Tabla Beat In Midi Formet For Yamaha Keyboard Freeware

MIDI and Style Player 1 6 JArgen SArensen 

MIDI and Style Player is a software program for playing and audition of MIDI and Yamaha keyboard Style files.

Main features:

- MIDI files can be paused or stopped while playing.
- Played like MIDI files or looped within user selected parts.
- Is free.. Freeware download of MIDI and Style Player 1 6, size 30.41 Mb.


Style Old Format Converter 1 10 Sun Microsystems, Inc. 

Style Old Format Converter is a software program for converting YAMAHA keyboard style files (SFF1 style format).
This program will convert SFF1 format styles for newer/bigger keyboards to run at older/smaller keyboards.

To convert SFF2 format styles (used in Tyros 3 and newer models) use Style Format 2 Converter.

. Freeware download of Style Old Format Converter 1 10, size 30.95 Mb.

vocController 1 2 H. Seib 

VocController is a simple but powerful Virtual Instrument plug-in that generates midi info for Yamaha’s Vocaloid VST instrument. It can be triggered from standard midi data therefore making it possible to play words almost instantly at any note and velocity from a keyboard controller or a midi track.. Freeware download of vocController 1 2, size 83.09 Mb.

MidiThru 1.0.3 Tocca-music 

MidiThru is a freeware(donationware) application for Windows which redirects Midi input to a Midi output. Example: redirect you midi signals from your keyboard to a Harmonizer (e.g. Helicon).MIDIThru controls which module you hear when you play your MIDI controller.. Freeware download of MidiThru 1.0.3, size 64.68 Mb.

VirtualTones 32 

MIDI keyboard for Linux and Windows. Allows you to play any MIDI sound with a keyboard or stringed instrument interface. The sound can be recorded to a MIDI file for later playback, or to open in a notation editor.. Freeware download of VirtualTones 32, size 2.17 Mb.

U-key Brain U-key Brain 

The U-key Brain software is used with the CME U-KEY MIDI Keyboard for data transfer and program update. With this software you can customize the keyboard function, transfer MIDI files to the keyboard, even more, you can update the internal program of the Keyboard.. Freeware download of U-key Brain, size 53.80 Mb.

VoiceRevoicer 1.0.2 heikoplate 

The VoiceRevoicer is a tool to change voices in voice files. Voice files are copies of native voices of the YAMAHA keyboards since Tyros.

If we apply the YAMAHA keyboard as master and an expander, synthesizer or another keyboard as slave, it will be advantageous to revoice voicefiles with native voices of the slave and to assign these. Freeware download of VoiceRevoicer 1.0.2, size 13.05 Mb.

ReasonLiveplayer Tocca-music 

ReasonLiveplayer is a freeware application for Keyboarders who use Propellerhead 'REASON' software live on stage.
-Select your Reason sound configuration within some seconds.
- Display your staff (chords, lyrics) on the left side on the screen
-Optional: Redirect you midi signals from your keyboard to a. Freeware download of ReasonLiveplayer, size 3.47 Mb.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4 VMPK 

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver.You can use the computer's keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI file player.. Freeware download of Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4, size 4.97 Mb.

Proxima Controller 1.1 Zeta Centauri 

The Proxima Controller is an application that allows you to use the mouse and computer keyboard to play external MIDI devices such as synthesizers and tone generators. It is also possible to play internal devices if they are designed to respond to MIDI messages (for example, the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth). This application makes no sounds of. Freeware download of Proxima Controller 1.1, size 839.12 Kb.

Live Midi Keyboard 1.0.3 RemPro Software 

Live Midi Keyboard, as the name suggests, is a very simple duo-timbral Midi Keyboard/Router that works very well with Microsoft Windows. It uses two ports, Midi In and Midi Out , which can be used to route your keyboard
to 2 separate sounds of your Multitimbral Output. The interface is pretty simple and can be used using point and click. Freeware download of Live Midi Keyboard 1.0.3, size 0 b.

Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI 2.7.1 

jack-keyboard is a virtual MIDI keyboard - a program that allows you to send JACK MIDI events (play ;-) using your PC keyboard. It's BSD-licensed. User interface is GTK-based.. Freeware download of Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI 2.7.1, size 29.44 Kb.

MIDI Keyboard Coach 1.0 Midi-coach 

Extend your MIDI keyboard to teach you playing it. Different practive levels will be available to improve your play.

MIDI Keyboard Coach 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MIDI Keyboard Coach 1.0, size 0 b.

No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9 

Record a melody as a MIDI file, right from the computer keyboard with no special hardware required. Current work on the project is aimed at music analysis. Rhythm and harmony have completed subroutines. A future version of the program will analyze MIDI files, rate their musical value, and recombine them to produce tunes.. Freeware download of No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9, size 124.26 Kb.

Prodikeys PC-MIDI linux driver 1.0 

Linux driver for the Prodikeys PC-MIDI USB keyboard. The PC-MIDI is a combination Qwerty/Multimedia/Musical Keyboard.. Freeware download of Prodikeys PC-MIDI linux driver 1.0, size 56.26 Kb.

Yamaha DX7-II synth manager 7.1.70 

A Yamaha DX7-II Midi Manager. Parameters easy access, Qt/c++ program.. Freeware download of Yamaha DX7-II synth manager 7.1.70, size 323.95 Kb.

DIY Keyboard 1.0 Diykeyboard 

The DIY Keyboard project aims to enable hobbyists to build their own MIDI keyboard controller or digital piano. The project will include hardware schematics, circuit diagrams, and micro-controller code.

DIY Keyboard 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of DIY Keyboard 1.0, size 0 b.

Wizard Master Control Program 3 Bludgeonsoft 

The Wizard Master Control Program is a very odd experimental loop-based MIDI sequencer and drum machine. It lets you trigger external MIDI devices or your computer's awesomely simplex internal MIDI instruments with 128 separate beat configurations (8 loops of 16 beats each) each with its own controls for instrument, pitch, volume, stereo panning. Freeware download of Wizard Master Control Program 3, size 129.02 Kb.

Vimidi Vimidi 

Vimidi is a standalone windows application that allows you to use your mouse and keyboard as a MIDI controller. It works by monitoring mouse and keyboard activity system-wide and converting your actions to MIDI messages. There are 3 types of controllers available: 16 mouse controllers mouse position (x and y) is monitored and output as a MIDI. Freeware download of Vimidi, size 0 b.

Edrum Monitor Aquawicket 

Edrum Monitor was created to add more options to electronic drum modules and is compatible with any drum module with MIDI output ability.
The purpose of this program is to aid in making your electronic drums sound more realistic to the nature of an acoustic drum set, along with almost unlimited routing capabilities.. Freeware download of Edrum Monitor, size 84.77 Mb.