System File Code

ResW File Code Generator 1.0.3 Beta Christian Helle 

ResW File Code Generator is a handy and reliable plugin for Visual Studio 2012 aimed at creating helper classes in order to access ResW resources.

ResW File Code Generator features aC# and VB.NET code generator that work separately. The plugin can be accessed from inside the Solution Explorer.

. Free download of ResW File Code Generator 1.0.3 Beta, size 0 b.


DiskWeeder 1.0 

DiskWeeder is a system file management tool that aims to fully simplify process of searching and removing of files
and folders that are represented as any patterns of names and types of files and folders
(wildcard symbols ? and * are fully allowed in any combinations).

DiskWeeder is very simple-to-use.
1. Enter name. Freeware download of DiskWeeder 1.0, size 54.27 Kb.

Microsoft Windows Dynamic Cache Service 1.0.2 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Windows Dynamic Cache Service will manage the working set size of the Windows System File Cache. For 64 bit systems this service helps to address the problem of excessive cached read I/O that could eventually consume all of physical memory. Sample source code and compiled files are included in the compressed file.

Virtual FAT file system 1.0 Vfat-fs 

vfat-fs is a set of API to create fat file system in a file

Virtual FAT file system 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Virtual FAT file system 1.0, size 0 b.

RJ System File Checker 2.0 RJ Solutions 

Getting a lot of Illegal Operations? The problem may be with old versions of system files conflicting with new versions of the same system files. On Windows-based systems, particularly with Windows 95 and 98, software applications that you install may install an updated system file. But instead of replacing an old system file, it often puts the new. Free download of RJ System File Checker 2.0, size 1.08 Mb.

Rizone File Checker Rizone Technologies 

Now and then, just for some peace of mind, I like to do a System File Scan in Windows XP (SFC /SCANNOW). But this is an irritating command line typing way of checking your system files. So, I decided to make a SFC wrapper to make the task as uncomplicated as possible. Included are features to disable file protection and set the cache size (this is. Free download of Rizone File Checker, size 692.06 Kb.

Chily Internet Privacy Eraser 8. 1. 2001 Chily Softech Pvt Ltd. 

Chily Internet Privacy Eraser - Internet History Eraser Tool

Software to erase traces of visited websites, accessed system file and folders - a complete solution when you need to hide your internet and computer visits from your parents, spouse, children or a buddy. Chily Internet Privacy Eraser software helps to erase cookies, cache,. Free download of Chily Internet Privacy Eraser 8. 1. 2001, size 3.02 Mb.

Symantec Ghost Console Client 83.0 Symantec Corporation 

Creates full system and file backups - Safeguards your system, settings, applications, and files with flexible, comprehensive backup protection.
Restores from system failures - Recovers your system and data even when you can’t restart your computer.
Enables convenient, secure offsite backups - Saves recovery points to an FTP. Free download of Symantec Ghost Console Client 83.0, size 0 b.

Error Parser 1.1.2 

Using an input XML source file, the parser generates the header file, the code to access the error messages and the documentation (DocBook and doxygen). The error messages and documentation are available in multiple languages.. Freeware download of Error Parser 1.1.2, size 888.33 Kb.

Firebird Interbase Auditor 1.0.1 

Generating system of code for audit of database Firebird/Interbase. Developed in FreePascal.. Freeware download of Firebird Interbase Auditor 1.0.1, size 733.40 Kb.

GeneSim 3.04bb 

GeneSim is a code generator for dynamic systems: it takes an XML description of the system and produces the code that executes it. The typical usage of GeneSim is to generate simulators of engineering systems.. Freeware download of GeneSim 3.04bb, size 1.09 Mb.

gennf 0.1 

gennf is a distributed version management system with code signing support written in Common Lisp incorporating ideas from Meta-CVS.. Freeware download of gennf 0.1, size 70.63 Kb.

pc2box 210 

pc2box enables file exchange between a computer system and a storage device that is formatted with the LaSAT Video File System, a file system that is used by many PVRs, but not supported by the current operating systems (Windows, Linux).. Freeware download of pc2box 210, size 4.80 Mb.

SYNC Commander 1.0 

SYNC Commander is a backup / synchronization tool supporting file system to file system, FTP to file system, file system to FTP copy, update and sync. 2 folders with 750+ sub-folders, 260000+ files and 14 GB+ total is sync by it everyday on my servers.. Freeware download of SYNC Commander 1.0, size 3.07 Mb.

User Mode Hardware Access Toolkit 1.0 

A collection of device drivers and system level code to enable user-space to directly interact with hardware and system features, bypassing the kernel, to effectively enable user-space device drivers.. Freeware download of User Mode Hardware Access Toolkit 1.0, size 8.91 Kb.

Wikipedia Categories 1.0 

SQL file and code for finding the categories and taxonomy of Wikipedia. Includes source code. Go to Downloads to get both.. Freeware download of Wikipedia Categories 1.0, size 17.91 Kb.

compe565_lab4 4 Ce565lab4 

some matlab m file code to do various mpeg encoding schemes. for sdsu's computer engineering 565 course. lab4.

compe565_lab4 4 License - MIT License. Freeware download of compe565_lab4 4, size 0 b.

IP TASCM 1.0 Iptascm 

IP Trace Analysis System Based on Code Moving

IP TASCM 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of IP TASCM 1.0, size 0 b.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. 


+Revolutionary Threat Protection
+Proven Faster and More Efficient
+Identity and Privacy Protection
+Mobile Internet Security
+System and File Protection
+Confidence that your protection is properly set up.. Free download of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013, size 723.52 Kb.

Professional Data Erasure Software Windows Data Recovery 

Data files sanitation utility provides full privacy of secret internet data by clean up temporary internet file, system file and application files securely. Data file cleaner software removes past computer activities history. Hard drive data eraser software permanently wipes browser history, internet explorer address bar history, cookies, typed. Free download of Professional Data Erasure Software, size 1.79 Mb.

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