Tardy Slips

School Track Student Attendance Software 6.0 Jolly Technologies 

School Track is a robust solution for managing student attendance on school campuses.Track student attendance and tardiness, issue tardy slips and hall passes, assign warnings and detention. Parents can receive e-mail notification of any infraction occurred. Process late students quickly and automatically assign and manage detention for repeat. Free download of School Track Student Attendance Software 6.0, size 44.25 Mb.


School Track Premier 6.0.83 Jolly Technologies 

School Track Premier is a comprehensive and efficient software for tracking and managing student attendance in school.

Track student attendance and tardiness, issue tardy slips and hall passes, assign warnings and detention. Parents can receive e-mail notification of any infraction occurred.

Process late students quickly and. Free download of School Track Premier 6.0.83, size 0 b.

Tardy Pile Visual Technology Consulting 

Tardy Pile is a handy and reliable application designed to join multiple XLS, XLSX and CSV files into a single worksheet.

Files can be added via the dedicated 'Add 'button or by drag and drop. In addition, you can opt to include or exclude headers from the output file.

. Free download of Tardy Pile, size 0 b.

EZ-DepositSlip 2 Wasserman Software 

Create bank deposit slips with your PC plain paper and laser printer. Customizable to any individual business or organization checking or savings account. Never run out of deposit slips - (save $$ on pre-printed forms). Create fast accurate deposit slips every time without math errors. Report writer and form letter generator for late notices,. Free download of EZ-DepositSlip 2, size 10.02 Mb.

KiInvoice 1 2 KiSpring 

Simple yet powerful software to create Invoices, Purchase Orders and Packing Slips. Supports multiple taxes, customized fields, recurring billing. Generate reports based on criteria (ie. Tax Collected, Sales Rep. Dates, etc.). Customize with your company logo. Can export to PDF if appropriate software is installed. Administration mode allows you to. Free download of KiInvoice 1 2, size 7.09 Mb.

Request Slip Generator 1 1 Latshaw Systems 

Generate professional song request slips for use in Karaoke and DJ shows. Simple to use interface makes the task of making professional request slips a breeze. Various options include custom sheet arrays and sizes, custom fonts and font sizes, optional border styles, and the ability to add your own custom logo, or simply choose from one of the. Freeware download of Request Slip Generator 1 1, size 2.67 Mb.

Hexed Client 1.0 Client 

This software is for people who are tardy to hex their own client.

Hexed Client 1.0 License - Common Development and Distribution License. Freeware download of Hexed Client 1.0, size 0 b.

Payment Book 21.0.2111 Ben Woodruff Information Services 

Payment Book is a system for printing payment coupons, deposit slips and pre-paid tickets. Payment Book provides a form for entering client information and payment details, and a Pay To/Payment Information form for entering the person or company to make payment to. Registration benefits include customization of Payment Book to include your Company. Free download of Payment Book 21.0.2111, size 4.61 Mb.

TransPost Cadro Pty Ltd 

TransPost will automatically import your data into MYOB AccountRight Items, Customer Cards, Sales, Jobs and Activity Slips using customizable, savable mappings.

Can be used with eBay, FileMaker, Excel, Access, AShop, X-Cart or any other system that can download data to a comma separated or tab separated file.

. Free download of TransPost, size 0 b.

China Traveler: 6 Cities (2014 Guide) 1.0 Discovery Publisher Limited 

"If you are a non-Chinese speaker and cannot get around without pockets full of paper slips bearing the names of destinations in Chinese characters then this guide is for you." --Time Magazine

6 cities included: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou (Canton), Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen

10 Years. Freeware download of China Traveler: 6 Cities (2014 Guide) 1.0, size 7.44 Mb.

Endless Climbers 1.1.2 URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd. 

Clamber up the ladder and grab coins as you go!
But watch out for the spike traps!
If one of the climbers slips, it's THE END for you!

=== How to play ===
- Control both the left and right climbers simultaneously.
- Press the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make them climb.
- As you clamber up and grab. Freeware download of Endless Climbers 1.1.2, size 9.23 Mb.

MyEmployee Nair & Co. 

* This app is only for users associated with Nair & Co.
MyEmployee provides you secure, real-time access to your pay slips and other documents that you may request. Get the information you need -- when you need it.
This simple application gives you instant access to view and download your current and archived pay slips. Freeware download of MyEmployee, size 11.32 Mb.

PTNote 1.0.1 PTLoop LLC 

PTNote is a brand new tool to connect teachers and parents. You can exchange note with parents in real-time, no more emails that get stuck in spam folder, no more phone calls led to voicemail box, no more print slips lost in student's folders.. Freeware download of PTNote 1.0.1, size 2.62 Mb.

Raffle WiFi 2.0.1 Tony Cho 

Raffle WiFi is simple and easy to use, no more tickets, paper slips, hats, and buckets. Host your own raffle over Wi-Fi with other iPhone and iPod touch devices. Whether your raffling aways prizes or making decisions based on chance, let Raffle WiFi be your app of choice. All that is required is a WiFi connection.. Freeware download of Raffle WiFi 2.0.1, size 8.81 Mb.

Lucky Dip Generator Jenish Chandracim 

Lucky Dip Generator is a third party app which will generate lottery numbers for you, so you can use them as your lucky numbers to fill the actual lottery slips.
This app mainly works with main UK lottery types, Lotto, Euro Millions, Thunderball and Lotto HotPicks.
It will also tell you when the next draws are, so you can easily find out. Freeware download of Lucky Dip Generator, size 2.10 Mb.

Zalaris HR App Zalaris HR Services AS 

Access the essential of your HR portal easily from your mobile or tablet. Register time, access your pay slips, view personal data and inbox, and approve time and travel expenses. This is an innovative and convenient solution that simplifies your business' HR processes and suits your flexible work day.

- Spend your time wisely -. Freeware download of Zalaris HR App, size 1.05 Mb.

Lottomaniak.NET 1.2.0 SmartKite Software 

Lottomaniak.NET features include online lottery draw results updates, 17 interesting statistics, extended tickets filtering, printing the generated tickets on the original bet slips, filtered wheeling systems, lottery draw results import/export, past results search, tickets checking. It helps the players of European, American, Canadian and other. Free download of Lottomaniak.NET 1.2.0, size 6.59 Mb.

Bank Routing Numbers Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

A Bank Routing Number is a nine digit number (eight digits and one check digit) that uniquely identifies a financial institution. The routing number is printed on checks, deposit slips, etc. and is used to route all financial transactions (eg, ACH Debits) to the appropriate bank..... Free download of Bank Routing Numbers Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

The Lottery Picker 2008 McCracken Software 

Powerball & Mega Millions Lottery Software. Custom written lotto software for these 2 lotteries only. Play-Slip / Bet-Slip printing was custom written using official slips from each individual State. NO MORE SCRATCHING YOUR NUMBERS!. This lottery program incorporates smart-picker technology. A proprietary algorithm which manipulates past drawn. Free download of The Lottery Picker 2008, size 3.01 Mb.

TelephoneMessagePad 2.00.0 DAIR Computer Systems 

Telephone Message Software: log callers and deliver via email. Fast and accurate with message taker and time of call recorded automatically. Messages are sent via email, eliminating message slips.Contains 3 essential forms: While You Were Out, Appointment Reminder, and Contact report. These basic forms may be edited by adding and deleting. Free download of TelephoneMessagePad 2.00.0, size 1.05 Mb.