Surge Current Protection Using Superconductor Ppt

XInsert for jEdit 2.6 Romain Guy & Dominic Stolerman 

XInsert for jEdit is a useful and simple jEdit plugin that will insert a section of code or text from a predefined library into the current buffer, using a graphical tree view.

XInsert for jEdit enables you to insert HTML characters, Java scripts, JSP and XHTML tags into your documentation. It also enables you to run simple scripts in a. Freeware download of XInsert for jEdit 2.6, size 0 b.


AZ WIC Clinic Search 1.0 Arizona Department of Health Services 

Arizona Department of Health Services:
Women Infant and Children (WIC)?

Use this app to find local WIC clinics in your area. You can look up clinics by your current location (using GPS).

Navigate to local WIC clinics.
Call directly the WIC clinic you select.
View a picture of the WIC clinic.. Freeware download of AZ WIC Clinic Search 1.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Gujarati Clock 1.0 Mulishani LLC 

Another great FREE application from
Mulishani LLC. Gujarati Clock is an
entertaining clock that displays the
current time using Gujarati Numbers,
BUT with a twist!

Every second, one of the digits
cycles to an English number. This
helps you learn your Gujarati
Numbers faster.

To toggle. Freeware download of Gujarati Clock 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

My GPS Package 2.0 V Lokeswara Reddy 

The My GPS Application implements a travel calculator that tracks the current location (using longitude, latitude, and altitude), direction, alternative path,Traffic Report,Instant Messaging to your friends with in the App and many more.

The My GPS Application displays the information nearly simultaneously and updates the. Free download of My GPS Package 2.0, size 9.96 Mb.

Quick GPS 1.0 FostWare Media 

**** Some features will not work with the iPod Touch ****

Find your current location using Quick GPS. Specify the desired accuracy of your reading to prevent unnecessary draining of battery. Select from an array of icons to enhance your listing with a picture for quick reference.

Keep. Free download of Quick GPS 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

RadarHere 1.0 James Thiele 

RadarHere a free app finds the current location using the built in location capabilities of your iPhoneOS device and displays an animated display of doppler weather radar for that location. The radar display is updated every five minutes along with the location if the device has moved.

You can tell the developer of this app why you don't. Freeware download of RadarHere 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

3D Voice Navigator George Wanjohi 

Get the simplest and fastest aid in navigation using voice commands. Get to view your current location using 3D maps. This app has many features:
1. Your current location view
2. Search for places and get directions/voice directions to them.
3. Get to view the nearest wifis in your region and also get navigations to them
4.. Free download of 3D Voice Navigator, size 1.05 Mb.

Emergency SMS JJA 

This app tries to identify if you have been in a car crash. When a crash is identified the app gets the current location using GPS Satellites and prepares an SMS to send to a phone number you inserted. NECESSARY accessory: OBDII bluetooth device. Freeware download of Emergency SMS, size 1.05 Mb.

Money Mate Police Credit Union Ltd 

Police Credit Union's Money Mate app is the perfect solution to your mobile banking needs. With Money Mate you can do your banking on the go with the peace of mind of Guardian Fraud Protection.
Using your smart device, you can access Money Mate wherever you are and use these great features:
- 4-digit passcode login for instant access. Freeware download of Money Mate, size 1.05 Mb.

OpenBeer Ateek CJ7 

OpenBeer is a beer and brewery reference application. Search and navigate through a large database of breweries and beers. Also, find breweries near your current location using the location features of the application. OpenBeer takes advantage of voice commands to locate breweries and open the search screen. Check out the help section to review the. Freeware download of OpenBeer, size 1.05 Mb.

VibroClock sergiorribeiro 

Always track the time, even with your hands on the pocket.
VibroClock can tell you the current time using the phone vibrator.

On the classroom? On a meeting? Or just want to amaze your friends? You can activate VibroClock with a couple of strong taps or a shake inside your pocket and it will tell you the time... just count it :)

Avian Parallel Computing 1.01.20111009 

An exploration of parallel/concurrent programming techniques using a new metaphor: flocks of birds. Current method using lines of code is slow and error prone. Changing metaphor to flocks of birds will produce programs more easily and efficiently.. Freeware download of Avian Parallel Computing 1.01.20111009, size 2.34 Mb.

FogBugz Command Line Client 1.0 Fog Creek Software, Inc. 

This tool will connect to your FogBugz database via the API on your command line! List all the cases in the current filter, using the --extended option to force a name-value field list. Empty or irrelevant fields are excluded unless --all-fields is passed. Cases in a list are separated by 80 asterisks.. Freeware download of FogBugz Command Line Client 1.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Secure PDF with Password Protection 2.0 PDF1 

Looking for a perfect solution to secure PDF with password protection? Try PDF Locker and get instant solution to all your problems like : how to secure PDF with password protection, how to secure PDF with password, how to secure PDF with protection etc. Being a user friendly tool, the Lock PDF software provides easy interface to secure PDF without. Free download of Secure PDF with Password Protection 2.0, size 1.29 Mb.

The Shield Deluxe 2011 14.0.23 PCSecurityShield 

The Shield Deluxe 2011 combines reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs. The product is simple to install and set up, while offering advanced users a range of versatile settings for fine-tuning the program. Combined. Free download of The Shield Deluxe 2011 14.0.23, size 208.39 Mb.

The Shield Deluxe 2009 13.0.16 PCSecurityShield 

The Shield Deluxe 2009 combines reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs. The product is simple to install and set up, while offering advanced users a range of versatile settings for fine-tuning the program.

Transparent Screen Lock 5.10 Esm Software. 

Secure your workstation or server with Password Protection while viewing programs that are running in the background.

Transparent Screen Lock enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes.

Transparent Screen. Free download of Transparent Screen Lock 5.10, size 1.52 Mb.

Licence Protector 4 Mirage Computer Systems GmbH 

You have developed an application and you want to protect it fast, easy, reliable and cost effective?

Licence Protector from Mirage Computer Systems administrates licenses and modules (license manager and control), generates Demo- and time limited versions (trial versions), provides you with software copy protection and supports network. Free download of Licence Protector 4, size 26.74 Mb.

AntiDuplicate 5.4.0 AtDisk Software 

In today's software distribution, there is an increasing need to protect applications against illegal copying. AntiDuplicate is the fast and easy tool to create hardware keys for your software protection - by your ordinary computer. With AntiDuplicate, software developers prepare hardware keys (dongles) from ordinary USB flash drives! The result is. Free download of AntiDuplicate 5.4.0, size 7.91 Mb.

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro - PowerPoint to dvd 2.9 Moyea Software 

Benefits of using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner:
1. No need computer, PowerPoint presentations can be watched on TV sets which can be easily found
2. To burn PowerPoint to DVD 100% Preserve animations, graphics, transitions, audios and narrations from the original PowerPoint Presentations
3. Create flexible and Interactive presentation. Free download of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro - PowerPoint to dvd 2.9, size 15.51 Mb.