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Stratigraphy Software

RockWorks 15.0 RockWare 

RockWorks offers numerous options for analyzing your subsurface data, and accepts many different data types, such as stratigraphy, lithology, quantitative data, color intervals, fracture data and hydrology and aquifer data.

In addition to its already impressive collection of existing capabilities, the latest RockWorks version has. Free download of RockWorks 15.0, size 58.47 Mb.

SnowStrat 03 

A program to quantify snow cover stratigraphy and its variability. Freeware download of SnowStrat 03, size 107.58 Kb.

WinFence 2 21 GAEA Technologies Ltd. 

WinFence can be used to graphically create detailed, full-color, cross-sections and fence diagrams quickly and easily. The program can be used to interpret and map soil and rock layers, contamination, fossils, minerals and hydrocarbons.

The WinFence cross-section extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly create detailed. Free download of WinFence 2 21, size 42.68 Mb.

Loadcap GeoStru S.R.L. 

Loadcap is a comprehensive and lightweight application worth having when you want to perform calculations such as soil pressure and oedometric tests.

The application provides you with unlimited number of soil layers, interpretations of dynamic penetrometer tests and library of soil textures.

With its intuitive interface, you. Free download of Loadcap, size 0 b.

DownHole GeoStru S.R.L. 

DownHole is a comprehensive application designed to help you measure the time taken for the P and S waves in order to move between seismic sources, using the down hole seismic method (DH).

With the help of DownHole you have the possibility to calculate the distances between the source and the receiver, interpret average geotechnical. Free download of DownHole, size 0 b.

Stratigraphy Software Web Results

UGA Stratigraphy Lab

Includes an online tutorial about sequence stratigraphy, information about Ordovician sequence stratigraphy, and software.

University of South Carolina Sequence Stratigraphy Web

Gateway to the USC's web site on sequence stratigraphy.

Early Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy

The broad objective is to build up a detailed knowledge of the Early Cretaceous stratigraphy in the Tethyan realm. The approach will be systematic through the integration of basin reference...

International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy

A virtual visit to the Cambrian world, details of stratigraphy, localities and life in the Cambrian.

Gnet: Graph Editor/Browser

A general purpose editor/browser for directed graphs. One of its main uses is as a tool for visualising archaeological stratigraphy

The Beginning of Southern Melanesian Prehistory: The St Maurice-Vatcha Lapita Site, New Caledonia

Abstract of an article by Christophe Sand in the Journal of Field Archaeology reporting that new excavations have led to a precise understanding of the stratigraphy, and a large set of new 14C...

Radiocarbon Ages for Two Sites on Ua Huka, Marquesas

Asian Perspectives 43(1). Radiocarbon dates are presented and discussed for two sites with deep stratigraphy on Ua Huka Island, Marquesas.