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ReSpatializer 1 1 The Sound Guy, Inc. 

ReSpatializer is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plug-in for VST and Audio Unit formats. ReSpatializer supports up to eight input channels, each of which can be individually positioned. Key Product Features: Selection of angle, spread and spin for each source LFE (low-frequency effect) tools 16 different output formats Host. Free download of ReSpatializer 1 1, size 1.54 Mb.


Elevayta Player Boy 1 2 Elevayta 

'Player Boy' converts any Elevayta plug-in to a stand alone audio application. Simply drop an Elevayta VST plug-in onto 'Player Boy', or load it via the GUI, and you instantly have a dedicated audio processing application that plays and processes the audio .wav files you select. To begin processing, simply drop the .wav file you. Freeware download of Elevayta Player Boy 1 2, size 97.48 Mb.

Ferret 4x4 1.0 eaReckon 

Ferret 4x4 is a VST plugin for Windows primarly designed for eaReckon BloXpander users (but it works with other compatible VST host software). This plugin makes use of BloXPander specific "sidechain" and multiple outputs capabilities allowing complex audio routing. You can assign outputs pairs of other plugins to 3 of the 4 Ferret 4x4. Freeware download of Ferret 4x4 1.0, size 1.88 Mb.

FoxPlayer 3.7.0 FoxMediaTools 

FoxPlayer is a light audio software with a hip interface, Internet streaming, continuous play, mp3 wav converter and numerous other great features. The program lacks in size and compensates in performance having an integrated ID3 editor which simplifies renaming and modifying files and using Xaudio MPEG engine to power up its impressive number of. Freeware download of FoxPlayer 3.7.0, size 1.27 Mb.

Chainer 1 3 Thomas Putolski 

Chainer is an amazing digital signal processing application that allows you to record audio, use effect plug-ins, and audio synthesizer signals, all integrated in one virtual interface by utilizing Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Audio Stream Input/Output protocol (ASIO). The name "Chainer" is due to the arrangement of channels from. Free download of Chainer 1 3, size 25.03 Mb.

VST BrickWall Limiter 0.8 Stephan Hotto 

VST BrickWall Limiter is an audio signal limiter plug-in for professional audio production applications.

Input Gain:
Increasing the input gain drives the limiter into limiting

The maximum allowed signal level. It is good practice to choose at least -0.1dB instead of 0dB to provide some head room for later. Free download of VST BrickWall Limiter 0.8, size 188.74 Kb.

VST Compressor 0.7 Stephan Hotto 

VST Compressor is an audio signal compressor plug-in for professional audio production applications.

Input Gain:
Adapts the input signal level for the compressor stage. There is normally no need to use that control as long as the input signal is correctly leveled.

Sets the level from where the signal gets. Free download of VST Compressor 0.7, size 188.74 Kb.

Satellite Pro VST 1.0 Samplebase 

Satellite Pro VST is a virtual instrument synthesizer for various audio software.

- Dedicated Patch and Effects screens for full synth and effects parameter editing
- Access to 18 different effect types. Parameters can be edited, automated and synced to MIDI
- Access to the powerful synthesis engine. Free download of Satellite Pro VST 1.0, size 3.65 Mb.

Extreme Sample Converter Wlodzimierz Grabowski 

Extreme Sample Converter is a multifunctional audio software, browser, player, and program editor with advanced conversion between different sample formats.

Main Features:


* Automatically searching of loop with different modes and loop search algorithm.

Fx Vst Rack

* VST and DX. Free download of Extreme Sample Converter, size 2.81 Mb.

vstgui 1.0 Vstgui 

VSTGUI is a cross platform C++ library mainly for developing user interfaces for audio plug-ins (VST, AudioUnit, RTAS, etc).

vstgui 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of vstgui 1.0, size 10.76 Mb.

n-Track for Windows Flavio Antonioli 

Turn your computer into a multitrack music recording studio

n-Track Software has been developing audio software since 1995, when the first version of n-Track was released. Back then it was a simple box with a few buttons that allowed to record 4 tracks. At that time multitrack recording was still done on tape. Since then n-Track has. Free download of n-Track for Windows, size 31.14 Mb.

n-Track for Windows (x64 bit) Flavio Antonioli 

Turn your computer into a multitrack music recording studio

n-Track Software for Windows x64 has been developing audio software since 1995, when the first version of n-Track was released. Back then it was a simple box with a few buttons that allowed to record 4 tracks. At that time multitrack recording was still done on tape. Since. Free download of n-Track for Windows (x64 bit), size 31.14 Mb.

PSP Squad x64 1.5.2 s.c. 

PSP sQuad x64 is a bundle of SIX high-quality equalizer plug-ins (VST and RTAS for Windows x32 or x64; AudioUnit, RTAS and VST for Mac OSX universal binary). PSP sQuad equalizers are inspired by the best features and characteristics of classic analog hardware-musicality and simplicity. Although these EQs are easy to use we expanded their. Free download of PSP Squad x64 1.5.2, size 10.49 Mb.

AVS Audio Tools 3.6 Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK 

AVS Audio Tools is 10 applications in one powerful audio software suite, which includes full-featured digital Audio Mixer and 9 wizard-styled tools (Ringtone Maker, Mobile Uploader, iRadio Recorder, Audio Recorder, Audio CD Grabber, Audio CD Writer, Audio MP3 Writer, Exact Audio CD Copier and Audio Converter).It is your own complete audio studio.. Free download of AVS Audio Tools 3.6, size 19.08 Mb.

Okoker Audio Factory 6.9 Okoker Software 

Okoker Audio Factory is a professional powerful multifunction audio software. It can record radio stations from the Web, and allows you to record any audio source from your computer into various audio formats. It provides a powerful audio editing function, and can add a lot of special effects. You can cut, copy, paste and mix parts of audio files .. Free download of Okoker Audio Factory 6.9, size 4.33 Mb.

PC Audio Converter 1.3 Program4Pc 

PC Audio Converter is a powerful , professional audio software designed to offer a solution for converting audio files. It rips Audio CDs, makes MP3 and WMA album CDs.PC Audio Converter contains of two separate programs: Rip Audio CD; Create MP3/WMA CD; which can extract Digital Audio tracks from an Audio CD and save them into CD-quality WAV files,. Free download of PC Audio Converter 1.3, size 9.93 Mb.

AVS Media Audio Tools 4.6 Online Media Technologies Ltd. 

This audio software suite includes 10 smooth-in-use and handy applications for audio processing! Record audio, burn and create audio and MP3 CDs, rip and exact-copy audio discs, mix your own music, create your own ringtones with various effects and upload it then, record iRadio, convert audio. - Boost your MP3 audio collection with surround sound!-. Free download of AVS Media Audio Tools 4.6, size 22.03 Mb.

Hanso Player 2.6.0 HansoTools 

Hanso Player is a resourceful audio player created for the exigent music listeners accustomed to high-quality software and sound. At the core of the program lies an embedded SQL database engine (sqlite); the formats you are enabled to use cover most of your needs: MP3, MP4, MPC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA etc.

Hanso Player capabilities go. Freeware download of Hanso Player 2.6.0, size 1.56 Mb.

Radiocube - Radio Automation DJ Software 2.5.240 mediatron GmbH 

Radiocube is the professional Audio Software Platform for Radio Automation, DJs, Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Home Entertainment (HiFi).

All products are based on professional radio automation software. Our primary focus for our products lies on clarity, great functionality, simple handling and extreme reliability.We, being software. Free download of Radiocube - Radio Automation DJ Software 2.5.240, size 1.02 Kb.

Translate Text into Audio Images to PDF Converter 

Translate text into audio software allows your computer to read any text aloud to you with natural speaking voices. Listen to text document files, instead of straining your eyes. A speaker menu and speed control slider is available. Email reader application program speaks all type of text content like word, excel, Notepad, html, PDF, eBook, RTF,. Free download of Translate Text into Audio, size 866.30 Kb.

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