quality graphics.
Realistic great sounds .

Keywords parking game , tractor parking , parking free , free tractor game. Free download of Tractor Parking 3D, size 11.53 Mb.

Truck Parking 3D Furkan Gul 

Truck Parking 3D is a parking simulator .
Control your car with an steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals .
30 different levels .
3 different Camera .
Realistic and high quality graphics.
Realistic great sounds .

Keywords parking game , truck parking , parking free , free truck game. Freeware download of Truck Parking 3D, size 10.49 Mb.

Remote Control Tools 1.0.0 JurikSoft 

JurikSoft Remote Control Tools- software for remote administration of computers under OS Microsoft Windows 2000\XP or Windows Server 2003. This software products are develop using Microsoft .NET technology for current and future OS from Microsoft. After installation JurikSoft Remote Control Tools to your PC you can control remote computer.. Free download of Remote Control Tools 1.0.0, size 5.49 Mb.

Huey PC Remote Control 5.5 GID Software 

Huey is a remote control program that allows you to remotely control another PC through the internet or your local area network. It is specifically designed to allow you to easily use your work/school computer from home. Features full 256, 15, 16, 24 or 32 bit screen transfer without loss of screen resolution; Reasonable usability at 56k modem. Free download of Huey PC Remote Control 5.5, size 1.24 Mb.

NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.6 NetSupport Limited 

Perform remote support and management on multiple systems simultaneously over a LAN, WAN and the Internet with this powerful PC remote control software. NetSupport Manager provides speedy, secure remote PC access, dynamic inventory, automated scripting and scheduling, file transfer, remote deployment, system monitoring, help requests and much more.. Free download of NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.6, size 35.00 Mb.

Remote Control PRO 3.7 Alchemy Lab 

Complete and efficient remote control solution that gives you full control over remote computer as if you were working directly at it - viewing/controlling remote desktop, running windows and console applications, working with clipboard and files, instant messaging and more. Unattended easy-to-use deployment and configuration over the network to. Free download of Remote Control PRO 3.7, size 1.96 Mb.

Bluetooth Remote Control 1 

Bluetooth Remote Control turns your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Window. See your Power Point slides directly in the phone, browse/play the songs in ITune and Media player and much more...Bluetooth Remote Control is a true universal remote control that lets the user adds or modify the controlled programs. Customize. Free download of Bluetooth Remote Control 1, size 1.33 Mb.

Auto Volume Control 1.5 Research Lab Inc 

Solves the volume control problems for TVs, radio stations, CDs and Public Address systems. Now use your PC as a volume control device which stays between the audio input source (microphone) & the audio output source (speaker) all this software requires is a sound card with a line-in and line-out. No more be startled by obnoxiously loud. Free download of Auto Volume Control 1.5, size 2.78 Mb.

FlowChartX control 4.1.5 MindFusion LLC 

Implemented as an ActiveX control, FlowChartX provides your applications with the ability to create and present various kinds of flow diagrams. A few to mention are workflow, flowchart, process, database entity relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and network charts, graphs and trees.The basic item types, boxes, tables and arrows, can. Free download of FlowChartX control 4.1.5, size 3.84 Mb.

FlexCell Grid Control 5.0.2 FlexCell Technologies 

FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control. Using FlexCell Grid Control, you can create the professional user interfaces and report form in your application.FlexCell Grid Control provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, Chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Sort, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel Workbook. Free download of FlexCell Grid Control 5.0.2, size 2.09 Mb.

VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control 2.2 YQSoft Inc 

Animate your GIFs with this pure VB code Animation GIF ActiveX Control.Supports most GIF89a standards, including animation, looping, delay time, and so on. Analyze every frame of the GIF with this control. Autosize, stretch features. Supports JPEG, BMP and any other picture formats that VB supports. Developed in pure VB codes, DOES NOT use any. Free download of VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control 2.2, size 632.83 Kb.